- O'connel

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Republican Soldier; Red River Base
    Command Wolf
    Power Reinforced Command Wolf

Character Summaries:

     O'connel is a loyal pilot to the Helic Republican army. He doesn't frequently take action on his own, but is instead seen following commands from Rob Herman. However, when Rob goes missing while investigating a couple of fast-moving glaciers off the coast of New Helic City, O'connel is outraged by the lack of action by the Republican Army to find him. He rallies a few members from the Red River base and insists on forming his own search party, but is ordered to stand down by the president, to which he is obviouly infuriated by. This indicates that he has a very strong friendship with Rob.

- Zoids:

    Command Wolf: For most of CC, O'connel is seen piloting a Command Wolf. A standard White Republican Variation with basic equipment. This Zoid is his main combat unit, but every now and then, gets to take a little break from the battle field while he focuses on other things.

    Power Reinforced Command Wolf: O'connel pilots this high class Zoid in Episode 34. It's not surprising that he upgraded from the standard Command Wolf he was known to pilot, but this Zoid wasn't actually shown fighting very much at all in the episode.

    Pteras: He has also been seen piloting a Pteras. Because Rob also has experience piloting these aerial Zoids, it is possible that this is a standard learning Zoid in the Red River base.