- Zoids Books

    Throughout the history of Zoids there have been a number of books released, from the Zoids Fan Books, to the new Concept Art Book released in late 2010. This page is being revamped to include grayed out thumbnails of books we don't have information on yet, to serve as a checklist for fans who are out to start their own collection. We may also include general stories, such as those from magazines, such as Smack Zoids. For now, you can find those in the Articles section.


- Japanese Manga Books

    Quite a lot of the original Zoids manga from Japan never saw an English release. We'll be trying to cover these over the years, but of course, it may take some time!

- English Manga Books

    While some of the Japanese manga was translated and release by Viz, the UK also received its own original manga! We don't have much of that at this time, but we'll be providing as much of the English material as possible.