- Rudolph Gerhard Zeppelin III

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Emperor of the Imperial Army
Zoid: None

Character Summaries:

    Rudolph is the young Emperor of the Guylos Imperial Army. He was less than 10 when his grandfather, the current Emperor passed away, leaving him with the responsibilities of the nation. In spite of his age, and often weak emotions, he has shown to be a strong leader, capable of making informed decisions and always looking to do what's best for the nation, and even just the people that are immediately around him.

    When Prozen plans to assassinate Rudolph, he gets kidnapped by Rosso instead. After Rosso and Viola are struck down by the Geno Saurer, he instead moves on to travel with Van's group, who's number one priority then becomes to escort him back to the Imperial Capitol safely.

- Assets

    Imperial Ring of Guylos: This stunning gold ring features the emblem of the Guylos Empire, and is proof of right to the throne. Rudolph was given the ring by his grandfather, and after his grandfather passed on it was his very right to rule. After he was kidnapped and forced to travel with our main team Rudolph has the ring stolen from him by Stinger, who then ends up losing it to Medlanik. The ring is returned to Regent Prozen, who uses it as proof for Rudolph's supposed demise, and to obtain the throne.

- Zoids

    Royal Zaber Fang: When Rudolph finally pilots a Zoid of his own, it is the ever befitting Royal Zaber Fang of the Guylos Empire. Each time he goes into battle he has Homaleph as a co pilot, but controls the combat instincts of the Zoid on his own. He brings this Zoid through enemy lines at Inei River and uses it against the Death Saurer in Guygalos, while fighting for his people.