- New Century /Zero: Encyclopedia

    This page will include assorted information from the show, such as locations, battle modes, etc.

- Battle Modes

    Battle Modes are a number designated by the judge. Each unique number contains a specific set of rules, determining such factors as ammo and number of Zoids. Below are the battle modes that have so far been recorded.

    0982: Each team must used the same number of Zoids.
    0983: Each team must use three Zoids. It is legal to use less.
    0988: Limits users to long range weaponry, with a maximum 6 shots each. Close range combat is legal.
    0999: No rules. Used by the Backdraft Group.

- Changing Armor System

    The CAS or "Changing Armor System" was designed to provide Zoids with an addaptive combat system. It means they'd be able to adjust to virtually any combat system as long as the armors were designed for it, multiple armors could be designated to each Zoid. Only two Zoids in the series use this system, the Berserk Fuhrer and the Liger Zero. The Furher, however, only uses a single armor.

- Judge

    A battle Judge is a robot dispersed by the Zoids Battle Commission in order to oversee official combat. They maintain and report the rules, making absolute sure that the pilots involved are not endangering the lives of themselves or others. If a judge determines the battle to be out of bounds they will report it to the battle commission, which can result in punishments of varying severity.

    At the start of each battle the judge will scan the battlefield before it recites the teams involved. It then displays the official battle mode on its face and begins the fight.

    Field Statement: "The area within a # mile radius is a designated Zoid battle field. This zone is now restricted. Only competitors and personell have authorized entry. Danger! All others must leave the area at once! This zone is now restricted! Danger!"

    Battle Statement: "Area scanned! Battle field set up! The # Team Vs. the # Team! Battle mode ####. Ready, fight!"

- Sanctioned Battles

Sanctioned battles are legal fights in which pilots can bring their Zoids into combat. This helps them to keep track of where these large machines are located and what they're doing. Prize money gives incentive to join legal battles, maintained by the Zoids Battle Commission. Sub rules are entered depending on various Battle Modes while some general rules can result in disqualification.

End of Battle Circumstances:
    - System Freeze from all of a team's Zoids will result in the end of battle.
    - Battles may end without a loss if unauthorized personnel enter the field. In this case, battles are rescheduled.
    - A request by one team to end the battle will result in a forfeit, and is penalized by dropping multiple ranks.

Various Facts:
    - Battle requests must be approved by the Zoids Battle Commission.
    - Battle requests can be random or requested by specific teams.
    - Judge launches must be approved by the Zoids Battle Commission.
    - If a pilot is pre-registered to the team a Zoid can be registered at any time, even in battle.