- Zoids Fuzors: Difference Between Regions

Japanese on the right, English on the left.

Differences between English and Japanese releases.
    In most of the series we do a deleted scenes page but in this case, Fuzors has so many differences they can't possibly be summed up in such a way. This ranges from anything from lighting changes to entire background redraws, effects, or even the frames themselves being completely redone from scratch. Many of these are not what you'd expect. They are not dramatic scenes or battles, but often are mundane scenarios where you wouldn't notice them if you weren't specifically looking.

    On this page we'll link to individual episodes, where necessary. Lighting differences (a simple gradient overlay, usually) will be represented by screencaps. Video will be provided for scenes that have differences which cannot be summed up in that way. Such as panning differences, effects, redrawn backgrounds, or redrawn frames. Mostly because we just like showing off the differences, of course!

-English and Japanese Format Changes

    - Episode 1: Knockover on Planet Zi
    - Episode 2: 1 + 1 = ?
    - Episode 3: Enter the Fire Phoenix
    - Episode 4: Fuzors Combine! Liger Zero Phoenix