- Redler


    The Redler is one of the first Imperial flying Zoids seen. It's a small dragon-type unit that is usually hanging close to the palace, and serves as the Emperor's royal escort. Oddly enough, this aerial Zoid has little to no weapons. While most are seen "firing", technically, statistically, it is equipped with purely close range equipment until later variations happen to remedy this. The Standard issue of the Guylos Imperial Army is purple.

    Featured Episodes: 19, 22, 24, 27, 42, 47

Redler BC:

Pilots: ---

    Finally! The Imperial Army has equipped their Redlers with real weaponry. This purple Zoid is now installed with the Booster Cannon. It's not only a weapon, but acts as a high powered booster unit. Unfortunately, this feature is never actually animated in the show.

    Featured Episodes: 47

Black Redler:

Pilots: Imperial Guard

    These specialized Redlers are the first released by the Empire to have custom long range equipment. They are considered fierce competitors of most other air Zoids and, before the arrival of the Storm Sworder, were supposed to be the most powerful thing in the sky.

    Black Redlers were developed at the Ebonei Air Base and first went into use by the Eisenbeck Unit. They continue to be lead primarily by Ralph of the Guylos Imperial Army. They appear to have custom machine guns mounted on the muzzle and an assortment of missiles.

    Featured Episodes: 29, 30, 31, 34

Black Redler MK-II:

Pilots: Imperial Guard

    The Black Redler MK-II (as we are referring to it, it has no official name) is a remodeled Redler. The Zoid has been modified to be less angular, and more aerodynamic. This includes armor on the legs, too, not just the paws. It also has a completely remodeled head, featuring three gun barrels on it. Two on the sides, one below the jaw.

    Featured Episodes: 43

Royal Redler:

Pilots: Imperial Guard

    Although these Redlers are not officially distinguished as their own varient, if a color change can make any other Zoid its own varient, so can a fancy marking. The Imperial Royal's have a Guylos insignia on their head, and often escort the aerial troops of the Emperor. They appear to have white legs compared to the normal black/gray.

    Featured Episodes: 19, 22, 43

Redler RT:

Pilots: ---

    "Reelga Transport"
    Rather or not these are considered a different variation is subjective. I personally tend to consider any Zoid that has custom equipment, weapon or otherwise a custom. Either way, these Redlers transport containers that are full of Reelgas. The item that appears to be a cylinder on the belly is actually octagon shaped, and is equipped with a parachute.

    Featured Episodes: 27

Viola's Redler:

Pilots: Viola

    Viola's Redler is distinguished from most by its crimson color scheme, which contrasts nicely to the Guylos Imperial's standard purple. Disregarding technicalities in statistical equipment, Viola's Redler is also the first version of this Zoid scene firing long ranged weapons, in spite of its obvious lack of any long ranged equipment.

    Featured Episodes: 2, 4, 8, 11, 19, 20, 21