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    This page was added to allow users to look only for official Zoids news. That means there is no site-related additions unless it pertains to official Zoids releases.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
    Kotobukiya posted a blog a while ago to include details on the HMM Death Stinger "Hiltz" version. This includes color photos of the little Blade Liger that comes with the kit! View the article here.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
    A final look at the MPZ Saber Tiger has started to appear online! The Zoid is now up for pre-order on sites like AmiAmi, Hobby Search, etc. with a release date of mid March 2016. The kit also includes additional face parts for the muzzle and forehead that can be swapped out with the basic kit, making the Zoid appear to snarl. Retail price is 14,040 Yen with varying discounts depending on your store of choice. There's no extra parts for ordering from Amazon at the moment.

    Kotobukiya's blog has also launched an article detailing the chrome parts that come with the HMM Death Stinger! Gold chrome parts are included for pipes and other details while silver is included for the claws and nails.

    The official HMM Blog of Kotobukiya has more or less been abandoned. We've decided to include a link to their LABO blog in the links section. This includes non-HMM stuff but at least it updates. We've also fixed the broken HMM link and added the Zoids Aggressive section link.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Wednesday, November 4th, 2015
    Kotobukiya has posted pages for the Zoids Aggressive Hayate Liger! This Zoid is available for preorder. When ordering from Kotobukiya Direct instead of another store you will receive a special set of white stickers for the armor! It is scheduled for a May 2015 Release!

    They also posted a page for the Command Wolf LC & AC Repackage Ver. which will include the basic white Command Wolf. This Zoid is scheduled for a March 2016 Release!

    We've also glimpsed our first view of the Death Stinger's box art! Due to the sheer volume of contents we're hoping to see new box art for the Hiltz ver. but this hasn't been confirmed one way or another. A twitter account has also posted a preview of the silver plated parts included with the Hiltz version.

    The release date for the Masterpiece Zoids Shield Liger has been pushed back until February 2016.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, September 8th, 2015

    Kotobukiya is having a second go at releasing the second HMM Z-Knight, Marine Kaiser. As you may recall this was formerly cancelled, but now they have not only brought it back but implied a possible third Knight!

    Koto has finally revealed the completed version of their HMM Death Stinger! The kit is looking fantastic with excellent details. The standard version, found on sites like AmiAmi, Koto Direct, etc. will contain a faded color version seen below. You can view the official page here. At this time it has NOT been announced to contain the pilot figures. The kit retails at 14,800 Yen.

    A second anime-accurate version is being released through Kotobukiya Direct only, priced at 19,224 Yen. The differences are vast and we'll list them all below.
    - Anime Accurate Colors (Bright blue - red armor)
    - Optional gold and silver plated parts (nails, gun ring, etc.)
    - Sitting, Standing Hiltz Figures (sitting figure not released with Psycho Genosaurer)
    - Ambient Figure
    - 5cm Blade Liger Figure

- Older Updates:

Posted: Thursday, May 28th, 2015     Kotobukiya has finally posted color photos for the new 1/100 Murasame Liger! This line has been officially dubbed the "Zoids Aggressive" series, based upon the renewed articulation and aggressive pose possibilities of the figures. The Liger is also up for pre-order on a number of sites.

    For those who wish to import the Zoid through a deputy servic, Kotobukiya Direct is issuing a limited edition stand and stickers that are available for direct orders only. These will not be present in the AmiAmi shipments, nor any other stores' shipments.

    Along with this news we have our first look at the Blu-Ray Edition Murasame Liger. Rather than to go with the clear color versions, like earlier box sets, it is cast in a more anime-specific green color. We've never had an anime-accurate Murasame release so this is quite interesting!

    Dengeki Hobby Magazine has released their final publication. They will no longer be releasing print media but will instead be switching to an online-only format. In their last issue they previewed a concept image of the Masterpiece Zoids Saber Tiger, which will be theoretically possible as an additional armor using the Shield Liger base.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Monday, May 4th, 2015
    The Zoids Info twitter has posted our first real clear look at the stand for the Masterpiece Shield Liger. It's an interesting look!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Thursday, April 30th, 2015
    TakaraTomy has posted an interview with their designers who've been working on the Masterpiece Shield Liger. This is a very in depth video which has a lot of very interesting views. It contains CGI renditions of the figure and a wide variety of prototype stages shown in action. Included is also an NJR Shield Liger for a comparison of shape, design, and function. This reveals that the Masterpiece model will indeed be larger than the original version.

    Other design aspects are also discussed, such as the semi-realism animal sketches. These were used to rough out the expression of the face and desired shape of the mane. They also go on to say how they compared the original kits to the more realistic motions of these animals to improve the design.

    While this video is in Japanese you can get google translated subtitles by clicking the CC button. Subtitles will appear in Japanese. Click the gear icon at the bottom right and select 'Translate' with the language of your country.

    Kotobukiya has announced a release of the Beam Gatling Unit, previously seen on Zoids such as the Dark Horn. This will be a separate customize part scheduled for release in late August. It is uncertain at this time if the set will come with custom paint or recolor casting. It is said that it requires customization on the buyer's part to fit onto some Zoids (which, according to some stores, includes the Dark Horn it's meant for anyway?) This may be a translation error on Google's part but we'll know more closer to the release date.

    In the mean time they've also announced a rerelease of the Dark Horn. So far as I'm aware this kit has never had a rerelease so it is recommended to snap it up while you can! We have updated our preorder column with all recent Zoid items.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, April 24th, 2015
    The Masterpiece Shield Liger page has been updated with color photos! We now get to see that this Zoid will also have an armorless form, and many transparent parts to accomodate the lights. Seen above is a new commercial featuring the walk cycle and breathing motions. The movement of the paws looks amazing compared to older generation motorized kits.

    The kit is scheduled for an October Release at a price of 12,000 Yen. This is roughly $103.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, April 7th, 2014
    Zoids: Material Hunters has far surpassed the original sign-up goal! This means that people will receive the upgraded White Tiger as well as 3,000 Zoid Gold when the game launches. A launch date has been estimated for April or May! New images can be found on Yoyaku Top 10 and on Famitsu!

    There are a few new pictures on the Zoids Info Twitter of the Masterpiece Shield Liger! Hopefully soon we will be seeing some video.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, March 27th, 2014
    Dengeki Hobby Magazine has posted a new series of photos of the Masterpiece Shield Liger! These include photos published during the month's issue with a few extras.

    They have also posted a new series of photos of the 1/100 Murasame Liger. Unlike the Shield Liger photos these are actually quite large and very high detail! It looks like there's lots of nice touches to the overall design.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Monday, March 16th, 2014
    Takara Tomy has teased a new Zoid, though what this figure entails is yet to be seen. It mentions more life like movement than previous figures and possible electronics, with more currently unknown. With the figure being poseable it may be possible that the electronics are just lights, rather than fully motorized as speculated by some. We're still waiting for more information.

    This news is accompanied by the announcement of a new TT Twitter Account. A teaser was also posted in CoroCoro, which can be seen on Twitter.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, March 12th, 2014
    In celebration of pre-registration reaching 70,000 members there is a Zoids: Material Hunters giveaway for Japan residents. It will raffle off three of the threezero Iron Kong figures, and one of the threezero Shield Liger figures. These designs are based on the concept art book world.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, February 10th, 2014
    Sometime in January Kotobukiya made an announcement that the pre-orders for Marine Kaiser were all being removed, and that production issues were preventing it from being released. Later, a notice implied that the kit would still be released at the end of January but I've been unable to confirm that anyone has actually gotten their kit. So far, many sites are still listing the item as discontinued.

    The threezero Iron Kong is now up for pre-order, for a late May release. It is retailing at about $325, with a member price of $293 and an elite member price of $287. The figure will be almost twice as tall as the threezero Liger, which you can see a review for under Action Figures.

    Wonder Festival was just a couple of days ago, and revealed a lot of brand new items for the Zoids franchise! It's an exciting week for everybody!

    First of all, however, it has been announced that Zoids Fuzors will be released on Blu-Ray in August (presumeably August 2nd if it follows the pattern). Zoids Genesis is also scheduled to be released on January 1st, 2016. We can assume pre-orders will show up on May, April, or March. If comparing prices to earlier Blu-ray release, it may be estimated that Fuzor will be around $300 and Genesis aroun $500-$600.

    The first of the news is regarding a brand new 1/100 line being launched by Kotobukiya. While the name of this series has not yet been revealed it will begin with a Murasame Liger. These figures are prebuilt and boasted to have a better range of motion than the HMM series out of the box. The 1/100 line puts them smaller than normal kits, but not by too horribly much.

    Overall the aesthetic is wonderful, and prototypes were shown this last weekend. Other silhouettes shown at the festival imply Blade Liger and Geno Breaker to follow Murasame Liger. One small preview image on the poster behind Murasame Liger showed a clear plastic version, making us wonder if it will take the place of a 1/72 HMM Model Kit in the Zoid Genesis Blu-Ray release. More can be read here. To address some confusion, this is NOT part of the HMM line.

    Last but not least Kotobukiya has posted this awesome rotating view of the Murasame Liger, which allows you to get a very good look at the kit.

    Its been a long, anxious year since the HMM Gojulas, but Kotobukiya has finally announced the return of the HMM line! Beginning Phase 2, they will release an HMM Death Stinger. It is said to be headed by the devopment team that worked on the HMM Gojulas, and while it is too early to give an accurate parts count it is estimated at over 1,000 pieces! A price is not yet known.

    Along with the Death Stinger, the HMM Command Wolf Irvine is being re-released with a generalized set of decals and brand new box art drawn by Mercy Rabbit. The kit is already up for pre-order, scheduled for a May release.

    Zoids Material Hunters has begun a website of their own, which we'll include in the Links section. The game is open for a pre-registration, where you send in your E-mail (though likely foreign fans will be unable to play.) Early registration will enable users to gain access to the brand new 'White Tiger' Zoid. This is the first brand new Zoid revealed in a very long time, and we're excited to see that!

    The site also includes world view pages with story information and brand new images, as well as a Zoids page that provides stats and generalized information for the in-game Zoids.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014
    Kotobukiya is releasing quite a few kits over the next two months! Gun Sniper Leena Special, Great Sabre, Saber Tiger Schwarz Special (Rerelease edition), and Blade Liger AB Van Special are all being rereleased. They've been added to our future release table below.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Monday, October 20th, 2014
    Kotobukiya has released the box art of the Blade Liger Leon Version rerelease, scheduled to be sent out this month! Mercy Rabbit has done a stunning job. You can view the whole image on Kotobukiya's website.

    Kotobukiya has also announced that the Command Wolf LC & AC Brad Version will be rereleased in December. This is a limited kit so be sure to pick it up while you can!

    The Zoids: Material Hunters youtube channel has uploaded more video, focused on boss combat which is in a more open battle field. The gameplay seems very simple, but we look forward to seeing more!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Monday, September 22nd, 2014
    The Zoids: Material Hunters website has updated with reports from the Tokyo Hobby Show! These provided images of the large Shield Liger, some gameplay images, etc. At the event a pamphlette was handed out by the young ladies you see standing around the liger. It was a single 3-part fold out that contained images of brand new Zoids!

    Video can be viewed on the G-Cluster Facebook page. The game style seems very reminiscent of those old 2D fighter plane games where you had to avoid the oncoming missiles. The event coverage is split into two pages, Part One and Part Two. The event also gave out some small metal pins of the shown Zoids. A small promo is shown below from the G-Cluster Youtube channel!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Sunday, September 14th, 2014
    In the last update we mentioned Zoids: Material Hunters, a new upcoming game scheduled to launch in 2015! They have added a brand new site for the game which includes details on the event and also a new screenshot of the game play. You can find the site here and in our links section! We've also updated the TT Banners article with the new banner.

    The new Zoids Material Hunters website mentions the event at the Tokyo Game Show where they're planning to reveal a massive 180cm (5'8") concept Shield Liger at their booth! No, this isn't a for sale product but it has been a long time since we've seen large scale Zoids at conventions, so I can't wait for the reveal!

    With the addition of the Zoids: Material Hunters website we were very surprised to find that the Zoids Official TT website is moving again! Not only have they replaced the Zoids: Bonds of Steel web page link with the Zoids: Material Hunters one but they've also posted a series of news!

    While none of it relates to brand new kits Koto have continued to release recolors over the past few months and announced the upcoming Blade Liger Leon Version, but the official website has not reflected any news of any kind during the last 6 months. This makes it a very good sign that they're starting to update again and I am greatly looking forward to seing the changes.

    In the mean time I'll list the news below.

    * Zoids SS Book announced. This was released recently, so is already available. The page that's linked on their website lists an Amazon purchase link but foreign buyers can also find it easily on CD Japan.

    * Zoids SS has begun to be posted on Comic Walker. The pages being posted are the book version. It already has several chapters and is scheduled to update again in a few weeks, so presumably on a monthly basis.

    * Zoids Hobby Japan Solid Work Collections advertised. This book will include images from Hobby Japan of their model kit customs and diaromas over the last few years.

    Koto has announced the Liger Zero Jager and Berserk Furher HMM kits to be rereleased in November! Pre-order links added to the upcoming release table.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014
    Zoids: Bonds of Steel has officially closed down. Thankfully this game became accessible to overseas players early enough for the materials to be saved, and we're working on collaborating with multiple fans to try and build a comprehensive library. This game may be down, but it and its many beautiful art images won't be forgotten!

    In the mean time we've added the following Zoid pages: Zabat, Rev Raptor, Maccurtis, Girafsworder, Gun Sniper Naomi, Helcat, Leostriker, Reelga, Molga. Most have multiple colors, and anything new is under a 'Recently Added' cut.

    On the heels of Zoid: Bonds of Steel shutting down a new interactive game has been announced! Zoids: Material Hunters (a working title) is said to encorporate a unique system that will allow the user to play on both the iOS and Android, and on television! The game will involve many mechanics including battling opponents (supposedly in a one click system) and hunting for materials and other resources, thus the title.

    The first demo is expected to be shown at the Tokyo Game Show later this year. The game is ideally expected to launch in Spring of 2015. We look forward to seeing more about this news develope and you can view the page for it here!

    A new book issued by Hobby Japan Magazine is being released, supposedly to cover all of the amazing customs that appeared in the publication of HMM Zoids materials throughout the past yaer or so! A pre-order link has been added down in the pre-orders section. Please note that it is a 'Tentative Pre-order', which means that while the site is taking pre-orders they have not yet procured the stock from the manufacturer. There are some cases where the manufacturer may not have enough stock to cover the full number of buying customers, in which case the item will be refunded.

    The Kotobukiya Liger Zero Panzer is scheduled to be rereleased in late October! A pre-order link has been added to purchase this kit.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014
    Kotobukiya has finally added a page for the HMM Blade Liger Leon. This was clarified as a new "Renewal Version" that which will be a seperate release from the original. It will come with a new pilot figure and decals. You can find more information about this release in the Upcoming Releases article!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, June 13th, 2014
    The last two months the Zoids official websites have not been updating. There is no change to Original, MSS, or the central site. Not even a change in banners, even though the GREE site continues to update. Kotobukiya held a brief survey asking what people would like to see in new kits but so far there hasn't been any announcement of brand new molds besides the one Z-Knight we already know of.

    They have, however, continued to announce recolors. The Liger Zero is scheduled to be released in a brand new set that will include the basic Liger Zero without any armor (so no basic Zero CAS) and will come with all three armors: Jager, Schneider, and Panzer. All will be clear cast like the Blu-Ray holotechs.

    More photos of this awesome set can be seen on the Kotobukiya website. The set was originally listed on the blog as being sold for 12,800 Yen which would include the armorless Zero, Jager, Panzer, and Schneider. The actual web store, however, lists it for 13,824 Yen.

    Nonetheless the set is now on sale through Kotobukiya Direct. It is limited to up to 6 units per house hold. You can obtain this set through various ordering services such as Celga or Jauce.

    In anticipation of the clear armors Kotobukiya will also be rereleasing the Liger Zero in late August, the same month as the Blu-Ray release. Other upcoming rereleases include the HMM Geno Breaker RS in late July, then the HMM Shadow Fox and the HMM Lightning Saix in late August.

    Zoids SS is up for a full book release scheduled for July 26th. You can pre-order this on a number of sites but for now we've stuck up a CD Japan link since they allow overseas buyers. There is no cover art yet revealed and no description of if the book will contain any kind of extras. More information as it becomes available.

    Mr. Color is releasing a set of Zoids paints based on common Republican and Imperial colors. These should very closely match the shades used for kits and provide excellent touch up ability for flash marks. Available for order on Hobby Search.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Saturday, April 12th, 2014
    It's sad that during these slow times we are down to only two months of proposed pre-orders. Hope is still held that MSS and HMM will be back on track soon. To keep us distracted Kotobukiya hosted a live viewing of the NC0 Blu-Ray set around the 6th, with interviews of the cast.

    During these interviews and now on the HMM blog it has been announced that the HMM Blade Liger Leon Version will be rereleased with new decals and a Leon Toros pilot figure. If I'm not mistaken the original kit was released before Kotobukiya had really gotten into crafting custom pilots.

    In less enthusiastic news the threezero Shield Liger which was meant to be released late last month has been delayed until April 21st.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Thursday, March 16th, 2014
    After months of silence the Zoids MSS site has announced a temporary pause in the line. During this pause the series will be rebuilt, and hopefully will be returning with more kits in the future. Salamander, which was previously being worked on has also been put on hold and will not be released, presumeably until the line continues. Below is a translation of the notice posted on their website.

(Notice of the end of the first series MSS Zoids) We thank everyone for your patronage with the MSS Zoids, but the end of Zoid's 30th anniversary has come and we're bringing the current lineup of the first series to a close. As for the new products, including the already announced commercial product the Salamander, sales will be paused. While they're paused the products will be overhauled and the series will be reconstructed. We apologize for the very late notice. We sincerely hope that you continue to patronize our company's goods in the future.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Thursday, March 6th, 2014
    The Takara Tomy website has been updated on February 25th! A new Mechanics File features the Shield Liger, Dimetrodon, and some of the primitive Zoids. The crystal clear pictures of the Shield Liger are nice as we have the threezero Shield Liger of the same design coming out this month! We're looking forward to seeing this Zoid in person.

    A video has also been added to their archive which features an old advertisement of Gorem. This is a pretty seasoned Zoid but was always a compelling design. The video is definitely worth checking out.

    In addition an archive page has been added to include the photo contest results. Nothing is actually different, I assume they just needed to put a proper page up for it before it got bumped off of the recent news bulletin.

    Kotobukiya has announced that a rerelease of the Liger Zero Panzer will happen in April. You can find pre-order links below, and we'd just like to remind everyone that we do have a review up for this Zoid in the Model Kits section. More to the point we'd like to remind everyone to be careful with the pull out missile pods of their Panzers! These are very fragile!

    The Zoids Original website has updated with both Zoids Original Story 10 and with profiles to accompany the update. The new story notes the existence of other aerial machines like Sinker and Redler. We are aware there has not been an SS update for a while; that's because we're trying to get our pre order slot for the Blu-rays paid off before ordering more cost-heavy translations. Thank you for your patience and hopefully things will pick up in a month or so again!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, January 24th, 2014
    Today there is a lot of good and bad news. We will get the bad news out of the way first.

    The Zoids Original series is coming to an end. A notice on the Line Up page says that the Storm Sworder FSV will be the last kit sold from this line. This means that the only running media for the Zoids franchise, the Zoids SS manga is also likely to end in only 1-3 months. It's a sad day, but let's not forget that for a brief moment in time we not only had new characters and media, stories, and comics, but the long-awaited revival of a motorized line, however short it may have been!

    TakaraTomy is grateful for the continued support of the Zoids line, and have posted wall papers of the kits in this line. They have also posted the first part of the Storm Sworder FSV story. The profile page from the main page currently links to the Command Wolf RGC stats, but change the URL to 04 to get the FSV story characters.

    The main TakaraTomy site has updated the Zoids Web Stories with some of the remaining profiles. These are more or less the same as those from the Concept Art Books.

    A new Blu-Ray Box, this time for New Century /Zero has been announced! It is very exciting, as we've been hoping for this for a while now. The box set is scheduled for an early August release. Maybe we can assume the same time (August 2nd) as the CC Box set? Although that is purely speculation. Cheapest price I've seen so far is AmiAmi at 24,600 (Roughly $246) for the basic set and 30,100 yen (roughly $300) for the limited set. Both items require payment up front.

    This set is sad to be 4 discs, which is impressively small considering the NC0 DVDs had 9 volumes. The previously released Chaotic Century box set gives us a better concept of what to expect.

Both regular and limited editions:
    - Original CG Illustration 3-sided case (the outter box of the set)
    - Tadashi Sakazaki original illustration special digistack case (the box that contains the discs)
    - ZOIDS encyclopedia special edition (36 pages) (likely a direct reprint of the NC0 section of the 2009 Encyclopedia)

Limited Edition Set:
    HMM Liger Zero 2014 Blu-Ray BOX Limited Ver. (All clear plastics)

    This time around there is no mention of a special CG opening, so we can probably assume that it won't have the Liger Zero version of what the CC BR Box had. Nonetheless, NC0 in high quality is A+.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
    Kotobukiya's blog has updated with mention of news coming soon! Within the next few days there should be news on what their plans are and it is heavily implied that they will be posting announcements on 'Chapter 2'. Let's hope for the best!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Saturday, December 28th, 2013
    The Zoids Original website has updated with the second half of Story 7 and with Story 8. You can see the japanese pages for these here and here

    The main Zoids Official Website has updated with a new video (Zoids World) seen here. They also added three new profiles for the Zoids in the Concept Art Books, seen here. Last but not least they've added a page for previous header images that they've used. You can see that page here!

    Kotobukiya has posted images of the limited Berserk Furher Holo Tech on their blog! This is an extremely limited item that is being given away (raffled?) in extremely limited numbers to those who order from the Kotobukiya Direct store by the end of the year. Kotobukiya is raffling a ton of items, but this is the only one relevant to Zoids. It is part of the Kotobukiya Direct Renewel Campaign to celebrate the new year.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Sunday, December 1st, 2013
    The threezero Shield Liger has been announced as for sale! This limited kit will be going up for a retail price of 23,000 yen (roughly $230). You can view the english page on the Good Smile Company website here.

    There are a lot of options for buying. If you wish to order direct from the company you can use a proxy service to order here. Hobby Link Japan has the cheapest price at the moment thanks to their Black Friday sale, at 18,838 (roughly $180) here. They can be a little slow on updating stocks sometimes when items sell out, though. A third option is Hobby Search, selling at 207,000 ($207) here.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
    TakaraTomy has published the winning entries of the Zoids Photo Contest! The grand prize winners and the consolidation prize entries are posted publically on their website, here. The photo results will still be displayed in the Exhibition event from December 13th to December 18th in Japan.

    Zoids Original Story has updated with a two-part story for the Command Wolf RGC. You can view the Japanese page here.

    Kotobukiya will be re-releasing some more kits in 2014. The Blade Liger AB Bang Version will be rereleased in January and the Liger Zero Jager and Shadow Fox will be rereleased in March.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
    The Storm Sworder FSV second variation has been added to the Zoids Original website, seen here. This is the first kit in the Original line to not have additional parts and instead includes holotech wings with additional gold painted parts. The scheme in general resembles the Fire Fox.

    TakaraTomy has posted on their website as well as the Kotobukiya Blog about a Zoids Exhebition Event that's being held from December 13th to December 18th! This event will have lots of panels, and you can view the page for it here.
    As far as we can tell from the page the event will include the following panels:

    1. Zoids Photo Contest Display: Will display the winners of the recent Photo Diaroma Contest. They will also show some of the honorable mentions that didn't win, but came very close!

    2. Diaroma Photo Shoot: In this event users can bring in their own Zoids to be part of a collaborative diorama display! A commemorative photo will be taken with the diorama.

    3. Companies Zoids Exhibition: This event will show upcoming releases and new products developed by current Zoids Companies. It will have upcoming and popular kits from Zoids Original, MSS, HMM, and even the new threezero Shield Liger!

    4. Zoids Classics Exhibition: This panel will display old box arts and packages from nostalgic Zoids products, back in the days when Tomy sold motorized models.

    5. Dengeki Hobby Magazine Photo-Exhibition: Will display customs and kits that formerly appeared in Dengeki Hobby Magazine.

    6. Zoids SS Raw Manuscript Exhibit: Will show the raw versions of the Zoids SS comic as seen in DHM.

    7. Zoids Video Collection: Will broadcast original Zoids commercials as well as the Original videos.

    8. Mercy Rabbit Autograph Session: Will allow members to get HMM packages signed by Mercy Rabbit, who does the box arts for Kotobukiya.

    9. Sales Area: Will have kits for sale from Zoids Original, MSS, and HMM variety. A lucky few customers will also receive a signed concept art book, signed by the author. Only 30 of these books will be put into circulation.

    (And more!!)

- Older Updates:

Posted: Thursday, November 7th, 2013
    Kotobukiya has announced that they're relaunching the Kotobukiya Direct website. When they do they'll be releasing a few lucky draw anime items to people who are registered. The Zoids-related item being given away is a Holotech Berserk Fury!

Posted: Sunday, October 28th, 2013
    TT has updated their main site with more Mechanical Files (Link) from the newer Concept Art book.

    The Zoids Original site has also added the first story for Command Wolf RGC (Link), which features some awesome artwork. The story, like the others, includes an additional page (Link) where you can read character profiles for both the Zoids and human characters.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, October 25th, 2013
    The Zoids Original website has updated with the next in line: Storm Sworder FSV (Flame Slash Version). This is featuring a red Storm Sworder (Note: Not the one from Guardian Force~) molded in a very bright red color (and not pink!). The alternate form of this Zoid hasn't yet been revealed but is said to have translucent molded wings. You can view the full page here where it is already up for pre-order for 3,675 Yen.

    The releases of Zoids Original are getting a little concerning, however. Storm Sworder FSV is to be released in March 2014, which is the largest wait we've had for an Original kit. Perhaps this is because they have had more experience to realize how long to expect releases to take (given the delays of all other kits) and are just trying to be more realistic, but equally disconcerting is that the 5th slot in the Original Line Up page has been removed. Perhaps that is just because it isn't being released in the foreseeable future.

    The MSS site has updated with pictures of the Command Wolf, to be released any day now! The pictures include a very clear picture of the art image (presumably the digital version) which looks stunning. You can view the page here.

    We're a bit late to the punch on this one but MSS has for the past few weeks also been showing off the upcoming MSS Salamander. There is not yet a release date but it appears to be fully finished and colored! Pictures taken by Zoikino show the Zoid in great detail.

- Older Updates:

Posted: October, October 13th, 2013
    Kotobukiya will be rereleasing four of the older kits in December! This includes Cannon Tortoise, Dark Horn Harry Special, Great Sabre, and Naomi's Gun Sniper. That brings the total pre-order count (by AmiAmi prices) up to 32,050 Yen for December, so prioritize carefully!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
    It seems Kotobukiya has announced that Z-Knights will be released in 2014. This is both a good and a bad thing, as the Zoids related series shall continue, but it is not so great if they stop doing animal mechs, which are what defines Zoids. There are already so many human mecha out there I do not see the need to add another to distract from one of the only active animal mecha. Hopefully we will continue to see animal-based HMM designs.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
    Kotobukiya has announced that they will now be mixing their sales activity with Zoids Original, and that Zoids Original kits will be sold through Kotobukiya's store. While this is not a Japan wide release it is still a step in the right direction towards better availability!

    Don't forget that the Photo Contest on the TakaraTomy site ends on October 15th!

    On the Koto news front the HMM Iguan as well as the MSS Great Sabre have been released! We're updating our sales links below. September Zoids have been removed and the Zoids Original Geno Ritter is being properly placed as an October release, expected Mid October.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, September 27th, 2013
    A new installment of the Zoids Original Story has been added, continuing the battle between the Geno Ritter and the Shield Liger. You can view the Japanese version of the story online here.

    The Zoids MSS site has added box art for the Shield Liger MK-II, Sinker, and the new Great Sabre, which has just been released.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Wednesday, September 25th, 2013
    HMM Iguan has been released! But that is not the point of this section.

    According to some magazine interviews in the Great Mechanics magazine it is rumored that Kotobukiya will be taking a hiatus after the release of Gojulas (supposedly -- there are no 2014 releases currently scheduled). It is unclear if they will continue to rerelease old kits or new variations during that time, and how long the dormancy period will last.

    Some mentions giving the Zoids Original line time to stand on its own two feet while Kotobukiya and Mercy Rabbit prepare for "Chapter 2". No inklings on what all that implies just yet but I suspect it'll be months before we have specific information.

    The Photo Contest page has uploaded images of some of the unpictured prizes, including the Silver Plated Great Sabre and Liger Zero. They are looking fantastic! See the page details here.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013
    The Zoids Original website has hosted the second story chapter for Geno Ritter, seen here. A page dedicated to profiles for the Zoids and characters can also be read here. So far there is no video for the Command Wolf RGC.

    TakaraTomy's official website has posted videos of the limited prize contest Zoids being given away in the Photograpy Contest. They are looking great, and the transparent MSS Great Sabre appears to be similar to the ever-elusive ghost Zoids! See the page here.

    The new Zoids Concept Book has been released! We'll be providing information on it in the next update. In the mean time Kotobukiya has announced that the Geno Saurer Raven Version will be rereleased in late November. You can find a pre-order link down below.

    The HMM Gojulas is also up for pre-order! The price of this Zoid is an extremely painful 24,150 Yen. While it is tempting to order through AmiAmi it is worth noting that a limited CP kit featuring a lighter blue replacement armor (the same, just recolored in a lighter shade) is available if you pre-order through the Koto Store.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Saturday, August 10th, 2013
    The Zoids Original website has updated with a complete profile for the Command Wolf RGC. It is shown that this Zoid will not only come with the RGC cannons, but with equipment to make three additional variations. The first is the basic Command Wolf. The second is the Command Wolf Interceptor which uses the LC cannon that is sold with the Irvine special originally. The third is the Command Wolf Zappa Version (Late Model) which is piloted by Commander Zappa from the Republican Trap Commando unit, as soon in the Concept Art Books and Zoids SS. Unfortunately they do not include the unique gun or shoulder armor seen to these Zoids, but it does include a new canopy cover for both the face canopy and the LC gun.

    You can view the full profile in Japanese on the Zoids Original site here. The TakaraTomy company has also upgraded a video on Youtube (seen here) which illustrates all of the movable parts, including a collapsable cannon. So far this Zoid is shaping up to be much better than the first impressions!

    First views of the finished MSS Command Wolf can be seen on the official site here! The kit is shaping up to look great, with excellent proportions and nicely painted details. The Zoid is up for pre-order on AmiAmi for 2,200 yen, scheduled for a late October release.

    The Zoids Blu-Ray box has been released! An unboxing was posted on the Zoids HMM Blog (seen here). We hope to have a review done for this by the next update, but there are a lot of things to go over for it in this news post.

    Below you'll see the unboxing image posted on the Koto blog and a couple of example screenshots. We'll go into quality in the bottom post.

    When it comes to physical extras the Blu-Ray set comes with a small Encyclopedia, a bit smaller than the Viz Zoids CC Comics. This contains more or less copied information from the original Zoids Encyclopedia with virtually no additional details.

    The case of the DVDs are in a book-like form and each disc gets its own book with the character images printed on the front (congratulations, Thomas! You get to be the very last disc!) and art printed on the sides. The quality is quite nice and contains the stock production art you've seen on other sites.

    If you ordered the Limited Production version you also received the clear HMM Blade Liger, which is cast in all transparent plastic. The quality of this kit seems much superior to the Holotech Shield Liger parts that were released earlier by Koto, and does not crumble like it did!

    Now for the actual Blu-Ray extras. The discs are all in Japanese. So far I've found no trace of a closed captioning track. It has no subtitles, Japanese or English, and no dual languages, as it is marketed only in Japan. The quality is by far better than the DVDs but scaled up you can see a sort of noise-reduction filter applied to the Zoids that gives them a watercolor feel, especially when in motion. You can see this clearly in the example images.

    The image below shows a comparison of the Blade Liger. On the left is the Blu-ray version and on the right is a screenshot directly from the DVDs. Even though a noise reduction effect is on the blu-rays, and sometimes detracts, the quality is still much superior. The colors contrast differently from the DVDs with reds leaning closer to true red or pink, while on the DVDs they appear orange and more saturated. There is no editing or digital touch ups in the comparison photo at all, with the exception of the blu-ray being resized to match the DVD size.

    The on-disc extras include a new CGI opening that we'll be uploading a low-resolution video of with the review next update! High quality scans of the CGI images used for postcard releases on the DVDs are included on Disc 10, along with small cgi turn-arounds of one or two Zoids. The final disc contains creditless opening and endings. Sorry to ramble at great lengths over the Blu-Rays! This concludes today's update.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, July 26th, 2013
    The third model kit for Zoids Original has been announced! This is the Command Wolf RGC. The profile page unfortunately contains just this image, but you can find it here. There is no information like there was with the Mirage Fox and the Geno Ritter, but I suspect we'll be seeing this next month sometime. Maybe the month after that.

    In other Zoids Original news pre-orders for both the Mirage Fox and the Geno Ritter are re-opening. They have already opened on July 25th and will continue until August 6th. If you missed your first window I strongly recommend that you try to obtain one through the TT mall now.

    Kotobukiya has posted pictures of the Fire Fox CP on their website. They've also posted an unboxing of the Zoids Blu-Ray set [Limited] and we'll be seeing this released on August 2nd! I'll be sure to post a similar unboxing once it gets here and do my best to provide you all with information on what all of the extras are.

    This is a long one. The official Zoids site (Link) is going to be holding a photo contest. This is strictly for Japan residents ages 15 and up but I felt the need to go over the details here. Entries permit photo editing and there are categories for HMM, MSS, and Zoids Original. Entries opened today on July 26th and close on October 15th.

    This news is of particular interest because of its prizes. They will include several plated (chrome) Zoids, several translucent Zoids, and also some model kits. Below is a list of the prizes. I suspect they will be one of a kind, but that is only because I didn't see a mention of multiple winners for each category. There very well may be multiple entries! But you'll want to keep an eye out on Yahoo Japan auctions for them just in case.

Zoids Original Grand Prizes:
    - Plated Mirage Fox
    - Mirage Fox Clear Version
    - Zoids Original set of 2 (Model Kits)

HMM Contest Grand Prizes:
    - Plated HMM Liger Zero
    - HMM Godos (Clear Version)
    - HMM Iguan (Clear Version)
    - Decal set of 10 pieces (Randomized contents, cannot be chosen by winner)

MSS Contest Grand Prizes:
    - Plated MSS Great Sabre
    - "Natural Color" MSS Great Sabre (Painted, maybe? Not sure)
    - MSS Great Sabre model kit

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, July 19th, 2013
    Now on to Zoids news! We may have missed stuff here, this update was a little rushed. Nonetheless, Kotobukiya has revealed the new Chrome parts for Fire Fox and Shadow Fox. We saw these announced earlier but there were not clear photos of them actually attached to the foxes. There are now! Even if they are small and Shadow Fox oriented. You can view them here.

    Just before that they announced the next D-Style: Iron Kong! This is quite a surprise that we certainly weren't expecting, but it's a nice surprise. The kit looks good but there is definitely some funkiness with seeing the attachments through the mouth (although that may be unavoidable). It can be viewed here.

    A re-release for the original HMM Saber Tiger, Liger Zero Schneider, and D-Style Blade Liger has been announced for late September. Pre-order links have been added to the up-coming Zoid releases.

    The Zoids MSS site has also released new photos of the MSS Great Sabre. You can view them here. The kit looks really nice and the MSS site photos are much cleaner than other preview photos I've seen!