- Tomica Blue Blade Liger

    The Blue Blade Liger is one of three Tomica Blade Ligers released. They are made of a diecast metal and are slightly posable, mostly with simple ball joints. The scale is tiny, comparable to the MSS line Though they are uncommon to find the prices can get insane, in the $60-$100 range.

    All details are hand painted, often sloppily, and there are occasional bumps in the casting throughout (which you'll notice on the mane blades.) I noticed that on almost all of my Tomica ligers the cockpit paint cracked, creating a veining throughout. I think this happened with all of them, so be cautious.

- Gimmicks

    The head can tip up and down but only a little bit. It can also tilt to ither side thanks to a ball joint that it attaches to. There is no neck movement.

    The legs can lean inwards just a little, but can rotate 360 degrees. There is no articulation at all along the legs, only where they connect to the body and where the paws attach. They still look pretty good regardless.

    The paws are on a ball joint to flip up and down, and also rotate to the sides. I've come to find that they can detach very easily.

    The tail is attached to a hinge joint for up/down movement.