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ZOIDS Generations: Original Story

An introduction to each member of the Commando Squad traveling in search of a way to save the country Nakato from the threat of Bio Zoids, including the commanding officer Jin, they're encounters and the people who help them on their journey.

- Section 1

Seki (Upper Left)
    The Commando Unit's leader. Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience she cultivated in her student days, she's in charge of maintaining the Zoids. Calm, serious and straightforward, she uses her knowledge and calm judgment to support the Commando Squad as an adult with strict care as they need from the shadows, since they tend to be unruly. Contrary to her calm appearance and soft manners, when she's mad she seems extremely scary.

Midori (Right)
    A girl who is a Zoid pilot who lives in Kageri, a small village made by hermits in a remote region. Under the village head Haqqu, she was raised upright as the very picture of honesty, cheerfulness and openheartedness, but since there weren't any children from the same generation in her village she has the stubbornness of a person who knows little of the world. Since she was a child she's led her life running about the fields with her Blue Liger, Souga. Souga is like a member of her family.

- Section 2

Räte (Upper Left)
    An enigmatic beauty who travels various countries, her real name is Räteme Faironess (self-reported). Her whole story is unknown but she appeared out of nowhere to serve as a samurai in the country of Nakato. She received a request to join the Commando Squad because of her extensive knowledge of Zoids and promising talent.
    A frivolous person who likes to poke fun at strangers, she's the mood maker of the Commando Squad. Her abilities as a Zoid pilot are clear but she has a strange obsession with defects.

Jin (Upper Right)
    The commanding officer of the Commando Squad. A swordsman from the Nakato country, he's a powerful man who studied "Kaduchi no Saejiri" which made him able to kill with one hit from his sword. Entrusted with secret orders from the ruler, he's on a journey to find the "Sword of Seals" spoken of in legend, in order to seal the Bio Zoids disturbing the streets. He handles his duties soundly and is honest but he's a young man who doesn't pay attention to the small details and he misses many things.

Ken (Lower Right)
    A young swordsman from the Nakato country selected for the Commando Squad. Although he's gifted in fencing and handling Zoids, he's obedient and frank because he acts according to the rules and lacks experience , and in many cases in actual fighting he lacks the ability to adapt. For better or worse he's a pure and innocent boy who is learning from many experiences on their current journey, and is on the verge of growing up now.

Tsukamoto (Lower Left)
    A ninja from the Nakato country. Like Jin, he was entrusted with secret orders from the ruler, to search for a way to seal the Bio Zoids. Because of his personality and abilities as a ninja, he mostly works alone. He supports the Commando Squad and acts as a liaison with his native country. He supervises Kunoichi no Ayame.

- Section 3

Amu (Upper Left - Black Hair)
    The retainer to the First Imperial Princess, Sona, of Ya Han. Even when danger is imminent she does things at her own pace without losing her calm tone. She's excellent at tactfully and nonchalantly supporting Sona. Contrary to her appearance, she's also a clearly skilled Zoids pilot and she operates Red Horn Bone freely.

Masakuni (Upper Right)
    The present day "Masakuni" who inherited the name of the legendary blacksmith. He possesses the art of forging Metal Zi weapons passed down from generation to generation. He has a hearty personality like he looks and also jokes too much. Midori's foster parent, Haqqu, is an old friend of his, and he has ridden side by side and fought with Jin's father, Gishin.

Shion (Upper Center)
    The daughter of the mayor of the commerce city Enya. Because she was pampered she's a little pushy and selfish. Ignorant of the ways of the world, she's taken with Ken at first sight. Her skill in cooking is certain because she's devoted herself to domestic training. She possesses the skill to make Chinese-style fried rice with her Zoid.

Senka (Center)
    A Zoid doctor who lives for her research. Although she's not aware of it herself, her sensual fragrance makes her popular among the villagers.
    Bringing Blox cores in line with Zoid cores, she's researching the wilderness that has Zoids in nature, and she lives as a hermit near the summit of Sotoyatotake Mountain.

Sona (Middle Left)
    Ya Han's first imperial princess.Her full name is Sona Margarita Richthufenstein. She leads her own personal chivalric order and stands at the forefront of the action as the pilot to Impressa, the symbolic Zoid of Ya Han. Because of her pride she gets angry when she isn't called "Princess" so caution is necessary.

Beauregard (Middle Right)
    The former sheriff who runs a Zoid ranch. He drifted to Nakato from somewhere, cleared the land and settled down. He always has a sour face and rarely smiles. He rides in a Guns Raser; his Zoid is equipped with a pistol that has bullets made of Metal Zi. He has more love for Zoids than most.

Elle (Lower Left)
    A lively girl brimming with curiosity. She goes on the journey in order to learn about the outside world, but again and again she demonstrates she has no sense of direction. She has enough courage to steal a Zoid from a pirate and the good fortune that it didn't develop into a serious incident. She seems to be a fan of Räte, calling her "teacher".

Yuan (Lower Center)
    A chivalrous thief of the sea, the captain of the Flying Fish Pirates. She makes a living hunting Zoids for the mother ship Whale Queen. She takes on a firm attitude in front of her subordinates in her position as captain but inside she's more like a normal girl her age. She seems to have aspirations to accomplish something in the capital of Nakato.

Yuu (Lower Right)
    A boy Zoid pilot who lives in the Sotoyatotake mountain village. He's quiet and a little cynical but he's the type who doesn't like useless arguments. He assists the Zoid doctor Senka who lives on Sotoyatotake, and he operates the Blitz Pepsys, the spider wasp type of baratz, to help with that work.

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