Episode Summaries:

This section is for episode summaries of Chaotic Century. Guardian Force episodes will be listed in the Guardian Force section. You can also find a large number of screen captures in each episode's summary page.

    Episode 1: A Boy From Planet Zi
    Episode 2: The Mysterious Fiona
    Episode 3: Memory
    Episode 4: The Protectors
    Episode 5: Sleeper Trap
    Episode 6: Jump! Zeke!
    Episode 7: The Battle of Red River
    Episode 8: The Road to the Republic
    Episode 9: The Valley of the Monster
    Episode 10: The Mountain of Dreams
    Episode 11: The Fog at Iselina
    Episode 12: The Black Organoid
    Episode 13: The Battle of Cronos
    Episode 14: Wake up! Zeke!
    Episode 15: Deploy the ZG!
    Episode 16: New Helic City!
    Episode 17: The Longest Night of the Republic
    Episode 18: The Defense of the City
    Episode 19: Prozen's Conspiracy
    Episode 20: The Resurrection Monster
    Episode 21: The Charged Particle Gun
    Episode 22: Farewell to a Friend
    Episode 23: The Imperial Ring
    Episode 24: A Voice From Afar
    Episode 25: The New Liger
    Episode 26: Memories of Zi
    Episode 27: The Saviour
    Episode 28: Run, Wolf!
    Episode 29: Heroes of the Sky
    Episode 30: Moonbay's Waltz
    Episode 31: The Three Guards
    Episode 32: The Doom Machine
    Episode 33: The Battle For Survival
    Episode 34: The Capital Ablaze