- Electronic Command Wolf

    Command Wolf is the only other Zoid released in Hasbro's line of electronic action figures. The other two Zoids released along side it were Liger Zero and Liger Zero Midnight Shield, but because these Zoids were released long before this one, they are much more common. The line was actually cancelled shortly after the Command Wolf's release, resulting in an unexpected limitation of the Zoid's numbers. It is not officially limited but is by far the rarest of the set, to an extent that you'll be lucky to even see one go for sale. If you get the oppertunity to go after one, do- even an incomplete Command Wolf is exceptionally rare.

    Otherwise, this is an excellent Zoid. It's also huge, towering over a normal Command Wolf model at over twice the size. The Zoid has a series of electronic sounds and actions. I'll try to document them decently on The Iron Bible's youtube channel, but sound may be obscured. My house is quite noisy. If I have videos of the features you'll find them in the Gimmicks section.

    -Metallic fleck paint like the NJR
    -Multiple sounds and booster lights
    -Excellent size and quality. Paint holds better than the Ligers.
    -Projectile weapons.

    -Neck does not hold low
    -Boosters cannot be activated without changing the whole position of the Zoid
    -Unenclosed box design leaves heavy risk of yellowing, dust, and grime.
    -Exposed screws in the design take away from the aesthetics.

Size comparison to other Wolves.

- Box Details

    Like the Liger Zero, Command Wolf AC is packaged in a box that doesn't entirely enclose the Zoid. The idea is to have the Zoid able to be tested for lights and noise before people buy the product. It's very common in electronic action figures.

    The box comes with the two gun stabilizers tied into the box separately, and the launching missiles and Brad pilot wrapped in a bag stuck to the box. The gun is attacked underneath of the Zoid, concealed in plastic, so it's not visible when the Zoid is packaged.

- Gimmicks

Play Sound

    Like the model kit the Command Wolf's cockpit not only opens, but the control panel flips upwards. The Zoid comes with a custom painted Brad pilot which is much larger than your standard Zoid pilot. There's also a button in the bottom of the cockpit that triggers two or three special catch phrases.

    The catch phrases are "Rodger that, let's do it.", "You're mine, now!", and if you close the cockpit, "Come back and fight!" After each catch phrase, after two or three seconds later, you'll hear a judge voice say "Ready, fight!"

Play Sound

Head and Neck:
    The head of the Command Wolf can technically move- with the neck. The neck can be pushed down, which will retract the jaws shut for a biting action. What's disappointing about this is that the head cannot be kept that way. Personally I liked the versatality of the standard model kit, which can take a number of wolf-like poses.

    The back of the neck has a peg much like the model kit. Instead of holding a weapon, the peg is a button. Push it down and the Command Wolf will let out a short howl before breaking into a snarl. The snarl has varying tones, which is interesting. It will resonate different snarls for however long you hold the button down.

Attack Unit:
    The attack unit is a firing weapon. Near the radar antenna you'll see two buttons, right where the two prongs fold down. Push either one of these to fire the missiles, and you'll not only launch the projectile but hear a firing sound! A moment later you'll hear an explosion sound. The weapon can rotate and is also removable.

Attack Unit Stabilizers & Antenna:
    The "Shields" on the side of the Attack Unit can rotate around, just like on the model kit version. The antenna also folds down like on the model kit.

Attack Unit Boosters:
    The boosters on the legs can also flare up (see more in the tail section). These have a red light, but the plastic that covers them is also red. The sound effect used for them is the same as the Liger Zero's booster unit.

    Command Wolf's tail has a limited range of motion. It 'clicks' into two positions, but the range of motion isn't very good.

    Otherwise, though, if you pull the tail upwards past the first click position the Command Wolf will leap into a running position, causing the Attack Unit boosters to flare up. Before the boosters flare there are one of two catch phrases that are recited. The first is "Time for battle! Boosters on!" and "Let's go for it!" The booster sound effect is the same used for the Liger Zero.

    Command Wolf's paws have a slight range of motion. This is to help the 'leaping' motion, but also stays in place if you want it to.