- Zoids Chaotic Century: Volume 8 "Awakening"

    -Ep. 43 The Emperor's Holiday
    -Ep. 44 Assault of the Mega-Monster
    -Ep. 45 The Wings of Darkness
    -Ep. 46 The Devil of The Sea
    -Ep. 47 A Monster Awakens
    -Ep. 48 The Black Lightning

Bonus Features:
    -Character Review: Dr. D
    -Zoid Review: Blade Liger

-Box Details

The descriptions under "Awakening" are the ones presented on the box. The third image above is the paper insert.

    Raven is rumored to be back in the scene with his Geno Saurer, ready to destroy Van and his ZOIDS once and for all! Irvine, Dr. D, and Moonbay put their brains together to prepare Van for an attack. Dr. D suggests strengthening the shield of the Blade Liger, but will that be powerful enough to prepare for Van's next battle with Raven.

Additional Details:
    The back of the box features a model kit of the Geno Breaker produced by Hasbro.

Character Profile: Dr. D

    Dr. D; the brilliant but quirky retired scientist is a genius when it comes to Zoids. He once worked for the Republican Army and has a great reputation, knowing people in high places. He often pops up when least expected and is always in pursuit of adventure with Van and his friends.

Zoid Profile: Blade Liger


    Blade Liger

    "RZ-028 Blade Liger"

    The Blade Liger was developed by the Republic who upgraded and revolutionized the Zoid's program by using data brought back from the ancient civilization off of the Empire's base territory. This new Zoid has amazing speed, power, and fighting ability that demand higher skilled pilots.

Stat Points
Physical Data
    Accleration: 5
    Maneuverability: 8
    Detection: 3
    Close Combat: 7
    Fire Power: 2
    Protection: 5
    Type: Lion
    Length: 25.9 M
    Height: 12.2 M
    Weight: 124 tons
    Speed: 305 KPH
    Crew: 1-2
    -E-Shield Generator x2
    -Completion Refrigerator x4
    -Multi-Blade Antenna x2
    -Laser Saber (Tooth) x2
    -Strike Claw (x4)
    -AZ Double-barreled Shock Cannon
    -Rocket Boosters
    -Laser Blade x2
    -Pulse Laser Gun x2
    -3D Dual Sensor