Zoids Chaotic Century: Japanese DVD Vol. 3

    Volume 3 covers episodes 11 ~ 15. The war between the Republic and the Empire is increasing in ferocity. In the middle, Van faces up against one of the Empire's secret weapons: The young pilot Raven, and his black Organoid, a Zoid that looks strangely similar to Zeke. The battles continue, and the gravity of his situation only worsens.

Episode List:
    Episode 11: The Fog at Iselina
    Episode 12: The Black Organoid
    Episode 13: The Battle of Cronos
    Episode 14: Wake Up! Zeke!
    Episode 15: Deploy the ZG!

Bonus Features:
    Concept Art: 47 Pages

- Concept Art

1: Guylos Empire
Regent Prozen (Full Body)
2: Guylos Empire
Regent Prozen (Expressions)
3: Helic Republic
General Krueger (Full Body & Expressions)
4: Helic Republic
Commander Ford (Full Body & Expressions)
5: Organoid
Shadow (Full Body & Expressions)
6: Organoid
Shadow (Comparison With Raven)
7: Organoid
Shadow (Joints)
8: Episode 11: The Fog of Mount Iselina
Rosa (Full Body & Expressions)
9: 8: Episode 11: The Fog of Mount Iselina
Elder (Full Body & Expressions)
10: Prop
Concentration Mirror
11: Mt Iselina
Plateau Area
12: Mt Iselina
General Area
13: Path Along Cliffs
14: White Colony
15: Alpine Plants
16: Valley of Fog
House of the Village Chief
18: Raven's Gear
Goggles For Protection
19: Occupied Village
20: In Occupied Village
House That Was Taken Over
21: Fort Kronos
22: Fort Kronos
23: Inside Fort Kronos
24: Wasteland
25: Tin Drum
26: Inside of Hangar
Large Space
27: Republican Army
Maintenance Personnel (Full Body & Expressions)
28: Guylos Empire
Schwarz's Associate (Full Body & Expressions)
29: Republican Army Genius Scientist
Dr. D with Broken Bone (Full Body & Expressions)
30: Van's Republican Made Suit
(Heat Resistant) Thermal Suit
31: Mount Kronos
After the Self Detonation of the Summit
32: Wala Colony
Panoramic View
33: Wala Colony
34: Wala Colony
Pharmacy Store Interior
35: Republican Army
36: Republican Army Stronghold
Mount Osa
37: Zoid Maintenance Area
38: Road Around Mount Osa
39: Types of Medicine
40: Gustav
41: Moonbay & Fiona
Female Smocks
42: Van
Male Smocks
43: Mount Osa Interior
Operation Room
44: Underground Hangar
45: Inside The Wala Colony
Internal Building
46: Underground Passage
Lower Tunnel
47: Wala Colony
Hut (Full View)

Images courtesy of Falcarius!