Zoids Chaotic Century: Japanese DVD Vol. 2

    Volume 2 covers episodes 6 ~ 10. After finding a wrecked Shield Liger in the desert, which gets revived by a magical dinosaur, Van begins to realize that his tall tale doesn't fly with the military. He's dragged into helping the Republican Army stop a coming attack, but along the way begins to experience first hand the increasing pressure from the nearing war.

Episode List:
    Episode 6: Jump! Zeke!
    Episode 7: The Battle of Red River
    Episode 8: The Road to the Republic
    Episode 9: The Valley of the Monster
    Episode 10: The Mountain of Dreams

Bonus Features:
    Concept Art: 16 Pages
    Zoid Models: x4 Zoids

- Concept Art

1: Helic Republic
Commander Rob Herman (Full Body)
2: Helic Republic
Commander Rob Herman (Expressions)
3: Guylos Empire
Lieutenant Karl Lichten Schwarz (Full Body)
4: Guylos Empire
Marcus (Full Body & Expressions)
5: Helic Republic Genius Scientist
Doctor D (Full Body & Expressions)
6: Helic Republic
First Lieutenant O'connel (Full Body & Expressions)
7: Helic Republic
Standard Clothng For Superiors (Full Body)
8: Helic Republic
Republican Soldier (Full Body)
9: Guylos Empire
Imperial Soldier (Full Body)
10: Guylos Empire
Imperial Troops [Superior] (Full Body)
11: Fiona & Moonbei
Wet Hair Reference (Full Body & Expressions)
12: Episode 8 - Road to the Republic
Elderly Couple (Full Body & Expressions)
13: Episode 8 - Road to the Republic
Citizen A & B (Full Body)
14: Episode 8 - Road to the Republic
Citizen C & ABC (Full Body & Expressions)
15: Episode 10 - The Mountain of Dreams
Master (Full Body)
16: Doctor D's Grandson
Kelly (Full Body & Expressions)

- Zoid Models

- Pteras (Republican Army Specifications)

- Molga (Imperial Army Specifications)

- Godos (Republican Army Specifications)

- Redler (Imperial Army Specifications)

Images courtesy of Falcarius!