The Iron Bible

- Revoltech Blade Liger

    Revoltech is an excellent action figure that is roughly half the size of the motorized model kits, similar in scale to the KFM Liger Zero. While dinky in size I must admit this is my favorite figure to ever be released by Zoids. No other even remotely compares to the amazing flexibility of these ligers, and I am proud to own all three of them.

    I have in no way been disappointed by the articulation, aside from one small fact of not getting them to do the ear scratching pose shown in promotional image. I've heard others got them into this pose fine so I imagine it's just a matter of figuring out how to best manipulate the double sided ball joints.

    One point of caution is that these amazing ligers are hand painted and soft plastic. It is easy for them to get knicked if you're not careful. I have also heard others having issues with the tails constantly popping off but personally I've not had this issue with any of my three ligers.

    Of the Revoltech Zoids there are four. Three are Blade Liger colors, one is the Geno Breaker. The three ligers are the basic (blue) Blade Liger, the Blade Liger Mirage, and the Blade Liger Leon Special. The red bladey is by far the rarest, very difficult to find. It was released as a Dengeki Hobby Magazine exclusive.

    The one major problem I had was that the soft foam packaging, and the way Liger was squished into the plastic made his jaw lopsided. I didn't have this issue on my others, but I'm going to try to stuff his jaw into its proper place and see if it eventually evens out.

    - Amazing articulation, better than any Zoids figure to date
    - Beautiful metalic fleck paint
    - Ball joints used for all parts, even those not necessary, for amazing articulation

    - Soft plastic can be easily scratched, damaging the paint
    - Cockpit can't open. A simple feature that could've been changed.
    - Packaging may result in articulation issues

- Revoltech Stand

    The bladeys come with a plastic stand that allow you to pose them in leaping stances! The ball joint included is a little difficult to get into the hole on the Bladey's underbelly but once attached it works great. You want the bulk of the liger standing over the two ends of the V shape. So his face should be pointing the same direction as the arrow. Otherwise it might fall over!

- Revoltech Extras

    This is a point of confusion for most people when they get the liger. The Revoltech Blade Liger comes with a number of extras, which I'll describe below. The first thing to notice during assembly is that it comes with two spare leg joints, two of which are already in the body and the other two in the legs. This is why you'll find the legs not attaching!

Pliers: You'll find little plastic pliers in the packaging. Clamp these around the joints on the body and you can pull them straight out. Once that's done you can attach the legs!

Revoltech Coins: These were a promotion back in the mid to late 2000s where you could send in the plastic coins and (for Japan residents only) exchange them for freebies from the Revoltech store. This promotion ended in 2010 and they can no longer be used.

Treasure Chests: Little orange plastic boxes come with most revoltechs for you to put extra joints, coins, or parts in.

- Box Images

- Gimmicks

Shield Generator:
    The top shield generator can rotate up and down. The bottom panel sadly isn't a separate part.

Side Panels:
    The four blades swinging back from the face are on a ball joint that allows them to rotate forward and backawrds a little bit, but more noticeably stick out from the sides of the face.

    The jaws swing open and closed. I had issues with my blue ligers jaw being lopsided from the foam holding it in a strange position for so long. Hopefully this'll correct itself after being held in proper place for a while.

Neck Panel:
    The up and down motion is very shallow but the panel can turn to the sides. I forgot to take pictures of that, but still.

    With the ball joint in the back of the head Blade Liger's head can turn from left to right and also tilt in either direction. The ball jointed panels on the sides of the face allow them to not get in the way of movement.

    Bladey's neck is attached with a ball joint both at the base and where it connects to the head. This allows it to tilt up and down.

Leg Vents:
    These pieces can flip in or out but thanks to the ball joint that attaches them they can also turn all the way inwards, providing an extra range of articulation.

    The boosters are hidden beneath a blue panel that rotates upwards. Both parts are attached by a ball joint but I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this. It takes away the 'extending' motion that other kits have.

    The blades atatch to the sides via another ball joint, allowing them to tilt a number of ways. They still retain the same articulation as the motorized kits, even a bit more as they can tip all the way down to the ground. The peg that attaches the black rail to the blue panel permits forwards-backwards rotation.

    Bladey's tail is split into 3 segments each with three chainlinks. The ball joint allows it to curl all the way around the body. Some have trouble with the tails popping out but so far I haven't. I did find it rather obnoxious that the seam line is so obvious, though.

Shoulder and Thighs:
    Where the legs attach to the body there is an arch that has a ball joint at both ends, allowing a wide range range for them to tilt in or out, or even twist.

Front Legs:
    At the elbow the front legs can twist in or out, or even tilt to either side. This is personally my favorite part of the Blade Liger's pose ability because it allows the Liger to take on much more natural poses than most kits.

Back Legs:
    Like the front legs the lower half of the back legs can twist inwards or outwards. The arch you see in the middle also allows the lower part to swing forwards or backwards, though the range is not as good as it could have been.

    The only let down for the liger's articulation is the same for almost all Zoids figures -- no way to tilt the paws backwards. Nonetheless the range is nice, they can tilt up and down. The ability of the legs to tilt sideways helps their articulation a lot.

Chest Cannons:
    Attached at a ball joint the chest canons can rotate up and down, and also swing sideways.

    The body is ball jointed in the middle, allowing it to tilt up and down. It can also twist from side to side as long as the belly is not tucked into the notch on the underside.