- Tomica Blade Liger Mirage

    The Blade Liger Mirage is the final release of the diecast metal Tomica Blade Ligers. It was released as a promotional with the Zoids Struggle game, and sports the custom colors you're familiar with. These figures are very small, and the Mirage in particular can get expensive. It may be worth waiting a year or two to shop for better deals, as they do occasionally sell for sane prices.

    The Blade Liger is hand painted and there are some odd bumps in the cast in some areas. The painting is uneven in parts, but not bad. I've noticed minor cracking on my Blade Liger's canopy paint but not as bad as the others. On the other hand the Blade Liger Mirage degraded in mobility much faster. His legs will often flop out from beneath him, leaving him face planted on the ground while the other ligers can stand just fine.

- Gimmicks

    I neglected to take pictures of the movement but the head is attached to a ball joint that allows it to tilt to either side. It can also turn up and down but the range of motion is small.

    The legs can rotate all the way around where they attach but have no articulation in the middle. They can also tilt in and out just a little bit which makes for nice poses for such a small figure.

    The paws are on a ball joint to flip up and down, and also rotate to the sides. I may not have great photos of the rotation but the photo above shows them tilting outwards.

    The tail is attached to a ball joint that allows some rotating and up/down motion.