- Battle Action Figure 01: Liger Zero Holotech

    The Holotech Liger Zero was the first figure to be released in this line and it is a homage to the ever-elusive Holotech Liger Zero model kit that was produced as a prototype. It is the only 'official' white holotech Zero ever released.

    Over all this kit looks very cheap. I mean, I love it, personally, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired. It looks squishy, has very poorly painted and poorly shaped and molded pieces in abundance. Of course, this was a low cost figure line and these traits can be found in almost all of them. This figure is prone to bad yellowing if exposed to sunlight.

    The gimmicks are interesting, but mostly designed for children. Personally I find the shooting missiles to be a little obnoxious. On the large scale figures these worked well but for these smaller Battle Action Figures they tend to just get in the way or get lost, and mean large, clunky, unattractive weapons as an excuse to have them.

- Gimmicks

    The cockpit flips open at the nose but due to some minor warping in the pieces it doesn't seem to close tightly, as soon in the photos above.

    The jaws can open and close a small bit. These photos clearly show the painting on the teeth, which seems to 'dissolve' near the base, due to the way that they were sprayed. The jaws are also molded in black instead of holotech.

Front Left Leg:
    As these figures are relatively small and simple the legs and paws are all molded in a single piece, which can rotate forwards or backwards at the section it connects to the body.

Front Right Leg:
    The front right leg is often 'loose' and is rigged differently from the left. For this leg you can press the white armor over the back of the Liger Zero and the front leg will swing up for a "Strike Laser Claw" pose.

Back Legs:
    Like the front legs these are all one piece. They tend to snag on the stabilizers on the side so when you try to move them forward they'll usually stop at the 'standing' position. They can kick back quite a ways, though.

    This unnamed gun was added to the Zoid as an excuse for the projectile missiles. It barely fits over the boosters properly and tends to block detail, but it does move up and down a little. You can see a small lever on the bottom in the back, which is pressed to make the missile fire. The missile has a small slot that holds it in place.

    By pushing a lever between the boosters back you can have both open at the same time. They're molded entirely in holotech plastic so the detail can be a little hard to make out, but they're molded pretty well, all things considered.

    The tail can rotate up and down, but not much. This piece is actually packaged separately from the main Liger and has to be attached. I found that a little bit of the soft plastic scarred/scraped off from being forced into the socket.