- Mueller

Age: Unknown
Zoid(s): Storm Sworder Stealth
Associates With:
    Ralph (Superior Officer)

Character Summaries:

    Even when the Eisenbeck unit fell Mueller remained loyal to Ralph, fighting for him even when it demanded criminal activity. He wants to see the return of Eisenbeck just as much, and believes in his leaders ambitions. He is also obviously the only subordinate that Ralph has any respect for, illustrated by him being permitted to pilot the Storm Sworder Stealth with him, while the rest of the unit was cut down immediately after the heist.

- Zoids

    Storm Sworder Stealth: Mueller assisted Ralph in capturing the Storm Sworder Stealth from the Republican Army. He was threatened at gun point by O'connel, but thanks to Ambient they managed to escape with the Zoids. Mueller was less successful in battle, cut down by the launch of the Blade Liger from an aerial platform that allowed it to catch up to the high speed Zoid.