- Zoids Chaotic Century: Volume 3 "Rematch!"

    -Ep. 13 The Battle of Cronos
    -Ep. 14 Wake Up! Zeke!
    -Ep. 15 Deploy the ZG!
    -Ep. 16 New Helic City!
    -Ep. 17 The Longest Night of the Republic
    -Ep. 18 The Defense of the City!

Bonus Features:
    -Character Review: Moonbay
    -Zoid Review: Gustav

-Box Details

The descriptions under "Rematch!" are the ones presented on the box. The third image above is the paper insert.

    While Fort Cronos is under attack by the Imperial Forces, it's another showdown between Van and Raven - what will it be this time? Then, they head for Gurrill Ruin, where they are told that they may find more information leading to Zoid's Eve.

Additional Details:
    The back of the box features a model kit of the Iron Kong produced by Hasbro.

Character Profile: Moonbay

    Moonbay, a cheerful energetic and intelligent young woman skilled in piloting the Gustav. She makes her trade as a transporter of Zoids and goods. She is quite adept at the ins and outs of the Zoid mechanism, and is very handy in times of need. When it comes to bargaining and making money, she is one of the best negotiators around. A very trustworthy friend and traveling companion to Van, Fiona, and Irvine.

Zoid Profile: Gustav



    "ZI-025 Gustav"

    Gustav is a Zoid that has an outter shell made of the hardest metal existing on Planet Zi. They've been officially deployed by both the Republic and the Imperial armies as a cargo transport Zoid, and even used frequently as civilian transport.

    Personal Note: Although the Gustav is noted as having a maximum crew of one, it is seen to have a capacity to carry up to four individuals (not counting bench seat capacity) in the show.

Stat Points
Physical Data
    Accleration: 3
    Maneuverability: 3
    Detection: 3
    Close Combat: 1
    Fire Power: 1
    Protection: 8
    Type: Insect
    Length: 14.76 M
    Height: 9.36 M
    Weight: 68 tons
    Speed: 135 KPH
    Crew: 1
    -GPS Composite Sensor
    -Land Mine Detector X2
    -Shock-Resistent Shell Armor
    -Traction Platform X2
    -Operation Arm
    -Weld Arm
    -Refuel Tower
    -Elevator Vehicle