- Zoids Chaotic Century: Volume 2 "Outset!"

    -Ep. 07 The Battle of Red River
    -Ep. 08 The Road to the Republic
    -Ep. 09 The Valley of the Monster
    -Ep. 10 The Mountain of Dreams
    -Ep. 11 The Fog at Iselina
    -Ep. 12 The Black Organoid

Bonus Features:
    -Character Review: Irvine
    -Zoid Review: Command Wolf

-Box Details

The descriptions under "Outset" are the ones presented on the box. The third image above is the paper insert.

    Van and Fiona, with the Organoid Zeke, depart on a journey to recover Fiona's lost memory. Their only clue? Something called "Zoid Eve." Along the way, the two are drawn into the war between the Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic. After escaping from the battle, they meet a scientist with vast knowledge of Zoids...

Additional Details:
    The back of the box features a model kit of the Command Wolf IT produced by Hasbro.

Character Profile: Irvine

    Irvine, a hard bitten anticynical guy but kind at heart, pilots a Zoid called the Command Wolf. First, he tries to get his hands on Van's Organoid called Zeke, but takes a liking to Van and decides to join in to support Van, Zeke, and Fiona in search of the Zoid Eve, but can he be trusted?

Zoid Profile: Command Wolf


    Command Wolf

    "RZ-009 Command Wolf"

    A wolf type Zoid developed for high speed combat. Their tight turning radius and maneuver ability makes them well received by pilots. The Command Wolf's powerful Electron Bite Fangs are highly destructive and the Double Barrel Turret mounted on the back can detach and operate as an independant vehicle. Irvine's customized ZI-024 Command Wolf mounts a Long Range Rifle instead of a gunner turret.

Stat Points
Physical Data
    Accleration: 4
    Maneuverability: 5
    Detection: 7
    Close Combat: 4
    Fire Power: 2
    Protection: 4
    Type: Pteranadon
    Length: 14.7 M
    Height: 7.9 M
    Weight: 46 tons
    Speed: 210 KPH
    Crew: 1-2
    -Electron Bite Fangs
    -50mm Anti-Zoid Double Barreled Beam Cannon
    -Smoke Discharger X2