Zoids Chaotic Century: Japanese DVD Vol. 5

    Van and his team is on the run from Raven and his terrifying new Zoid, the Geno Saurer. They're dragging the young emperor along with them, with the end goal of reaching Guygalos. However, Prozen's control reaches much further than Raven. With enemies everywhere they'll have to fight their way through, facing assassins and mercenaries alike.

    -Episode 21: The Charged Particle Gun
    -Episode 22: Farewell To A Friend
    -Episode 23: The Imperial Ring
    -Episode 24: A Voice From Afar
    -Episode 25: The New Liger

Bonus Features:
    -Concept Art

- Box Details and Extras

    The box art on the front is (generally) the same as Vol. 4 "Conspiracy" in the Viz Media release. It comes with a Zoids Real CG Original Postcard, which features the Death Saurer.



    A postcard of the Death Saurer is included in this volume. The back is mostly blank except for a shieldy logo and other minor details. See Images 3 and 4 in the section above.

- Concept Art