- Rosso

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Bandit (Leader of the Desert Alcabalino Gang); Discharged Imperial Soldier
    Red Horn
    Iron Kong
    Storm Sworder
Associated With:
    Bowl (Comrade)
    Nero (Comrade)
    Bianco (Comrade)
    Jarro (Comrade)
    Welding (Comrade)
    Viola (Comrade)

Character Summaries:

    Rosso was once a member of the Imperial Army, but was dishonorably discharged. Since then he has been the leader of the Desert Alcabalino Gang, taking from civiliens and looking for the perfect chance to earn his way back into the Empire.

    Rosso has a strong friendship with Viola, and they share a similar goal to help Rosso get back into the Imperial Army. After being framed by Marcus for an attack on the Imperial Army, Rosso makes the choice to disband the Desert Alcabalino Gang for the safety of all of its members.

     In spite of this, Rosso later ends up in prison for his actions. Viola, Jarro, and Bianco work together to bail him out, and explain that they're planning to kidnap prince Rudolph. He agrees to help, making use of the new Iron Kong they've gifted him, but as the plan goes horribly awry he begins to see the regrets of his actions. Not for himself, but for the young prince that was affected by it.

    After Rosso attempts to protect Rudolph his Iron Kong is destroyed by Raven's Genosaurer. It is believed for some time that he died in the incident, along with Viola, but later Rob Herman reveals that his unit at the Red River base helped to rescue them from the decrepid Zoid. They're then accepted as test pilots for the brand new Storm Sworder, based solely on faith from Herman and Dr. D, but end up stealing these Zoids in order to assist Prince Rudolph.

- Zoids

    Red Horn: When Rosso first appears in the series he pilots the Red Horn. Out in the desert, this is about the strongest type of Zoid that you can find around. Its heavily armored body was more than superior against the other near by Zoids; Command Wolves, Guysacks, and even Van's Shield Liger. However, after Rosso disbands the gang in order to protect his former members, he loses this Zoid and goes to prison.

    Iron Kong: Quite some time after he left the gang, Rosso ends up in prison for his 'crimes' against the Empire. A few members from his former gang work together to bust him out, and when they bring him back to their hide out, they reveal that they've gifted him an Iron Kong -- one of the strongest Zoids of the Imperial Army at the time. Up until it is destroyed by Raven's Geno Saurer, this acts as his only Zoid, easily overwhelming most targets.

    Storm Sworder: After it is revealed that Rosso and Viola survived the incident with the Genosaurer they end up taking the Storm Sworders of the Republic, after being trusted to test drive the new machines. For having never piloted an aerial Zoid Rosso shows great skill in controlling the Storm Sworder. He refers to himself as the Baron of Wings.