- Basic Review

    This is the third of nine volumes for home viewing (sales) release of Chaotic Century. It features four complete episodes. We have not yet reviewed the video itself to see if it contains any extras.

    While Van goes on a series of adventures, including trying to track down and save a renegade Zeke, he eventually ends up facing off against Raven. This young pilot is the attack dog of the Empire, working directly under (and only answering to-) Regent Prozen. Van is thrown back by the cold-hearted nature of the pilot, who ruthlessly slaughters enemies in his way with no regard to life. He and the Shield Liger must stop Raven from these vicious attacks.

    The sales DVD also comes with the Sticker Collection Volume 3.

    Episode 9: The Valley of the Monster
    Episode 10: The Mountain of Dreams
    Episode 11: The Fog at Iselina
    Episode 12: The Black Organoid

- Box Images

- Extras

    Chaotic Century (Volume 3) comes with the Sticker Collection 03, which features a CG image of the Gustav and small screenshot stickers from the episodes. Sticker collections are only available in the Sales VHS. They were not included in the Rentals because the rentals were not intended for personal ownership.