- Zoids Chaotic Century: Volume 7 "United"

    -Ep. 37 The Blue Devil
    -Ep. 38 The Steel Bison
    -Ep. 39 The Invisible Enemy
    -Ep. 40 The Zoid Hunters
    -Ep. 41 The Devil's Maze
    -Ep. 42 Raven

Bonus Features:
    -Character Review: Major Schwarz
    -Zoid Review: Iron Kong

-Box Details

The descriptions under "United" are the ones presented on the box. The third image above is the paper insert.

    Van and Fiona join forces with Thomas under the command of the Guardian Forces to investigate a mysterious Zoids. Then Van is once again united with Irvine and together they defeat an enemy, or so they think...

Additional Details:
    The back of the box features a model kit of the Pteras produced by Hasbro.

Character Profile: Major Schwarz

    Major Schwarz, Karl Lichten Schwarz, a major in the Imperial Army. He is calm and cool, dislikes mass destructions and war, but reluctantly follows Prozen's orders. He is good at psychological warfare and favors peace over war and maintaining peace with the Republic. Piloting the Iron Kong, he shakes the Republic with its accuracy and destructive power.

    Personal Notes: In spite of calling him Schubaltz through the entire anime, which has frequently been considered to be a translation error, the review actually refers to him as Schwarz, both in the spelling and in the audio review.

Zoid Profile: Iron Kong


    Iron Kong

    "EZ-015 Iron Kong"

    Iron Kong is the strongest and only Zoid of the Imperial Army that can comete with Gordosaur. Being able to combat on any terrain and in any weather, it has high fighting power such as anti-surface, anti-air, and anti-Zoid. A truly powerful Zoid!

Stat Points
Physical Data
    Accleration: 3
    Maneuverability: 5
    Detection: 5
    Close Combat: 6
    Fire Power: 5
    Protection: 6
    Type: Gorilla
    Length: 11.5 M
    Height: 17.7 M
    Weight: 187 tons
    Speed: 150 KPH
    Crew: 2
    -Anti-Zoid 6 Shot Missile Launcher
    -Composite Sensor Unit
    -Ten-Shot Self Guided Rocket Bomb Launcher
    -Iron Hammer Knuckles X 2
    -TVM Ground-To-Ground Two-Shot Tactical Missile Launcher