- Battle Machine Beasts: Crystal Version

    This series is made up of small, gummy-texture Zoids cast in transparent colors. It's assumed to be chinese bootlegs but consists of two sets, one in boxes and one in small booster packs. As far as I can tell the boxes have pre-determined contents but I am not sure if the boosters are the same, or random. They might be the ones on the package (in plain colors, not the horrible box colors-)

    Quality wise they're about what you can expect from bootlegs. Cheap, easily damaged rubber (think fresh gummy bears, only a little thinner) that is also prone to very bad sun damage.

Booster Zoids:
    - Zeek Dober (Blue)
    - Gul Tiger (Pink)
    - Hound Soldier (Green)
    - King Liger (Yellow)

- Packages


- Hound Soldier (Green, Booster)

    Hound Soldier is probably one of the better figures, in that it doesn't have parts gravitating away from the kit. The little lances, being a thin rubbery material are very easily warped. The lances and the legs can rotate forwards and backwards but I don't believe the back gun can move.

- Zeek Dober (Blue, Booster)

    I ... think one of the back guns fell off. That ring should probably have something attached to it -- but I'm not sure where it's at right now. I'll repost the photos if I do locate it. Anyway, the legs can rotate forwards and backwards like most of these figures. The guns on the shoulders also move, and so does the tail.