- Zoids Genesis Bio Tyranno Statue

    This figure was released to coincide with Zoids Genesis. It was a first for me, to see something of this quality. Rather than being made out of a resin or rubber material like most of the other art statues, this figure is made out of what feels like a light glass or clay. It is excellently painted with natural brown weathering painted onto the armor crevices. These figures are becoming increasingly rare, so I'd recommend taking the chance to purchase one, even if it's for a steep price.

    Because this is a static figure there isn't a whole lot to say about it. The material feels fragile, so I would recommend taking special care to keep the Zoid out of harms way. It is roughly as big as the Hasbro action figures, instead of being as small as the normal Art Statues. It also happens to come with a small square stand for you to set it on, which has the printed copyright information on it. It is made out of a similar material.

    -New unique material for a Zoid figure
    -Much larger than normal figures
    -Excellent level of detail
    -Comes with added stand

    -Very fragile
    -Copyright information printed on stand, instead of relevant images/engraving