- Death Stinger - Colored Version

    Death Stinger is another beautiful piece from the First Volume. Like the Death Saurer it sports a translucent material that makes up the entire frame. This blue water is vibrant and fully shaded, with a gradient from blue to white. The colors of the Stinger itself are a bit pale, but that's not bothersome enough to debunk the beauty of this statue.

    Unlike the Death Saurer, the Death Stinger statue is very sturdy. It stays on the base and I haven't had any problems at all, with any of the pieces coming lose. If messed with, it may tip backwards, but generally it balances very well.

    Shown in the photos above, you can see the detail and the colors of the base. Admittedly there's a bit more cyan, but due to the conditions in which the photos were taken, some of them had to have their colors altered. The blue of the Death Stinger itself are fairly accurate.