- Death Saurer - Colored Version

    Death Saurer is probably one of the coolest statues in this set. However, it is also by far the most fragile. Not only does it not set into the stand very well, due to very short pegs (for a material that can gradually warp over time), but the pieces just don't attach very well to begin with. The head and tail, especially, fall off very easily.

    It's also worth mentioning that the flame on the stand does not actually stick to the base. A slot in it sits over a peg/bar on the larger portion of the base, but it doesn't have any grip what so ever. So, if picking up this figure to move it, move it by picking up the larger part of the base, not the fire.

    As soon in the photos above, the base is made out of a translucent orange and gold color. Yes, it really is that vibrant in color!

    The glass that covers the face of the Death Saurer is also a translucent brown-ish color, but it's not quite as obvious as the flames, and in certain lighting, can be hard to see.