- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO

 Zoids Wild EX-ZERO is a side story that began in January 2020, and was published every 2 months (on odd months) in Hobby Japan Magazine. The story follows captain Shishio Ryu of the Republican Army and his unit, the Blue Blood Corps, in their effort to capture experimental technology from the Empire to narrow the ever-widening arms gap between the two nations. With beautiful diorama style images and customs that change every chapter, it's a story well worth a read!

Please note! This page uses rough iterations of automatic translations, which are bound to have mistakes! It is provided only for convenience, as an easier way to read these translations, until such a time that better translations become available.

- Story

 Each chapter of Zoids Wild EX-ZERO includes a story segment and a customs segment, which discusses all of the work that went into creating the custom Zoids for the story! Also look forward to information about events, new products, etc.

 - Chapter 1:Prologue(January 2020)
 - Chapter 2:Miscast(March 2020)
 - Chapter 3:Endless rain(May 2020)
 - Chapter 4:I.V.(August 2020)

- Characters and Zoids

 Cutter Berg (Lieutenant)
 Heino (Squad Leader)
 Hook Kou (Sergeant Major, Maintenance Chief)
 Knapp (Sergeant)
 Knight (Lieutenant Colonel)
 Reika Rin (Warrant Officer)
 Shishio Ryuu (Technical Captain)
 Taiki Larto (Engineer)
 Armd Liger
 Cannon Bull
 Catalga Cannon