- Past Works

    We have had multiple translators including but not limited to Eric Hauck, Tomedes, Falcarius, and Emeryl Tekutsu. Falcarius and Emeryl are currently our main translators and it's been a great honor to work with them!

    Our current projects of interest are Zoids Generations, Zoids SS, and the Zoids Battle Story. We occasionally expand to other sources! Some of the work we've had done before is listed below.

            - Zoids Generations (Book)
            - Zoids Note Map Vol. 1 (Book)
            - Zoids Original (Book)

            - Zoids Chaotic Century EX (Manga)
            - Zoids Web Comic (Manga)
            - Zoids SS (Manga)

            - Zoids Graphics (Magazine)
            - Zoids Fan Book EX (Magazine)

    If you'd like to contribute you're not limited to these options. You can discuss with us through E-mail about other possible projects.

    It is worth mentioning, these contributions cannot be applied to interpreting. Translations refer to printed Japanese text, not the spoken language. We do not currently have any interpreters in our employment and at this point in time are not comfortable seeking one out.

Contribute to Translation Work

    The Iron Bible will always provide our translations and materials for free. We have no trouble paying our server fees at this point in time, so we do not rely on donations to keep the site running.

    However, all translations on the site (aside from a few generously donated ones) are from paid professionals. We can steadily purchase translations on our own but would like to open our doors for visitors of the site to help further this goal of translating foreign Zoids materials.

    If you would like to contribute please use the purchase links below. We only accept Paypal at this time. In the text box you may include any materials listed on the site that you'd like your funds to go towards! If there are any concerns or inquiries, please contact us beforehand. You can contact us at kenihhiwolf@gmail.com with any questions.

Please select how many Japanese Characters you'd like to order
Choose a media to translate~

    To give an exampe of usual costs; one page of Zoids Generations will normally run $50. Comic material tends to run $50 for 15-16 pages. We are only stating these figures so that people are not disappointed with what their contributions have added!