- Basic Review

    I've been interested in buying the japanese DVDs for a long time. This may be a review for Volume 5, but Volume 5 was the first japanese DVD that I managed to get (and I'm ecstatic to finally have one. Now just the entire rest of the series to go, then the magna pacific release!)

    There are a lot of extra scenes in the japanese version of Zoids, but nothing substantial, except for a few cases. Most of the scenes removed are for trying to shoot, wanting to shoot, or succeeding to shoot children or other major characters (But remember, it's ok for a kid to carry a gun as long as they're not shooting somebody else.) Most are just the act of pointing a gun at somebody.

    -Episode 21: The Charged Particle Gun
    -Episode 22: Farewell To A Friend
    -Episode 23: The Imperial Ring
    -Episode 24: A Voice From Afar
    -Episode 25: The New Liger

Bonus Features:
    -Concept Art

- Box Details and Extras

    ... Well, it's in Japanese, so I can't say much here. The box art on the front is (generally) the same as Vol. 4 "Conspiracy" in the Viz Media release. It notes a "Zoids Real CG" on the back. I don't know if this is referring to the postcard it comes with or not.



    While I can't read them, there are summaries for all 5 episodes included on the back of the DVD case. For summaries created by The Iron Bible, please see our Episode Summaries page.


    A postcard of the Death Saurer is included in this volume. The back is mostly blank except for a shieldy logo and other minor details. See Images 3 and 4 in the section above.

- Concept Art