- Geno Saurer

Pilots: Raven

    The Geno Saurer is a terrifying machine developed by the Guylos Empire. It was originally overseen by Prozen but first piloted by Raven, who was charged to gather Zoid Cores for Prozen's secondary project.

    When it first awakened the Geno Saurer was the most terrifying thing seen by either army. Its Charged Particle Gun was devastating, easily wiping out entire forces of Zoids in just a single hit. It was even capable of breaking through Energy Shields, such as those used by the Shield Liger.

    This incredibly powerful Zoid was put into use when neither side of the army recognized who it belonged to, or who it worked for. Prozen used it to destroy soldiers he sent out to look for Rudolph, making it seem that they were being destroyed by an enemy force.

Featured Episodes: 20 21 22 23 26 28 32 33
Weapon Overview:
    Charged Particle Cannon: The Charged Particle Cannon is the strongest weapon of the Geno Saurer by leaps and bounds. This is the basis for the entire Zoid. Every part of it is configured to change into a massive gun. Energy particles are charged in the jaws then expelled as a massive beam that burns through just about anything.

    When this weapon is ready to fire the Geno Saurer bows forward, straightening its neck, back, and tail. Fans on the tail open up and the beam is fired from the jaws.

    Hyper Killer Fang The Geno Saurer has rows of sharp silver teeth. It has used these on multiple occasions.
    Hyper Killer Claw x2: The claws on the Geno Saurer's hands are extremely sharp, hooked weapons. Not only are they dangerous as it is, but they're attached to a thick cable. The claws can be launched out and latch onto a Zoid, afterwards sending a surge of electricity through the wire to the enemy Zoid to inflict severe damage.
    Hyper Strike Claws x2 The claws of the Geno Saurer's feet are also sharp weapons, and with the weight of the rex behind it can inflict severe damage. These are used frequently in stomping attacks.

    Laser Gun: This weapon refers to the gun barrel on the Geno Saurer's head. It fires a single shot but has a very short recharge time.

    Long Range Pulse Laser Rifle x2: The very large two-barreled gun on the Geno Saurer's back is two separate weapons connected to the same segment on the back. These weapons are considered to be very powerful, as their combination with the Charged Particle gun allowed them to defeat an Energy Shield on the second shot, that should have been able to withstand three beams. They fire quickly and act as the Geno Saurer's main long range weapon.
Equipment Overview:

    Anchor x2: Because of the massive recoil from the Charged Particle Cannon, the Geno Saurer is forced to lock down for each attack that uses it. The anchors, or "foot locks" as they're called in the show help the Zoid prevent damage to itself.
    E-Shield Generator: An E-Shield Generator appears in the official weapons list for the anime, but is never animated in the show. Geno Saurers in other medias also do not have this item. This was likely an error, as the US release of the DVDs often include inaccurate information regarding Zoids.

    Laser Sensor x2: Once again, this upgrade isn't really displayed in the anime as almost all sensors are generalized.
    Cooling System: This item does not appear in any official equipment list, but after the firing of the Charged Particle Cannon the tail vents of the Geno Saurer rapidly discharge steam from the over heated frame.

- Psycho Geno Saurer

Pilots: Rease

    The Psycho Geno Saurer was the first unique custom of this Zoid. It was mentioned by Rease to have been created using elements from Raven's Geno Breaker. The Zoid is equipped with a dual Particle Beam in the muzzle, replacing the original guns. It has an eight shot missile pod in the legs and steam dischargers.

Featured Episodes: 49 51
Weapon Overview:
    Dual Laser Gun: This is the muzzle gun. It has two blue lenses on the nose, and can fire a brilliant, icy blue blast that is capable of destroying a Zoid in one hit.     8-Shot Missile Pod: This standard weapon fires eight missiles in rapid succession. It's of moderate power, but isn't used often.
Equipment Overview:
    Steam Discharger: This is installed to the back of the Eight Shot Missile Pods. It creates a vast field of steam that Rease has used to field her illusions.

- Geno Saurer RS

Pilots: Raven

    "Raven Special"
    When Raven finally snapped out of his long-lasting shock following the death of his first Geno Saurer, he promptly received another, supposedly gifted to him by Hiltz and Rease. This Genosaurer sported a crimson base instead of purple.

    Throughout the series there's some implication that Hiltz' Organoid Ambient had something to do with the evolution of the Geno Breaker. Given that there is never any instance of two Organoids being merged to the same core, it is likely that Ambient tampered with the original Geno Saurer before the evolution took place. After all, this Zoid was brand new. It is strange that it would have evolution potential right off the bat.

Featured Episodes: 43 44
Weapon Overview:
    No custom weaponry.
Equipment Overview:
    No custom equipment.