- Zoid NC0: Blu-Ray Box Set

    The New Century /Zero Blu-Ray Box Set contains four discs, which hold all 26 Episodes of the original Japanese Zoids NC0. This set does not have any kind of closed captioning or dubs, just like the CC Blu-Ray Sets. It improves upon the image quality of the original DVD release, though many feel that it's not as good as it could have been.

    Like the earlier set it was sold with two different versions. The regular release contained the box set and a small booklet containing Encyclopedia info. The limited release contained a clear cast HMM Liger Zero. While the clear version was sold in its naked form with the CAS set, the Blu-Ray release was the only way to get the Type ZERO CAS armor.

    Quality is more or less the same as the CC set. You can view examples on that page.

Box Images:

- Encyclopedia:

    The NC0 box set includes a small limited release Zoids Encyclopedia. This is a direct cut and paste from the larger Zoids Encyclopedia, with just the NC0 section. It contains character, Zoid, episode, and interview information. The size of the book is roughly the same as the viz media CC comics.