Zoids Chaotic Century: Japanese DVD Vol. 4

    Volume 4 covers episodes 16 ~ 20. The battles continue, and while Van has largely assisted the Republic up until this point, he's about to be introduced to a different side of things. The young Emperor of the Empire. A sinister plot regarding the rulership of the nation is underway, and Van must deal with that on top of the increasing threat of his enemies.

Episode List:
    Episode 16: New Helic City!
    Episode 17: The Longest Night of the Republic
    Episode 18: The Defense of the City
    Episode 19: Prozen's Conspiracy
    Episode 20: The Resurrection Monster

Bonus Features:
    Concept Art: 102 Pages

- Concept Art

1: Empire Deserter
Rokai (Full Body & Expressions)
2: Republic
Sergeant (Full Body & Expressions)
3: Dr. D
Frog Suit (Full Body & Expressions)
4: Republic Citizens
Group Members A, B, and C (Full Body & Expressions)
5: Empire Deserter
Photo that Rokai Carried
6: Helic Republic Citizens
People in the Parade Float
7: Helic Republic Citizens
People in the Parade Float (Other Colors)
8: Republic
Presidential Secretary (Full Body & Expressions)
9: National Archaeological Institute
Dr. D Portrait
10: Stone Monument Case
11: Camouflaged Battleship
12: Camouflaged Battleship
Bridge 1
13: Camouflaged Battleship
Bridge 2
14: Camouflaged Battleship
Bridge 3
15: Camouflaged Battleship
Bridge Commander Seat
16: Camouflaged Battleship
Various Consoles
17: New Helic City
18: View of Main Street
19: Presidential Residence
Full View
20: Sidewalk and Back Alley
21: Open Terrace
22: Sewer
23: National Archaeological Institute
Full View
24: National Archaeological Institute
Show Room
25: National Archaeological Institute
Corridor and Display Items
26: Presidential Residence
27: Jail
28: Presidential Residence
29: Giant Drifting Iceberg
30: Military Facilities
Full View
31: Military Facilities
32: Damaged Streets
33: Great Plains and Flower Fields
34: Republic Coastal Base - Radar Station
Observer (Full Body & Details)
35: Helic Republic
Commander Herman (Wet Hair)
36: Helic Republic Soldiers
Herman's Subordinates A, B, and C
37: Helic Republic
Commander Herman (Half Naked)
38: Guylos Empire
Camouflaged Battleship's Captain (Full Body & Expressions)
39: Guylos Empire
Zeppelin the 2nd (Full Body & Expressions)
40: Guylos Empire
Zeppelin the 2nd (Additional Details)
41: Limousine Interior
42: Inside the Limousine
TV Transceiver
43: Republican Made Life Jacket
44: Republic
Limousine 1
45: Republic
Limousine 2
46: View of the Sea from the Bay
47: View of the Bay from the Sea
48: Where They Went Fishing at Night
49: Hotel Outside of Town
50: Hotel Room
51: Medical Center of Mount Osa Base
52: Coastline
53: Radar Observatory
Interior View
54: Corner of Town
55: Corner of Town
Restaraunt (Exterior)
56: The Room of Zeppelin the 2nd
57: Guylos Empire
Prozen's Staff Officer (Full Body & Expressions)
58: Helic Republic
Ford's Assistant (Full Body & Expressions)
59: Louise's Photo
60: Guylos Empire
Mitores (Miletus?) Castle Garden
61: Guylos Empire
Mitores Castle Large Monitor Room
62: Mount Osa
Around Crater
63: President's Office
Desk and Radio Monitor
64: Giant Iceberg Camouflaged Battleship
Boarding (Unloading Method)
65: Guylos Empire
Prozen's Cloak and Hood
66: Guylos Empire
Funeral Chairman (Full Body & Expressions)
67: Guylos Empire
Funeral Chairman (Width)
68: Guylos Empire
Metternich (Full Body & Expressions)
69: Guylos Empire
Derris (Full Body & Expressions)
70: Guylos Empire
Rohto (Full Body & Expressions)
71: Guylos Empire
Zeppelin the 2nd (Portrait)
72: Rudolph
Around 4 Years Old
73: Desert Bandits
Rosso (Prison Clothes)
74: Desert Bandits
Rosso (Jailbreak Clothes)
75: Military Prison
76: Military Prison
77: Rudolph's Room
78: Guylos Empire
79: Destroyed/Abandoned Fishing Village
80: Abandoned House (Interior)
81: Hidden Iron Kong Factory
82: Slums of the Imperial Capital
83: The Slums
Apartments (Exterior)
84: The Slums
Apartments (Interior)
85: Forest
Small Airport
86: Hunting Cabin
87: Forest
Front of the Cave
88: Inside Castle
Shootout Corridor
89: Outdoor Walkway Above Castle
90: Lake of Galil Plateau
91: Cathedral (Exterior)
92: Hunting Cabin
Interior View
93: Desert Gang
Rosso (Jacket)
94: Geralmin Case
95: Galil Plateau
96: Galil Ruins (Full View)
97: Galil Ruins (Exterior)
98: Corridor Outside Ruins (Behind Ruins)
99: Something Like A Courtyard (Inside Ruins)
100: Rampart
101: Corridor Outside of Ruins
102: The Back of the Ruins

Images courtesy of Falcarius!