- Battle Machine Beasts: Crystal Version

    This series is made up of small, gummy-texture Zoids cast in transparent colors. It's assumed to be chinese bootlegs but consists of two sets, one in boxes and one in small booster packs. As far as I can tell the boxes have pre-determined contents but I am not sure if the boosters are the same, or random. They might be the ones on the package (in plain colors, not the horrible box colors-)

    Quality wise they're about what you can expect from bootlegs. Cheap, easily damaged rubber (think fresh gummy bears, only a little thinner) that is also prone to very bad sun damage.

Box Zoids:
    - Zeek Dober (Pink)
    - Zeek Dober (Green)            (Found in Berserk Furher box)
    - Gul Tiger (Blue)                  (Found in Liger Zero box)
    - Hound Soldier (Pink)
    - King Liger (Pink)                 (Found in Blade Liger box)

- Packages


- King Liger (Pink, Box)

    King Liger is a bit more of a hassle. The wing unit (top gun) is always popping off. The tail, though outside down, doesn't seem to want to rotate. I'm not sure if it can but since they're so fragile I'm not inclined to try. The legs can rotate forwards and backwards.