- Van Flyheight

Age: 17 Years Old
    Shield Liger
    Blade Liger
Organoid: Zeke
Relation To: Dan Flyheight, Maria Flyheight

Character Summaries:
    Van Flyheight is the hero of our story in Zoids Chaotic Century. He is an outgoing character with a strong sense of justice and tenacity, and a good sense of humor. Van has been without parents for some time, raised instead by his sister, Maria Flyheight, and often reflects on his Father's nobility, aspiring to be just like him.

    He first appears being pursued by a Guysack, piloted by a desert bandit. He escapes into some military ruins in the Elemia Desert, and during his attempt to salvage parts for his Hover Board, he finds a hidden passageway. In this passage he encounters his very first Zoid- the silver Organoid that he names Zeke, after his father's Command Wolf. Zeke revitalizes an abandoned Shield Liger outside the ruins, and brings Van back to find Fiona, an Ancient Zoidian girl who had been sealed along with Zeke.

    After returning to his home, Van finds it apparent that he can no longer stay where he's lived for his entire life -- Zeke is far too valuable, and refusing to give up his partner, he leaves the Wind Colony to escape pursuing bandits.

    At the end of Chaotic Century, Van separates from the rest of the team, taking Fiona, Zeke, and his Blade Liger out on their own to look for Zoid Eve.

- Talents and Assets:

    Mechanic/Engineer: Although not frequently referenced in the show, Van seems to have a lot of knowledge about mechanical parts. He has independantly salvaged parts, with the know how to fix his own Hover Board, and has also repaired Zoids to a minor extent.

    Hover Board: Van is seen in the first episode using a Hover Board to escape from a bandit's Guysack Zoid. He also mentioned in the same episode that he's able to repair the board on his own.

- Zoids

    Shield Liger: Van's Shield Liger was first seen as a dormant Zoid outside of the Elemia Desert ruins. Although the Zoid had been formerly piloted by a Republican Soldier, it was now abandoned, and had laid still since the army pulled out of the area. Van's organoid Zeke revives the Shield Liger, and the Zoid is piloted by Van from then on.

    Blade Liger: After the death of Van's Shield Liger, Zeke's abilities as an Organoid trigger a day-long evolution of the Zoid. Contained in a pink light, the Zoid remains inaccessible until Van is in horrible danger, and the Zoid emerges from its dome. Van's Blade Liger is upgraded temporarily to the Blade Liger AB, and receives custom upgrades in Zoids Guardian Force.