- Zoids Books

    Throughout the history of Zoids there have been a number of books released, from the Zoids Fan Books, to the new Concept Art Book released in late 2010. This page is being revamped to include grayed out thumbnails of books we don't have information on yet, to serve as a checklist for fans who are out to start their own collection. We may also include general stories, such as those from magazines, such as Smack Zoids. For now, you can find those in the Articles section.


- Zoids Story Books

    Books dedicated specifically to telling a story. They often contain detailed information about model kits released at the time as well as product advertisements, charts, maps, etc.

- Zoids Online Stories

    Over the years several online stories have surfaced. Some of these recap stories known in other areas, while some contain entirely new stories, such as Zoids Original.

- Zoids Magazine, Pamphlet, Etc. Stories

    There've been many bits of story information released through small pamphlets. The most famous of which is probably the Fan Book EX series, which tells the end of the battle story. They're definitely worth checking out!