- Nero

Age: Unknown
Allegiance: Desert Alcabalino Gang (Low ranking member)
    Command Wolf (Desert Theme)
Associated With:
    Bianco (Comrade; Same Rank)
    Bowl (Comrade; Lower Rank)
    Viola (Leader)
    Rosso (Leader)

Character Summaries:

    Nero is a comrade of Bowl and Bianco in the Desert Alcabalino Gang. Like Bianco, he pilots a desert themed Command Wolf, and has little to no respect for Bowl. At the same time, his personality is rather rough- with frequent outbursts and what seems to be a perpetual state of irritation.

    While the Desert Alcabalino Gang reforms later in the series, Nero does not join them.

- Zoids

    Command Wolf (Desert Scheme): Nero supposedly got his Desert Command Wolf recently before the series began, at the same time as Bianco. They counted themselves lucky to have gotten such Zoids, but neither of them seemed quite adept at piloting them, and both were easily defeated.