Episode Summaries:

 This section is for episode summaries of Chaotic Century. Guardian Force episodes will be listed in the Guardian Force section. You can also find a large number of screen captures in each episode's summary page.

- Episode Summaries

    Episode 1: The Battle Begins: Attack Liger Zero!
    Episode 2: The New Partner Vs. Naomi: The Red Comet!
    Episode 3: The Prince Arrives: Harry Champ!
    Episode 4: Illegal Battle: The Mysterious Backdraft Group!
    Episode 5: Highspeed Battle: Transforming Into Zero Jager!
    Episode 6: The Dark Giant: The Invincible Elephander!
    Episode 7: The Desert Gang: The Hover Cargo's In Danger!
    Episode 8: Invasion of the Fierce Tigers: Transform to Zero Schneider!
    Episode 9: The Princess Arrives: Marry Champ!
    Episode 10: Desert Tusk: Assault of the War Sharks!
    Episode 11: The Sensational Three: Rematch With Jack Cisco!
    Episode 12: Zero Is Stolen: The Fiery Battle!
    Episode 13: The Brave Wild Eagle: The Raynos Vs. The Zabat!
    Episode 14: Frightday: The 13th!
    Episode 15: Laon Returns: Anti-Gravity Catastrophe!
    Episode 16: The Red Rival: Leon Toros Returns!
    Episode 17: Warriors On Vacation: The Storm Sworders!
    Episode 18: Love On The Battlefield: My Love, The Judge!
    Episode 19: The Third Conversion: Liger Zero Panzer's Debut!
    Episode 20: The Shadow Fox: Brad's Betrayal!
    Episode 21: Harry's Disaster: Dr. Laon Traps Toros!
    Episode 22: The Dragon Under The Sea: In Search of the Ultimate X!
    Episode 23: The Dragon Awakens - Berserk Führer Enters The Fray!
    Episode 24: The Tournament Of Heroes: The Royal Cup!
    Episode 25: Survival: The Mystery of the Ultimate X!
    Episode 26: The Miracle Of Zero: The Wind, The Clouds, And Adventure