- Gordos - Colored Version

    Gordos, like all of the art statues features a great scene of the Zoid in a random environment. Compared to the others, however, I feel like it's kind of a let own. Aesthetically I love the choices they made but I've had more than a couple of these and all of them had droopy guns from the material sagging over time. There are also some issues with the guns falling off or trees uprooting if bumped, but that's not nearly as bad as the Gojulas Giga.

- Gordos - Grayscale Version

    You wouldn't think this would be much of a change, since the original figure is in such muted colors. The greyscale actually works great to accentuate details that otherwise would've gone unnoticed, such as all of the caps along the side and the weapon details. The base, as usual, is a darker and browner shade than the rest of the figure.