- Gustav (Default Gray)

Pilots: ---

    The Gustav is a transporter Zoid that sees employment from both armies. Even though it is practically legendary for its excellent armor integrity it is still the most mass produced unit you see around. Of course, that's probably because it is so well guarded from bandits. Even the cargo carries are often enclosed in a massive steel chamber.

    Gustav has two standard issue colors. Standard white and standard gray. Oddly, though you'd expect these to be used by the Empire and Republic, they aren't actually faction specific.

Featured Episodes: 35 53 55
Weapon Overview:
    Beam Gatling Guns x2: These two guns are stationed on the Gun Sniper's forearms. They fire in rapid succession and are the most frequently used weapon besides the missiles.     Beam Launcher: This gun is installed to the Gun Sniper's chest. It rarely sees use.

    8-Shot Missile Pod x2:
This Zoid's boosters have a section in the front that is angular, with an opening panel. Inside are eight different missiles that can be launched in succession.
    AZ 144mm Sniper Rifle: Snipe Master is named for its sharp shooting skills. The Zoid locks down for the sake of recoil, using the two large talons on the feet. The pilot seat is rotated around so that the shooter has a better sniping position and view of their target. Each segment of the tail extends and locks into place and the targeting system comes up, allowing for extremely precise long range sniping.
    Strike Claws x2, Bite Fangs: I'm classifying these two together, since there really isn't much to say about them. The strike claws refer to the claws on the hand, while the bite fangs are just the teeth.     Strike Anchor Claw: The Strike Anchor Claws are the claws on the feet, and they're a little more interesting. These weapons double as anchors, able to secure the Zoid in place while firing high recoil rounds and allowing for a quicker turn.
Equipment Overview:
    GPS Composite Sensor
    Land Mine Detector x2
    Traction Platform x2

The Gustav has quite a bit of sensory items. Lots of these are featured in the anime but it isn't often that they're distinguished. You'll also hear more about the specifics on Moonbay's Gustav.
    Operation Arm
    Weld Arm
    Refuel Tower
    Elevator Vehicle

The Gustav also has quite a bit of repair equipment. It doesn't specify if this is possible equipment or not, though, not all of it is featured.
    GPS Composite Sensor
    Shock-Resistant Shell Armor:
The armor of the Gustav is so incredibly strong that it is even capable of surviving a direct hit from a Charged Particle Gun for an extended period of time. While the Zoid is in motion this armor is constantly moving.
    Carrier: Given that the Gustav is a transport Zoid it is almost always equipped with at least one trailor, but most often, two. These trailors can carry large scale Zoids, or multiple small scale Zoids.

- Gustav (Default White)

Pilots: Dorcid

    The second standard issue color is stark white, with an extremely dark green base and green canopy. There appears to be no custom equipment or anything.

Featured Episodes: 26 34 53
Weapon Overview:
    No custom weaponry.
Equipment Overview:
    No custom equipment.

- Crane Operator Gustav

Pilots: Cunningham

    The name is unofficial, but this Gustav is a standard issue grey used by Cunningham to recover lost items. The normal antenna has been removed and replaced with a heavy duty crane, complete with lifting cables that can be attacked to the arm. The Zoid has a single trailor that is exceptionally long.

Featured Episodes: 36 38
Weapon Overview:
    No custom weaponry.
Equipment Overview:
    Crane Operator Arm: Well, the notable difference here is that the Gustav has had the antenna removed to add a reinforced crane. This was used to lift crates of gold that were roughly one sixth the size of the trailer.

- Gustav Marrine Vessel

Pilots: ---

    The Marine Transport is a sea-dwelling vessel used to travel over water. It is perhaps one of the only sea vessels actually shown in Chaotic Century and Guardian Force, and is not capable of submerging. The ability to move over water is provided by a large plate that wraps around the entirety of the Zoid, propelling it forward and allowing it to float.

Featured Episodes: 46
Weapon Overview:
    No custom weaponry.
Equipment Overview:
    Motor Platform: The motor platform is the large box seen wrapping around the gustav. This acts as a boat motor and allows the Gustav to act as a marine vessel.

- Moonbay's Gustav

Pilots: Moonbay

    A transporter by the name of Moonbay pilots a red armored Gustav. This Zoid has up to two trailers most of the time, and frequently carries the Blade Liger and Command Wolf. After its armor was damaged by the Geno Saurer it had to have one panel replaced with a standard white armor panel.

    It is noted in one episode that the spinning radar on the top is directly connected to the visual systems of the Gustav, and if shot down will hinder the visibility of the screen, causing massive blocks of the digital imaging to black out.

    Moonbay's Gustav has been seen using a crane, grappling cable, spy cable (camera on a long whisker-like extension), and other equipment. It is also shown to have a Zoid Magnite Analyzer that can verify the ore.

Featured Episodes: 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 17 19 20 21 22 23 26 27 30 32 33 46 47 49 51
Weapon Overview:
    No custom weaponry.
Equipment Overview:
    Lifting Crane: Moonbay's Gustav has been seen using a crane. While this is in the official weapons list of most Gustavs they aren't normally seen without custom crane equipment.     Grappling Cable: In the anime there's a few scenes where the Gustav has two forward facing gun barrels that slide out of a panel in the armor plating. The left of these two barrels has also been seen to shoot a grappling hook that can pull the weight of the Gustav.
    Spy Cable: This camera is attached to two long whisker-like appendages that come out from under the cable wheel / head of the Gustav. They have a lense in the end that's capable of withstanding incredible temperatures, and can extend very far from the actual Gustav.     Zoid Magnite Analyzer: When Van was looking for Zoid Magnite the Gustav was seen to be able to identify it not only by appearance but by energy variations. A screen on the monitor distinguished this as an actual system.