- Hasbro Zoids?  [Leak]

Posted: Tuesday, October 7th, 2019: 6:21 PM
    The internet has been flooded with images of Zoids Wild kits from Hasbro. Fans have been waiting for this for a long time, and a lot has developed in the last few days. Where is this leak from, and what do we know? We'll go over everything below.

    We first learned about Hasbro's handling of Zoids Wild at Mipcom. We saw a brand new logo, which matches these boxes. The tag line was "Build Them To Life!", which has been changed to "Build Them To Battle". We also recently heard from TakaraTomy's 2019 financial report that they planned to see Zoids Wild aired on tv and toys distributed in the UK and US markets during fiscal 2019, which in Japan lasts until the end of March. So, this leak was released at a good moment to fit in with our current timeline.

    It originally surfaced from In Demand Toys on Facebook, a shop in the UK that sells a variety of products. They responded to inquiries about the source, answering that the images came from Hasbro itself. This likely means a mass dispatched catalog sent out to stores and distributors.

    What do we know about the toys themselves? Well, to start with, they'll be in plastic packaging with a small window, showing viewers that the kits come pre cut, with no hassle or sharp tools needed. The toys will also have some minor differences from the Japanese release.

    The first and most minor is that the bodies of the model kits appear to be split into two different colors. Black and a faint brown. The clear caps also seem to have different colors, shades, and transparencies from their overseas counterpart.

    Second, out of the five different kits we saw this week, two had significant mold changes. The most notable is the Gannontoise, which is a complete overhaul. Some fans have theorized this is due to the strict regulations of how gun toys must look in the US, but at this time that is only conjecture. We've color coded the changes below.

    Gannontoise Changes: See Image
    - Hinge joint on neck is changed (blue)
    - Gun barrel is changed (purple)
    - Gun attachment is changed (pink)
    - Back cover now attaches using a large hinge on the lower back (orange)
    - Spine no longer opens up with back shell (yellow)
    - Attachment for side armor is changed, may or may not still open up (green)
    - Caps have become a more solid color (cyan)

    Spideath Changes: See Image
    - Back armor plate now covers entire abdomen
    - This covers the black body underneath (red)
    - It also fuses the detail plate on the top (pink)
    - A weapon peg has been removed from both sides (green)
    - The caps have been changed to a less transparent purple (orange)

    These changes are hit or miss, and not all fans are happy. Especially those who have been waiting for Wild to come overseas so that they could buy the same kits without paying international shipping fees. On the other hand, people who want both versions will be happier knowing that they will have some differences between them.

    Aside from that, the renewed boxes are excellent. The amazingly detailed artwork will draw immediate attention to these toys, along with their crisp packaging design. It's a huge step up from what Hasbro has offered in the past. Even if some names are uh. Interesting.

    - Gannontoise --> Tanks
    - Gilraptor --> Ruin
    - Kuwaga --> Pincers
    - Raptor --> Rapterrix
    - Scorpear --> Needle
    - Spideath --> Phobia

    Perhaps most hyped about this announcement is the appearance of small pilot figures to ride on the Zoids. Though these are not 100% confirmed, they are present on the unpainted, unfinished product photos, which strongly implies that they'll be a part of the kit. Fans have wanted the individual pilots since Wild began, and if they are present, it's a big difference between domestic and international releases.

    It's important to remember that these aren't likely marketing product photos. They've not been painted or touched up, and some details may change between now and their final release.

- First Great Treasure Excavation Competition!  [Official]

    Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter will be holding its first "Great Treasure Excavation Competition" event! During this event you'll be able to find hidden excavation points, where you'll obtain an application ticket for the battle. Each ticket will have a unique number where participants can enter the code at the bottom of the campaign page. At the end of the event, the winners will be announced!

    150 lucky winners will receive the Wild Liger Crystal, a limited kit cast entirely in clear plastic. 1,000 other winners will receive the Assault Boost Unit Clear Ver., also cast in clear plastic. There will also be limited time cards of the campaign Zoids found during this period. We've not yet seen what these look like, but they'll probably feature the beautiful cover art.

- Zoids Wild Zero Character Concepts  [Official]

    The Anime Zoids Wild Twitter has posted a couple new character concepts! First is Dr. Bowman, Sally's Grandfather. "A scientist who holds the key to Earth's regeneration. He's an important person who will influence the development of future stories."  His voice actor is Yoshito Yasuhara.

    The second is Sergeant Shell. "A Seargent in the Imperial Army. He pilots the weaponized Zoid, the Bazootle. Will the powerful firepower of the Bazootle stop Leo from moving forward!?"  His voice actor is Kenji Hamada.

- Hydro Shark Sales!  [Unofficial]

Posted: Monday, October 8th, 2019: 5:31 AM
    A popular customizer by the name of Catfish, known for their work in 3D modeling custom Zoids, started selling their own original kits at Wonder Fest. Though these kits aren't distinctly Zoids, they appeal to many Zoids fans. The worldwide fans of their work have wished for a way to obtain these kits, which fit nicely into the theme of this franchise. Catfish recently opened up their online shop. They're offering their previously limited Hydro Shark for sale! It's worth checking out if you're into Zoids.

- TakaraTomy 2019 Annual Report!  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 7th, 2019: 2:47 PM
    Although this is somewhat old news, TakaraTomy recently posted their Annual Report 2019, which had some interesting bits of information regarding Zoids. We're going to include all of the relevant info below.

Zoids Wild:
    The latest series of this original brand launched in 1983. Based on animal and dinosaur motifs, ZOIDS are called “classic examples of animal-type mechanical organisms as an assembled toy that moves and uses weapons via springs or motors

    As for toys exported overseas, in November 2018,an international tournament was held in France for the next-generation spinning top BEYBLADE BURST that generated popularity for this toy overseas and led to increased sales. We enhanced the product capabilities of trading card game DUEL MASTERS by revising card content, while a tournament held in March 2019 successfully increased this product’s popularity. Additionally, since the June 2018 launch of merchandise related to dinosaur and animal-themed ZOIDS WILD, we have proactively promoted related content development, including television animation broadcasts that began in July, an amusement machine that was released in January 2019, and in February, sales of video game software were launched.

    Additionally, the ZOIDS WILDS TV animation began broadcasting in South Korea in October 2018, then Hong Kong and Thailand in November and in Taiwan in December.

    Further more in addition to our core products, we will continuously launch new products. TOMY plans to proactively launch of new products targeting hit content such as boy’s hobby toy BAKUGAN, the third series, PHANTOMIRAGE! live-action television drama and popular movies Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2. Already having global content including BEYBLADE and TRANSFORMERS, at present we are proactively developing ZOIDS to create the next new wave in the trough of sales generated by these businesses.

Cultivating ZOIDS WILD as a Third Pillar, Promoting Further Investment in New Content
    We are focusing efforts on cultivating ZOIDS WILD as a third pillar after BEYBLADE and TRANSFORMERS. In terms of deployment, toys were released in Japan in July 2018, and animation broadcasts began. Overseas, animation broadcasts began in July 2018 in nine countries and regions, including China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. During fiscal 2019, we are planning animation broadcasts and toys in Europe and the United States as we enter the stage where ZOIDS WILD toy sales and animation broadcasts will begin worldwide. As ZOIDS WILD is a TOMY original global brand IP, we will promote expansions into a variety of business areas, including toys, apparel, accessories, game machine cabinets and video game software. ... (Diagram shows)
    - Apparel: T-Shorts, Pajamas, Socks, etc.
    - Toys (Domestic)
    - Toys (Overseas)
    - TV anime cartoon
    - Game software
    - Enclosure
    - Miscellaneous goods (Puzzle game, kite, etc.)
    Expand Business in the Asian Market
    Proactive Development of Core Products, ZOIDS WILD and BAKUGAN redundant
    To further strengthen development in the Asian market, where sales have grown steadily in recent years, we will aggressively develop our own original content, including ZOIDS WILD and battle hobby toy BAKUGAN in addition to our core products. We will also proactively deploy visual content successful in Japan throughout Asia.

- Fan Site Update!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 7th, 2019: 1:23 PM
    We've added three active fan sites to the Fan Sites page, listed at the very top!

    RoboShop is a builder's blog, with in depth reviews of Wild kits in high quality. His video reviews show off just about everything there is to see in the Wild Kits, and his customs are amazing.

    Zoids Universe is a recent blog / website dedicated to documenting model kits, both new and old. This includes some of the rarest kits out there from the Wild line, like CoroCoro exclusives, as well as other oddities like sticker variations.

    Blue Sky is a fan site name some of you may recognize! It's a character shrine dedicated to O'connel from Zoids Chaotic Century, but the site has plenty to offer, like fan art, transcripts, and the author's collection.

- Zoids Legacy / Saga II Update!  [Site]

Posted: Sunday, October 6th, 2019: 11:59 PM
    The Zoids Guide for Zoids Legacy (in Games) has been completed. This includes all Zoid stats, icons, and color variations. It also includes a few of the animations, but not many. We'll expand on it in the future.

- Zoids Index Update!  [Site]

    Three new Zoids have been added to the Zoids Index! The Gojulas, the Gordos, and the Saber Tiger. This includes some media appearances, brief segments on a part of their military history, and weapon specifics. The Saber Tiger includes color variations, for many of the different weapon assortments seen on the basic Saber Tiger.

- Zoids Wild Zero News!  [Official]

- Anime Site Update!

    The anime-specific site for Zoids Wild Zero has updated! It now includes profiles for the characters and Zoids. Definitely check it out for the art images! We'll provide some google translations below (some details may not be accurate.) Since these translations have some spoilers, we'll be putting them under spoiler tags. Click the name to expand!

    Leo Conrad:

Second Generation Settlement
    A passionate person with a strong sense of justice. He operates a courier business along with his buddy Buzz. He's especially skilled at modifying Zoids, and the Liger that he rides around like a horse is also a Zoid that he found and repaired by himself. Due to the mysterious light of Sally's pendant, Leo himself has had segments on the left half of his body become metalized as the Liger evolves.
    Basically, while most Zoid Riders who are Wild Blasted can't control their Zoid without using a B-Proof Suit, Leo can ride without it. He has all-purpose armor and is good at close range warfare. He meets Sally, and with Liger, they go on a journey to save the planet.

    Sally Land

First Generation Settlement
    A gentle girl with a strong heart.

    Like her grandfather, Dr. Bowman, she hates Zoids being used as weapons of war, and has a strong sense of the mission to save the planet.

    Leo helped her when she was being chased by the Imperial Army.

    Usually, the First Generation isn't able to adapt to the Earth's environment, so it's necessary for them to wear masks that assist with breathing, but like Leo, she was able to adapt to the Earth's environment by bathing in the mysterious light of the pendant.

    Because of a long period of cold sleep, she appears younger than Leo even though she's First Generation.

    She decides to go look for her missing grandfather, traveling with Leo to save the planet.

    Buzz Cunningham:

Second Generation Settlement
    A courier, working as business partners with Leo. He's not a bad person, but his money making priorities sometimes clash with Leo.

    Because of his wide range of occupations he's a man of many faces, with good negotiation skills and the ability to get through military checkpoints with smooth talking.

    For Leo, who's more of a dreamer, the more realistic Buzz is a good big brother.

    He drives a repaired 21st century jeep as his means of transportation.


Second Generation Settlement
    Imperial Army: Captain

    His was tasked with capturing Sally, so he aims for Leo.

    He handles a remodeled Cannon Bull and charges for Leo and the Beast Liger.

    Beast Liger:

Leo Conrad's Zoid
    A legendary lion type Zoid with red and white armor.

    It boasts high combat and athletic skills. When it achieves evolution unlock during the Evo Blast, it expands the weapons from the back, and changes into a more aggressive form.

    The Mane Claws are characterized by their ability to be deployed in two stages, so that they can change their attack according to the reach. At the first stage, three huge red claws (the Red Mane Claw) appear, and at the second stage, the golden claws (Gold Mane Claw) appear, and the "Beast of Claw - Break" is used.

    Cannon Bull:

Luc's Zoid
    The Cannon Bull is a buffalo-type Zoid that specializes in medium-range artillery.

    It has thick armor and has been modified to attack using missiles and cannons.

    It has sturdy limbs and hooves, and is strong enough to withstand heavy armor and weaponry.

    When using the weapon release "Machine Blast", the bullet shield on its back is deployed, and the 9-Burst Cannon appears from within.

    The Nine Burst Cannon, which fires three shells at once from right to left, has an overwhelming firepower that will blow an enemy away.

- Zoids Wild Zero Ending!

    Voice Actress Hazuki Senda, who plays Sally Land in the new anime, will be making her singing debut with the ending theme to Zoids Wild Zero. The original Wild anime also worked with some new artists for some of the themes, so it's nice to see this trend continuing.

- Concept Art!

    The Anime twitter shared a small concept art sketch of Luc. They also shared some more detailed concept art of the Catalga. A variation of which appeared in a minor capacity in Episode 1 of Zero.

- Episode 1 Discussion!

    Episode 1 aired on Friday, and there was so much to take in! I'm going to take a few minutes to discuss the various details, and some translation bits from Falcarius. All discussion will be in spoiler tags out of respect for anyone who hasn't seen the episode yet. Translations from Falcarius will be in gray boxes.

    Series Introduction
    The series opened with a scene full of rampaging Zoids running through the city. Not only destroying buildings, but attacking each other. This set the stage for where the series began, and how things ended up the way that they are.

    The cause of the large-scale tectonic shifts occurring frequently all over the world, as well as the unprecedented abnormal weather conditions, may have some connection to the huge flying object that fell from space one week ago...

    Monsters! First the tectonic shifts, now monsters that look like machines have appeared in the heart of the city! Are they living creatures or are they mecha? The unknown monsters are destroying the city!

    Due to the sudden appearance of Zoids and large-scale tectonic shifts, the Earth temporarily fell to ruin.

    Episode Storyline

    Our first introduction to Leo is a valiant leap across the Aegis Barrier, a vast chasm between the city and ruins that lay on the other side. The Liger's makeshift boosters fail, and he plummets to the bottom. Leo's grand goal is to create equipment that'll allow the Liger to leap over the chasm, shaving hours off of their commute to the ruins. A popular hunting ground for scrap.

    Leo's efforts are aimed at the eventual benefit of his business, a courier business that he runs with his friend, Buzz Cunningham. Buzz doesn't have much faith in Leo's antics, but he follows along, and drags him back to work when needed.

    Their scavenging expedition is interrupted by the scream of a young girl. They find her surrounded by the Jamming, broken down Zoids that have yet to be explained. These ferocious creatures are determined to kill her, and they're not the last of her problems. In the chaos she drops her mask, and has no time to go back for it.

    After Leo rescues her, he realizes that she's a First Generation. Beings who are unable to adapt to Earth's atmosphere, requiring a mask to properly breath. She's weak, and unable to run. Adding onto her problems, she's being persued by the Empire. Luc, pilot of the Cannon Bull is tasked with bringing her back. Although she tries to volunteer to return with Luc, to save Leo from the crossfire, Leo still intervenes and gets her out of the building.

    Buzz: "A mask? [something I can't make out]?"
    Leo: "I mean, look, she's having trouble breathing."
    Buzz: "The only people who need masks on the surface are a generation older than us. No matter how you look at her, she's a teenage girl."

    With the rest of Luc's unit in hot pursuit, Leo calls for the Liger. Together they take out the pursuing Zoids. No sooner than they do, Luc appears with his Cannon Bull. This heavy artillery machine is too much for the Liger to handle, and it quickly loses its edge in the battle.

    Soon Sally realizes her pendant is glowing. She flings it at the Liger, who promptly transforms into the Beast Liger. This is the result of Dr. Bowman's, her grandfather's research. While Luc assumes Leo couldn't possibly use the Wild Blast, he turns the tables by using the "Evo Blast" instead. As the fight goes on, Leo realizes that parts of his body are becoming metalized, like the Liger.

    Sally: "Are you going to use a Wild Blast?"
    Leo: "Evolution Unleash! Evo Blast!"
    Luc: "Idiot! As if you could withstand the shock of a Wild Blast without a B-Proof Suit! Nine Burst Cannon!"
    Leo: "Heheh, your bullets look like they're standing still!"
    Luc: "How is he okay? His cockpit should be under tremendous shock!"
    Leo: "Beast Of Claw... Break!"
    Luc: (after being defeated) "So those are the results of Doctor Bowman's research... No wonder the higher-ups are so obsessed."

    They win the fight, and make a hasty retreat, but the future is very uncertain for our group.

    Episode Impressions

Backgrounds and Effects:
    What really stands out about Wild Zero is the effect usage. It travels a careful line between just perfect, and a little too much. Tons of detail applied in the post processing stage that adds so much to how the series looks. Everything from the lighting, to the gradients, and subtle blurs. The explosions look great, and every single gun shot has a nice effect applied for the muzzle flashes.

    Even the backgrounds are amazing. Tons of detail squished into every frame. This series has really stepped up its development process compared to earlier ones, with a lot of additive detail to fully immerse Zoids into their environment.

Shout Outs:
    There are a lot of similarities to earlier series you might notice while watching Zero. In particular, I appreciated the title cards, which use the same rusty stone format as the title cards of CC, GF, and NC0. The Eye Catches are also incredibly similar to the ones seen in Zoids Chaotic Century and Guardian Force.

Story and Characters:
    While I haven't formed a distinct opinion of the characters yet, they're very riminiscent of earlier series. I don't know why, but Leo reminds me so much of Athle. The designs are nice and familiar.

    When it comes to story, this series introduced a lot of questions in the very first episode. It rivals CC in its balance of sci-fi and magic, and I look forward to seeing how this is handled. The B-Proof (Blast Proof, possibly?) suits are an interesting concept, separating the Zoid from their pilot, in a sense. With even the Wild Blast being treated as dangerous it's certainly a different atmosphere from Wild. What are the Jamming? Why did they end up that way? And what was Dr. Bowman's research?

    I sincerely hope that the series continues on this path, as so far, it has left us wanting so much more!

- Zoids Battle Card Hunter News!  [Official]

    Zoids Battle Card Hunter has added a new set! This time they've differentiated it as a new 'series' of sets, so we'll see what it beholds. You can view the current lineup on the official website. So far, the legendaries remain Blade Ligers.

- Wild Liger Crystal!

    TakaraTomy Arts has uploaded a commercial for the new arcade game set. Most interesting, it includes a Wild Liger Crystal, which will be obtainable by redeeming part of the Beast Liger card as a lottery ticket. There doesn't seem to be an official campaign page yet, but it should be coming up soon.

- HMM Shield Liger DCS-J Delay  [Official]

    The release date for the Shield Liger DCS-J has been pushed back to November. So those who are expecting to pay this month, remember to set that money aside!

- Chaotic Century Manga News!  [Official]

    Some new details have surfaced about the Chaotic Century manga. In particular, Ueyama's tweets regarding why old fans won't be unhappy about purchasing the new release! He also drew a cute picture of Fine and Sally, from Zoids Wild Zero!

    #1: Volume 3 will include the brand new chapter "The Storm of Port Town", which was featured in CoroCoro Aniki earlier this year. This chapter was not part of the original publication.

    #2: The end of the volume will include color illustrations from the Battle Card Game as well as the Zoid Core Box, printed in high quality.

    #3: The cover features a full color illustration of Liger Zero Caesar the King! This is the first color illustration since it first appeared in 2001.

    #4: Because of the greater width of the book, pages now have a further cut off point. This means you'll see more details from the original artwork, as well as losing less to the page gutter. The comic is also printed in sharper detail.

- Fan Book EX Update!  [Site]

Posted: Tuesday, September 14th, 2019: 10:39 AM
    Fan Book EX volumes 9 ~ 12 have been added! We put these off for quite a while since they were disconnected from the rest of the story, and mostly only stat + customization things, but now Fan Book EX should be officially completed! Thanks to Falcarius for the translations of Fan Book 12, and Green Gairyuki and SteelRain for scans!. I also went back and fixed a lot of broken links in the earlier Fan Book EX volumes. My apologies for these obnoxious errors!

- Zoids Index Update!  [Site]

Posted: Tuesday, September 14th, 2019: 10:39 AM
    Two new entries have been added to the Zoids Index, the Brastle Tiger and the Shield Liger! This includes basic stats, equipment lists, media appearances, and color variations. The Shield Liger also has a military history section.

    Military histories will be added to profiles as we handle the fan books, documenting the Zoids war involvement by year. This'll be for most official war Zoids. Some oddities who don't have clear timelines may not have this. The Command Wolf (basic only) also has the relevant war history added to its index profile. We're gonna be working to get most of the Fan Book 1 Zoids into the index, but they may not all include color variations.

- Kotobukiya HMM Zoid News!  [Official]

- HMM Wild Liger Prototype Reveal!

    Today is the early access day to the 2019 Japan Model Trade Show, and Kotobukiya is exhibiting the first prototype of the HMM Wild Liger! Dengeki Hobby also posted some photos showing additional angles. We first saw the artwork for this kit at the Stand River 2nd Battle event, an event where customizers of all variety brought their HMM Zoid customs to compete in a Republic Vs. Empire contest.

    An old article from Kotobukiya's Blog shortly after the event revealed the following information about the Wild Liger kit.

    ⚫ The Zoids Wild kits will be 1/35 scale.
    ⚫ They'll have full articulation, including movable eyes and tails.
    ⚫ They'll faithfully reproduce the colors of the Zoids.
    ⚫ Wild kits will be retaining the gimmick of building armor over a skeletal frame.
    ⚫ Each kit will have a built-in Zoid Core.
    ⚫ Wild Liger will come with an Arashi figure.
    ⚫ The joint caps will be the same size as TakaraTomy's Zoids Wild kits.

    Movable eyes entails a wider variety of expression. The anime shows us quite a few examples of how eye placement can change the mood of the Zoid. Faithfully reproduced colors seem to imply anime accuracy. In the colored artwork (linked in the first paragraph) we see hints of this, like the colored pipes and the gold tail tip. The saddle in the artwork is black, which blends in better, but may change between the final production version.

    Participants of the Stand River event also posted additional details about the kit. These kits were revealed during a special conference, where photography was not allowed, so unfortunately I'm unable to provide a link. The additional details are as follows:

    ⚫ Zoid Cores will likely be smaller than earlier HMM Cores.
    ⚫ The Zoids will include a slot for the Zoid Key, making them truer to the anime.
    ⚫ A Wild Blast flame effect will be included with the Wild Liger.

    Flame effects are something we've wanted for a long time, and it seems like Kotobukiya is making a significant effort to connect the Zoids' toy designs with how they're realized in the show, covering all aspects of the Zoid's lore.

- HMM Gilraptor

    Aside from revealing the Wild Liger prototype, Kotobukiya also gave us a first look at the HMM Gilraptor! This artwork, which usually appears on the side of the box shows a high degree of detail. The HMM Gilraptor was originally estimated for a 2021 release at the Stand River event.

- HMM Blade Liger AB

    A few days before this event Kotobukiya announced another new kit! The Blade Liger AB. They also posted an introductory article on their blog. This is a nice surprise. Many people have been waiting for a Blade Liger re-release of some variety for a while now. The AB will fill the niche of HMM-016. Previously, there was only the HMM-016 LIMITED Blade Liger AB Bang Spec. Now there'll be a basic HMM-016, as well! Here's what we know so far.

    ⚫ Release Date: February 2020
    ⚫ Price: 7,800 Yen

    ⚫ The armor will be molded in a brand new blue color, based on the original Tomy Blade Liger.
    ⚫ There will be no mold changes between the AB, the AB Bang Spec, or the Blade Liger Mirage.
    ⚫ The pilot will be a generic pilot figure.
    ⚫ It comes with two pilots, since it uses the same 2 person seat of other Blade Ligers.
    ⚫ Clear parts, such as the canopy, will come in both clear orange and clear colorless plastic.
    ⚫ The covers for the Attack Boosters are cast in a metallic gray, like the original Tomy CP.
    ⚫ New decals will be included, which includes two red Leomaster insignias.

    As a lovely side note, the poster for the kit seen on Kotobukiya's platforms is based on the original Official Fan Book 2, which we'll be starting here before too long! You can see a comparison on Mercy Rabbit's twitter. The kit is already up for pre-order on all of your favorite stores, from Amazon.JP to HLJ and Amiami.

- HMM Shield Liger DCS-J

    With Shield Liger DCS-J arriving in October some stores are setting up their displays. You can see some photos they've taken here and here. The black armor looks excellent!

- Zoids Wild Zero News!  [Official]

    Zoids Wild Zero is broadcasting on October 4th, and TT has just announced several new broadcasting options. It'll be airing on Wakayama TV every Thursday at 5:30 PM, Sendai TV every Sunday at 8:30 AM, and missed broadcasts will be uploaded to CoroCoro Channel (Youtube) every Saturday at 8:30 AM after the initial broadcast. The Youtube uploads will likely be region locked, as they were for the first anime.

    A live broadcast being held tomorrow will feature a promotion on Zoids Wild Zero! This may not be accessible to overseas viewers. In the mean time, a character sketch of the main character was posted by the lead character designer over on Twitter~

- Zoids Wild Zero Opening Theme!

    Last but not least, the opening for Zoids Wild Zero has been announced! "blue blue blue" by Ivy to Fraudulent Game is now viewable on the band's youtube channel. They have a lot of excellent music. I highly recommend checking out their stuff!

- Zoids Wild Kit Updates  [Official]

     With several new Zoids Wild kits on their way, TT has been busy posting pictures of them! So let's go over what we've seen.

- ZW33 Geno Spino

    We've seen several new images of Geno Spino from TT's twitter account. This close up of the mouth, this epic battle against a penguin, and a shot of it in front of the Death Rex.

- Gatling Fox

    A panel lined Gatling Fox has also been making the rounds on twitter, reinforcing the clear frame. It looks so eerie, how it fades against the lighter backgrounds! Another few shots can be seen here.

- Sniptera Commercial

    Sniptera is scheduled to be released in just a few days! Earlier in the month we saw a commercial for the kit. It's so nostalgic to see these model kit diorama commercials again.

- Stylaser

    TakaraTomy has posted a video of the Stylaser's motorized action, including the use of its Wild Blast.

- Zoids CC Manga Vol. 3 Info!  [Official]

    Some info has dropped for Volume 3 of the Chaotic Century manga rerelease. It will include illustrations seen earlier in the Zoids Core Box, as well as in the Zoids Battle Card Game. We saw some of this artwork on Ueyama's old website, but it'll be interesting to see if there's any new, unobscured artwork!

- ZW Battle Card Hunter Update!  [Official]

    Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter will be getting a new volume on October 10th, based around Zoids Wild Zero. A Kids Game Festa will be held on the 6th, allowing visitors to try out the upcoming volume Z-01 for free. In this event they'll be giving out special Bazootle promo cards! An advertisement for the new volume can be seen here. Thanks to Falcarius for the information!

- Gatling Fox Night Blue Ver. Video!  [Official]

Posted: Tuesday, September 15th, 2019: 4:27 PM
    CoroCoro Channel over on youtube has posted a new video of the Gatling Fox Night Blue Version! It shows off the Zoid's colors and motorized features. A snowy mountain diorama using styrofoam also nicely exhibits the transparent color of the body.

- CoroCoro Clear Beast Liger!  [Official]

Posted: Tuesday, September 14th, 2019: 10:04 PM
    CoroCoro posted an article on their upcoming Silver Peel Game Book, which will be an added appendix to CoroCoro November Issue (being released next month.) They included a picture of the upcoming Clear Beast Liger! Like most Silver Peel prizes, it's likely that this Zoid will be limited to 100 copies.

- Official Fan Book 1 Update!  [Site]

Posted: Tuesday, September 14th, 2019: 10:39 AM
    A grand total of 6 new sections have been added to Official Fan Book 1. This includes Planet Zi's history, the Zoids Directory (Helic, Zenebas, and Guylos Zoids stats), and a brief section on Zoids goods that were scheduled to be released around the time of the book. With these additions, Official Fan Book 1 has officially been completed! There'll be a short break between now and the beginning of Official Fan Book 2.

- Zoids Wild Upcoming Kits!  [Official]

    A lot of kit information has popped up over the last few days, so let's see what all we can cover!

- ZW32 Stylaser

    Stylaser (formerly referred to as Styrazor) has appeared! While we saw this Zoid first on the cover of CoroCoro, the full model kit was revealed at the Tokyo Christmas Toy Fair 2019. It's now up on the TakaraTomy Mall. While only one box art is shown there, you can see the other in the build & review video below. The video also shows off the Zoids stats, which gives us a fairly extensive equipment list.

    Length: 10.1 m
    Height: 6.1 m
    Weight: 77.0 t
    Maximum Speed: 142 km/h
    IQ: 119
    It has a high-capacity power storage system in the body, making it possible to carry out instant high-voltage charges using the spike electrodes. Using the A-Z Short Laser Guns attached to the edge of the Electo Frill, lasers can be fired in all directions from medium range, creating distance between enemy Zoids while the defensive net is established.

    - A-Z 2 Barrel Anti-Aircraft Gun (top of frill)
    - A-Z Gun Sword (nose)
    - A-Z Short Laser Gun (sides of frill)
    - Electo Frill (crest)
    - Ground-Guided Missile (leg)
    - High Power Accumulation Radar (back)
    - Reactive Armor (legs)
    - Spike Electrode (round parts on frill)
    - Stun Horn (forehead)
    - Z-O Visor (eyes)

    With the reveal of this stats list it seems that the Stylaser would be exceptionally skilled at the management of enemy units. Able to stun and hold off opposing forces without lacking in the armaments department itself. It's also a Zoid of exceptional intelligence, having what may be the highest IQ in Zoids Wild. Certainly the highest of the new series, and far more intelligent than the Triceradogos. It's interesting that the Z-O Visor is given its own unique mention in the equipment list. We'll see how this develops as the series begins.

- Stylaser Build Video

- ZW33 Geno Spino

    Second is the Geno Spino! TakaraTomy held a booth at the Tokyo Christmas Toy Fair 2019, and displayed several of their kits! It was our first real look at the Geno Spino's model kit. Dengeki Hobby Online captured a photo of the box art, which is some of the best to come from the Zoids Wild line. The box also shows us the flamethrower and the crest glowing, which will be a feature of the model kit.

    Interestingly, early photos from CoroCoro shows us an alternate color verson, with a purple body instead of red. We don't yet know the nature of this alternate. It could simply be an early color concept before the kit was finalized. It could also be a hint at an upcoming CoroCoro 100.

- ZW?? Gatling Fox

    Funny enough, a CoroCoro limited (covered below) surfaced before we saw the original Gatling Fox in its full glory. CoroCoro has our back, though. They've now posted images of the standard release Gatling Fox, with a beautiful silver and blue color scheme. You can see videos from the Toy Fair showing off its motorized features in the Twitter tag. So what's new? Gatling Fox uses the Hunter Wolf as a base, with rounded armor to carry a thinner looking appearance than the wolf. The huge tail opens up into a missile pod, and it reuses the Hunter Wolf's Wild Blast for the Phantom Gatling.

    What do we know so far?
    Gatling Fox will be appearing in Zoids Wild 2, piloted by Shuuza, Kai's (the hero's) older brother. The second chapter was just released in CoroCoro's October issue! The note of an Evo Blast is interesting. It breaks the prior theory that ranged Zoids used Machine Blasts while close ranged Zoids used Evo Blasts.

    Known Stats: Length: 8.9 m, Weight: 41 tons (both manga stats the same as Hunter Wolf)
    Evo Blast: Phantom Cannon (Said to fire 100 shots per second)
    Weapon Names: Phantom Gatling

- Gatling Fox Limited Night Blue Ver.

    There seems to be some confusion within CoroCoro on what this Fox is actually called, referring to it as the Limited Night Blue Version and the Limited Metallic Blue Ver. in the same article, but I digress. Whatever it's called, we saw this fox first from CoroCoro, as the first full size image of the Gatling Fox model kit. CoroCoro has a new article showing off the fancy image for this version of Gatling Fox!

    As a side discussion, the original article for the Metallic Blue Ver. showed us a transparent black body. When we saw the basic Gatling Fox at the Tokyo Christmas Toy Fair, it also had a transparent body! However, now both versions from the recent CoroCoro articles have solid black bodies. So, we'll see which version, or if possibly both get a fully transparent frame.

- CoroCoro Limited: Clear Beast Liger

    A recent blog post by CoroCoro mentioned that the November issue will have a ton of additional silver peels, compared to the typical 3 or so that CoroCoro normally has. Although there are not yet pictures, it includes that one of these silver peels will be for a clear version of the recently released Beast Liger.

- HMM Godos Old Republic Spec.!  [Official]

    A page is now up for the Godos Old Republic Spec.! You can view it on Kotobukiya's website We already knew that this version came with the traditional Godos canopy style, but it'll also be coming with additional decals and an extra sprue for the orange parts, cast in clear colorless plastic. With transparent paints you can create your own canopy colors! Aside from that it includes the parts to make the Standard type and the Heavy Armor Type. If you don't use the Heavy Armor parts, you can even convert it into an independant rover!

- CoroCoro News!  [Official]

- Zoids Super Picture Book

    CoroCoro has posted a few new articles for their Super Picture Book series, showing off the remainder of major Zoids lines from 2004 to now! It's a great way to look back on the old kits.

    Part 5: Combine With Zoids BLOX!
    Part 6: Genesis Joins The Second Phase!
    Part 7: The Great Revival After 12 Years!

- Geno Spino Paper Diorama

    The November issue of CoroCoro will also include a special cardboard diorama for the Geno Spino! We haven't had many things like this before, so it'll be neat to see.

- Battle Card Hunter News!  [Official]

    Battle Card Hunter has a series of new cards, both limited and otherwise. We mentioned this before, but a special Beast Liger M was available at McDonalds when buying the Happy Set All-Star Water on August 31st ~ September 1st. This set also included a limited DVD with a number of series on it, but we don't yet know what was on this. Probably advertisements. TT posted a custom painted model to advertise the card.

The Fang Tiger White Tiger Form limited card has also been retired, and replaced with the Hunter Wolf Flame Wolf. Similar to the prior card it has a foil embossed flame effect, allowing the fire to shift colors depending on the angle. This card became available on September 5th, with only 10 cards available from each machine.

There's also a new campaign starting from September 19th, where users will be able to encounter the Death Rex Death Metal Ver. As a final note, the Death Rex Buster, a Zoid first seen as a custom model in Zoids Wild Battle Wars (a CoroCoro diorama battle story, which never got off the ground) has joined the game. Like normal BCH Zoids, it has a N, R, SR, and WR card. You can view them all on the main site.

- Zoids Wild 2!  [Official]

    The second chapter of Zoids Wild 2 was just released in the October issue of CoroCoro! To spread the news, Zoids Official over on twitter has posted the color picture, as well as a couple of teaser pages. These pages introduce Shuuza's Zoid, the Gatling Fox!

- New Zoids Wild Zero PV!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, August 30th, 2019: 12:32 AM
    TakaraTomy has posted a new PV for Zoids Wild Zero! This video was originally shown at the C3AFA Tokyo event, where photography was not allowed. Now that it's posted online there's so much to take in! We see a lot of new colored Zoids or those with weapon customizations. Cockpits appear to materialize around pilots, with a much more complex user interface. We see two logos for the Republic and the Empire. The animation is amazingly detailed in all regards, and all in all, it's shaping up to be an excellent series!

- Preview Video

- Discussion

    So, with the trailer having so much interesting content, I thought it'd be fun to take a closer look at it. Everything in this discussion section is pure speculation. I've got no insider info, it's just random stuff observed while rewatching the trailer!

    As we enter the trailer we see a lot of beautiful background art. Some of the shots stand out as a prestine urban environment with carefully groomed grass, well kept streets, and a skyline made of glass. Yet, as you look to the background of Image 1, we see a devastated ruin environment. The city facing away from it. This ruin zone seems to be heavily policed by Zoids of the Empire.

    This ruin environment isn't just inhabited by the Empire, however. It seems skeletal Zoids, lacking in armor also roam the streets, exhibiting extreme aggression towards humans. This may very well be because of their tension with the Imperial army Zoids, but the animation for them is excellent. Even the raptor in the background seems to shy away, reluctant to attack as its allies get gunned down. We can certainly hope to see more of this in the show, with an animation style that seems to imply an overall budget increase for this second series. Furthermore, what is this green substance that seems to glow from inside the Zoids?

    We know from earlier interviews that the series will consist of two major groups, a Republic and an Empire. This power balance echoes earlier series, and the character designs definitely echoe a civilian Vs. Empire mind set. We catch a glimpse of their logo on the pilot interface, as well as an obscured shot of the Republic's logo behind the Republican Army text.

    In an interesting turn of events it seems as if pilots of the Empire, at least, link up to their Zoids to activate the Machine Blast. Not only do we see a suit diagram, but two large screws on the back of Luc's suit appearing to bolt in a cable that likely links to the Zoid. Upon the activation of the Machine Blast, the visor that covers the Zoid's natural eyes generates a glitchy graphic and the ability activates.

    This link setup seems to be absent for Leo, who pilots the Beast Liger. While he's left with basic controls, it seems that cockpits for both Zoids (regardless of alliance) are forged of energy and appear to generate around the pilot once the interface is activated. This open air look will provide a lot more immersion for the pilots.

    Last but not least, it's apparent through most of the trailer that Leo is piloting a customized Liger, featuring two large tanks on its back. How does this relate to the Beast Liger he's piloting later in the episode? Does it perhaps "evolt"? Is it a full customization? And why is Leo out in the ruin zone to begin with?

    There are a lot of things to look forward to with Zoids Wild Zero, and many unanswered questions. The environment looks interesting and engaging, especially to old time fans who often like these opposing environments. The Zoids are well animated, and post processing has taken a big step to better blend them with a dynamic environment. The character art is so reminescent of older series, and while I found the character designs underwhelming to begin with, this trailer makes them really grow on you. It's exciting to watch. Perhaps I'm way overhyping a simple trailer, but there are a lot of things for us older fans to love about this, and I hope people don't mind the long ramble here on the news page!

    Once again, the series is scheduled to start airing on October 4th! Let's look forward to seeing this exciting new development for the Zoids franchise!

- Sky Flight Singles!  [Site]

    The Zoids Wild Media Box has been updated to include all three of the Sky Flight singles! With this update comes a new media player, which also allows our visitors to play the music directly from the web page. I'll be going back over time and applying this retroactively to our other music. So far it has also been updated for the Genesis OST. On that note, Genesis has been booted to its own page like the other series.

- Zoids Official Fan Book 1 Update!  [Site]

Posted: Wednesday, August 28th, 2019: 3:42 PM
    Three sections have been added to the Official Fan Book page! This includes Neutral Zoids, The Scoop on the Zoids of the New Century!, the Zoids World Reference Room, and the What are the metal life forms from Planet Zi sections. It's interesting hearing about the development process of the NJR, and the latter sections go into detail about how Wild Zoids evolve, and how their natural biology affects the combat Zoids we know today.

- Kotobukiya Blog Updates  [Official]

Posted: Wednesday, August 28th, 2019: 3:40 PM
    Kotobukiya posted a blog post detailing some of their recently released Zoids, as well as discussing a few upcoming reissues. They confirmed that there will be no further update to the designs of the Geno Saurer and the Shield Liger, which is something many people have wanted, as both kits are known to suffer from some stability issues.

This also debunks any hopes that the DCS-J will feature an improved mold with better parts fitting. While Kotobukiya is aware of the wish for small updates like this, they also feel that the expectation for new kits is stronger than ever, and they hope to focus on expanding the HMM line as much as possible going forward, starting with the group of Zoids announced at the Second Stand River Battle.

    A very subtle footnote at the bottom of this post shows a teaser for the Godos Old Republican Spec., with more information expected in September.

- Official Fan Book 1 Update!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, August 26th, 2019: 2:20 AM
    Official Fan Book 1 (in the Books section) has been updated! While we've concluded the main story there's still a lot of interesting information to digest regarding the Zoids themselves. Two sections were added today: The Guylos Empire Battle Machine Beast Corps and the Imperial Corps Military Chart. This covers a wide variety of information on early Guylos Empire Zoids, including stat and equipment lists, basic overviews, and specialized purposes.

- New CoroCoro Article Section!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, August 26th, 2019: 2:11 AM
    With the rise of interesting interviews on CoroCoro Online I've decided to add a page to our Articles section specifically for dissecting these articles. Please note that these are based on automatic translation, so there are bound to be some mistakes, but most of it should be relatively straight forward. These pages are striving only to provide a slightly more coherent alternative to reading the raw auto translate and I hope that they can provide an easier avenue to learning about the development process of Zoids.

- Zoids Wild Zero!  [Official]

Posted: Monday, August 26th, 2019: 1:34 AM
    TakaraTomy hosted a booth at the recent C3AFATokyo (Anime Festival Asia) event, announcing some new details about Zoids Wild Zero! This upcoming anime had several subsequent articles from various sources that were posted around the same time. The booth itself hosted an impressive Beast Liger 3-dimensional display, where users could view the Zoid going through some of its animations. Thanks to Vig for capturing this video!

The booth also had a BCH machine near by, and gave out event-limited Hunter Wolf cards along with cooling pads, to help battle the hot weather. Several staff and voice actors were announced, which we'll list below.

    The series was announced to begin broadcast on October 4th, at 5:55 pm (JST) on TV Tokyo.

- Staff

    There are some big names returning to the franchise, including the director, lead writer, and character designer from Chaotic Century and New Century /Zero. The character design in particular is notably the "Zoids" outfit style, and it's nostalgic to see so many familiar faces after such a long time.

    Director: Takao Kato (Director of Chaotic Century & New Century /Zero)
    Character Designer: Tadashi Sakatsuki (Character designer of Chaotic Century and New Century /Zero)
    Lead Writer: Kenichi Araki (Lead writer of Chaotic Century and New Century /Zero)
    Acoustic Director: Yuki Matsuoka (Zoids Wild and Wild Zero)
    Music: By Yoshihisa Hirano

    One of the most notable names dropped is Takao Kato, who is returning as the director. Takao was also the director of Zoids Chaotic Century and New Century /Zero. Character designer Tadashi Sakatsuki and lead writer Kenichi Araki will also be returning, having worked on the two earlier series as well.

- Voice Actors

    A list of voice actors was noted in articles and event information, with a list below. An article from Natalie notes that the lead VA, playing the part of Leo, also watched Zoids back in elementary school. They never dreamed that after 20 years they'd be playing the lead role in the new series.

    Leo Conrad: (Beast Liger Pilot) Played by Naoki Minamo
    Sally Land: Played by Hazuki Chida
    Buzz Cunningham: Played by Makoto Homura (Also Deed in Fuzors)
    Jo Aysel: (Raptoria Pilot) Played by Yoko Hikasa
    Christopher Giller: Played by Toshiki Masuda

- Teasers

    Dengeki Hobby Online posted an article during the event showing off some brand new screen shots! This even shows a new version of Beast Liger, which shares simularities to the underwater variant shown in the booklet, with some key differences in the leg armor design. The background art, from what little we can see seems to be a big improvement, with post processing effects really bringing out the dynamic action shots that we've seen.

    While the Anime Site technically opened a short while ago, they officially launched during the event. A new story page was added, giving some fascinating looks at earlier lore! It's very possible that Wild Zero will pick up on the Concept Art Book lore. Falcarius was kind enough to provide the translation below.

    "Zoids are metal lifeforms with the will to fight, which live on the far side of the galaxy. With their planet coming to its end, mankind aimed for Earth as a second home, but due to runaway Zoid Factors and an unforeseen time warp, Zoids suddenly appeared on 21st century Earth. Earth was temporarily devastated by repeated tectonic shifts and destruction from the Zoids.

    "Leo excavates the Beast Liger, and with it as his partner, he sets out on an adventure with a girl called Sally that will affect the future of Earth."

- Battle Card Hunter Updates!  [Official]

    Starting on August 29th, the Awakened Fang Tiger Saber will be appearing as a limited time boss in Battle Card Hunter! The BCH twitter has also posted the Blade Liger Secret Rare card, which features Blade Liger fighting against the Geno Breaker in the style of the Concept Art Books.

- Chaotic Century Manga!  [Official]

    The covers for the Chaotic Century second and third reprint volumes have been published! Volume 2 features an awesome rendering of the Geno Saurer. It's a unique look at the Zoid, with purple energy radiating from the vents. Volume 2 will also include several extras, including an interview with Michirou Ueyama, answering various questions about the manga, such as why Irvine pilots a Stealth Viper instead of a Command Wolf, and why Zoids of Planet Zi have nicknames. There will also be brand new character concept sketches which have never before been published, such as sketches for Schwarz. A small bonus comic, which was originally published in the appendix for CoroCoro Comic November 2000 issue will be added to the volume, along with the relevant color images that were originally posted in CoroCoro.

    Volume 3 features a beautiful rendition of Liger Zero Caesar The King. This is our first official print of Caesar's colors, which seem to be a nice in between of the old Zoid Girl art drawn by Ueyama in the 2000s and the concept art posted more recently on his twitter. We're not yet sure what extras Volume 3 will include, but CoroCoro made an interesting note that Caesar can fly...! Along with having an unparalleled E-Shield and strong blades. I guess he does have a lot of hang time in the comic, but always just assumed it was fancy jumping and comic physics!

- CoroCoro Online Updates!  [Official]

    The hype for Zoids is well underway, and CoroCoro Online is steamrolling ahead with at least one new article a day. As part of their "Zoids Fest" event, they've published brand new artwork from Takao Aoki, one of the earliest manga artists to ever work on Zoids! This mostly features the Gold Liger from the earlier manga.

    Image 1: Post
    Image 1: Update
    Image 2: Post
    Image 2: Update

- Zoids Wild 2 Artwork

    In the same vein, Moricha, the artist of the Zoids Wild manga as well as the upcoming Zoids Wild 2 manga, is posting artwork as part of Zoids Fest. This includes a scene with the two series of Wild characters getting together for a fun day at the beach, with updates piece by piece each day. It surprised us with Shuuza (Kai's big brother) having such bright blue hair! It also introduces us to the heroine of Wild 2, Toujou Elly, seen by Penne.

    Image: Base
    Image: Update 1
    Image: Update 2
    Image: Update 3

- History of Zoids in CoroCoro

    CoroCoro has continued its article series "The Thorough Dissection of the History of Zoids", which looks back over the years and years of CoroCoro content for the franchise. We've included a list of articles below. CoroCoro has some cool pictures in the magazine that may interest older fans!

    Part 6: (2000 ~ 2001) Let's go, Liger! Liger Zero, nicknamed the "New Beast King!"
    Part 7: (2001 ~ 2002) Zoids BLOX, which allow transformation and unison appear!
    Part 8: (2004 ~ 2005) "Unison" and "Evolt" change Zoids into new forms!
    Part 9: (2018) "Zoids Wild" starts with a big impact!
    Part 10: (2018) "Zoids Wild" goes to a new stage!

- Zoids Super Picture Book

    The afforementioned articles aren't the only thing of note. CoroCoro also posted a new article set consisting of two parts, titled "Zoids Super Picture Look Looking Back At Earlier Kits!!" These articles showed off clean digital box art from the earlier series, providing an excellent look at Zoids of the past. Phase 1 Series (1983 ~ 1990) includes much of the "OJR". The article includes commercials that've been uploaded to CoroCoro's channel over the years, with a by-year release list. The Phase 2 (RZ - EZ) Series article, spanning from 1999 ~ 2000 covers stock photos for much of the NJR, also organized by year.

- Special Interview

    A final series running at the moment, but by far one of the most interesting is the article series "Zoids Wild Planning And Development Special Interviews", which is so far a 3 part series that talks to the staff of Zoids Wild. This includes so many interesting facts about the series, such as Fang Tiger being the originally intended hero Zoid. Even if you're using automatic translation it is well worth a read!

    Part 1: Link
    Part 2: The Latest Work Is Related To Zoids of Past Series!?
    Part 3: Past Revealed? The Future To Be Spun? Discussing Anime "Zoids Wild ZERO" & Manga "Zoids Wild 2"!!

- Zoids Wild Weapons!  [Official]

Posted: Wednesday, August 14th, 2019: 6:04 PM
    Zoids Wild has posted two of its big weapon sets online! The ZW30 and ZW31 designation numbers are reserved for these two different sets, but it doesn't end there. Zoids Official has been subtly teasing us with photos of Wild customs, which have weapons that'll be featured in future releases, either through sets or promotional products. Two mentioned here are the Long Assault Cannon and the Mega Lance.

    The versitility of these weapons is excellent. They all have pegs and holes that allow them to be combined, stacked, etc. There's truly no limit to what they can be used for.

- ZW30 Assault Boost Unit

    ZW30, the Assault Boost Unit is the first officially designated weapons set released for Zoids Wild. It is scheduled for an October 5th release, for a price of 972 yen. The set features several weapons that were originally modeled on the Beast Liger and see in the September issue of CoroCoro.

    ZW30 Assault Boost Unit: Image reference
    A-Z Anti-Aircraft 4 Barrel Cannon x1 (bottom left)
    A-Z Impact Cannon x2 (upper left)
    All Weather High Power Booster x2 (bottom right)
    Ultra Electromagnetic Blade x2 (upper right)

    Now, I'd be remiss not to point out that we saw leaked silhouettes of ZW30 much earlier through a youtube video that has since been removed. The AZ 2-Barrel Cannon (upper right) was moved to the ZW31 Buster Radar Unit, and the chain saw was removed. The large cannon also appears to have some differences, if it is the same weapon. These were replaced with 2 additional weapons, perhaps because they fit well together. We do see a chainsaw on the Gilraptor custom (linked above) but the design is different.

- ZW31 Buster Radar Unit

    ZW30 is immediately followed by ZW31, the Buster Radar Unit. It has the same release date (October 5th) and price (972 yen), and was first seen modeled on the Sniptera in CoroCoro's September issue. This set has a surprisingly larger part count for being the same cost, with 11 equipment items compared to ZW30's 7 count. It also includes 2 articulated arms, which will be amazingly useful for customizing. It gives weapons free movement similar to the claws of the Geno Breaker.

    ZW31 BUster Radar Unit: Image reference
    A-Z 2-Barrel Cannon x2 (upper right)
    A-Z 3-Barrel Cannon x2 (lower left)
    A-Z 10-Shot Maneuver Missile x2 (center)
    A-Z Anti-Aircraft Gun x2 (upper left)
    Extensive Radome (disc)
    Flexible Arm x2 (bottom)

- Sniptera Video!  [Official]

Posted: Wednesday, August 14th, 2019: 6:04 PM
    CoroCoro has posted a build video of the Sniptera! This includes the build of the model kit as well as a full review of its motorized features, from start to finish. The video confirms a long hoped ambition from fans that the Sniptera would be our first pteranodon to feature actual wing walking. This motorized gimmick is very clever, using the wheels on the side to simulate natural movement. While those same wheels look a little odd in flight mode, the actual animation of how the wings and body move are superb.

- Zoids Wild Volume 1 & 2 Online!  [Official]

Posted: Wednesday, August 14th, 2019: 6:04 PM
    In celebration of Zoids Wild 2, which came out in the September issue, CoroCoro is posting the Japanese pages for Zoids Wild Volume 1 and 2 online! These are from the previous manga, and currently only up to chapter 3 has been published beforehand. Now you can view up to chapter 8! I highly recommend checking it out even if you don't know Japanese, because some of the Zoids art is awesome.

    - Chapter 1
    - Chapter 2
    - Chapter 3
    - Chapter 4
    - Chapter 5
    - Chapter 6
    - Chapter 7
    - Chapter 8

- CoroCoro Articles!  [Official]

Posted: Wednesday, August 14th, 2019: 6:04 PM
    CoroCoro has started a new article series called the "Thorough Dissection of the History of Zoids", where they go over their history with the franchise. This includes pictures of earlier volumes of corocoro and a look at some of the kits, manga, models, etc. Older fans may find it interesting to flip through, and it brings back memories! We'll continue to update this list as more are added.

    - Article 1: (1984) Mechanical Life Forms "Zoids" Land In CoroCoro Comic!
    - Article 2: (1985) Clash!! Helic Republic Vs. Zenebas Empire!
    - Article 3: (1987) Zoids Appear In TV and Videogames! The World View of Zoids Appears To Be Expanding!
    - Article 4: (1988) Make Your Own Zoids!?
    - Article 5: (1999) New Manga, Hobby Restart! The 2nd Zoids Series Is Starting With The Anime "ZOIDS!"

- CoroCoro Twitter Gift Campaign!

    CoroCoro has also launched a twitter campaign called the 12 Days Consecutive Zoid Super Present Festival, where they're giving away rewards to people who retweet and comment on their campaign article posts. These presents are almost certainly limited to Japan, but their progress will be noted below! This post will be updated as we get more information. So far there are only a couple winners per post.

    - Day 1: Death Rex Purple Dragon Form (2 winners)
    - Day 2: Wild Liger (2 winners)
    - Day 3: Gilraptor
    - Day 4: Gannontoise
    - Day 5: Gabrigator
    - Day 6: Grachiosaurus
    - Day 7: Knuckle Kong
    - Day 8: Triceradogos
    - Day 9: Stegosage
    - Day 10: Beast Liger
    - Day 11: Cannon Bull
    - Day 12: Zoids New Century /Zero BRBox + Limited Liger Zero

- ZW Battle Card Hunter Section!  [Site]

Posted: Saturday, August 10th, 2019: 1:33 PM
    We've added a new section under Games for Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter. This area isn't entirely up to date, and doesn't include everything we hope to do with it yet. For now it includes a section for Set 1 & 2, with checklists of the ones I've personally collected (sorry for the obnoxious grayed out images.) There's also a page for special armors and products related to the game.

- Wild Liger Review!  [Site]

    Finally, after eons, our first Zoids Wild kit review! I've not been keeping up with reviews in quite some time, but am working on getting back into it with the newer kits. Unlike earlier reviews, the Wild reviews will be split into several pages, with easy navigation at the top and bottom of the page. The page will default to an info page, which includes the official TT information, build video, etc. Reviews (detailing kit opinions) will be on their own page, and so will instructions. Instructions are separated a bit differently; instead of chronological order they're in categories, so that you can find the exact page that you need easier.

    The final page is a Modify page. Here I'll be posting various part combinations, such as swapping around different armor colors, swapped weapon examples, etc. Right now it includes a basic guide on swapping out the middle claw part of the Wild Liger's backpack, so that it matches the swapped parts. Later I'd like to include other basic info, such as which kits share similar parts (and this armor placement).

- Official Feeds Page!  [Site]

    An article has been added for Official Feeds. As the article name implies, this includes embedded twitter feeds of all official Zoids accounts. We may add a separate page later for accounts of known associates, employees, artists, etc. in the future. With this page you can view all official twitter posts without scrolling through a sea of endless posts.

- Zoids Wild Zero!  [Official]

    Exciting news! The second season of Zoids Wild has officially been confirmed! This season veers back towards our traditional Zoid roots, with older characters that sport familiar design styles, long ranged equipment, and even some basic, stylized cockpits. Wild fans can still enjoy the continuation of the model kit series, and older fans can feel more at home with the familiar design model. The new series is slotted to start airing on TV Tokyo Network in October, and will feature a different cast from the upcoming manga, Zoids Wild 2.

    A teaser video has been posted, and can be viewed below! Funny enough, it uses some flavor text in the background that was lifted directly from the Zoids Wiki article of the Zoid Eve. Some fans have taken this to mean that it has a direct connection to Chaotic Century, but please be aware that all indication is that this is text lifted to be used as filler. Background text also includes some lorem ipsum, with notes about it being dummy text.

    There's an new official anime site for Zero, as well as a TV Tokyo specific website located here. The main visual for the series can be viewed on the anime site. Falcarius was kind enough to translate the official information that we do have, directly from the video. You can view it below!

    After being ravaged by large-scale crustal shifts and the sudden appearance of out-of-control Zoids, the Earth began to walk a new history. It was a world where the Republic Army, which sought to coexist with Zoids, and the Empire Army, which demonstrated its strength by weaponising Zoids, fought for supremacy over the Earth. As the flames of battle spread, a boy who specialises in customising Zoids meets a girl who holds the key to restoring the Earth, and they set off on a journey to save the Earth along with their Zoids. To create the future, as they each hold their own feelings in their hearts, a new Zoids story begins: ZOIDS WILD ZERO.

    Leo Conrad: A boy who specialises in customising Zoids.
    Beast Liger: A legendary Zoid with a white and red mane. Has extremely high combat abilities.

    Jo Aysel (Republic Army)
    Raptoria: Specialises in close-range attacks, cutting up enemies with its six claws.

    Lieutenant Colonel Diaz (Republic Army)
    Triceradogos Kai: A Triceradogos customised for anti-air firing.

    Squad Leader Luc (Empire Army)
    Cannon Bull: A weapon Zoid that performs powerful mid-range bombardment. Specialises in attacking with missiles and cannons.

    Sergeant Shell (Empire Army)
    Bazootle: Has high defensive strength and specialises in firing from the rear lines with five types of weapons.

    First Lieutenant Giller (Empire Army): Nicknamed the Red Reaper.
    Sniptera: One of the few aerial combat Zoids, specialising in precise sniping from the sky.

    Buzz Cunningham: Works with Leo in an older brother-type role.
    Sally Land: Has a mysterious pendant and holds the key to restoring the Earth.

- Official Teaser

- Zoids Wild 2  [Official]

    Before we ever saw the teaser on Zoids Wild Zero, we knew another manga series was about to begin. Information before now introduced us to the main character, Kai, and the rest of the cast. It's clear that Wild 2 will contain an entirely separate set of characters from Wild Zero, and that's all the better! Two unique storylines, running at the same time. CoroCoro posted an introductory article, announcing that the manga will begin in the September Issue (released this month.) The Zoids Official twitter has posted a couple of teaser pages and the artist posted some others, all of which were seen in the August issue of CoroCoro Comic.

- Chapter 1 Free Online!

    CoroCoro has also posted Chapter 1 online, available for free viewing! This introduces us to the main character, a young boy named Kai, and how he meets his partner: The Beast Liger! Falcarius has provided a character list for Chapter 1.

    Zoids Command Force: a Zoid crime countermeasure organisation, uses Raptorias as mooks

    Juuki Kai: the new protagonist, a ZCF maintenance worker with a multipurpose robot "Z-Arm" and an encyclopaedic knowledge of Zoids

    Juuki Shuuza: Kai's older brother and ZCF's number-1 ace "Beast Knight"

    Davis Miles: ZCF's governor-general

    Red Cerberus: a Zoid terrorist group wanted globally, uses weaponised Zoids such as Bazootle

    Preddy Rhapsody: a Red Cerberus member who rides a Cannon Bull

- Official Teaser

- Zoids Wild Kits

- Gatling Fox Metallic Blue Ver.

    A recent article from CoroCoro introduced the Gatling Fox "Metallic Blue Ver.", which will be the next silver-peel present in the October issue of CoroCoro (released September 14th). This not only introduces a new variant, but is our first look at the Gatling Fox's entire design. The Metallic Blue Ver. seems to include metallic blue armor, bright yellow parts, and a transparent black body.

- Sniptera

    Sniptera has been posted the TakaraTomy Mall! This includes the box art, which interestingly seems to feature the red Sniptera as a commander machine, followed by some ghostly blue color variations. It also shows off the Machine Blast, in which the mouth opens up to reveal a new sniper rifle and the crest flips forward to serve as a laser sight.

- Sniptera Killing Red Ver.

    There's been some more coverage on the Sniptera. With the CoroCoro limited (the Killing Red Version) coming out soon, CoroCoro has also posted a video introducing the Zoid. This shows off some of its motorized action, though not a lot of detail is given about the Zoid just yet.

- Raptoria

    Raptoria is scheduled to be released on August 24th for 1,500 yen, so we've got some new information on the Zoid! First, you can view it in the TakaraTomy Mall where you can see stock images and box art. They also posted a tweet with a comparison shot. The official product page contains a bit more information and a build video was posted by CoroCoro (seen below).

- Bazootle

    Bazootle is scheduled to be released on August 24th for 3,000 yen. You can view it on the TakaraTomy Mall where you'll also find box art and product photos! The TT Website includes a bit more information, and it seems CoroCoro posted a build review showing off the Zoid and its Machine Blast details.

- CoroCoro Articles  [Official]

    CoroCoro is in full on Zoids Festival mood! They recently posted an article showing off some of the earliest Zoids content published in CoroCoro magazines. This includes an evolutionary tree of the early Zoids species. They also posted a customization video of a Beast Liger repaint, "Metallic Red Ver."

- Zoids Battle Card Hunter!  [Official]

- BCH Third Bulletin!

    The third bulletin of Battle Card Hunter was launched a while ago, and you can view most of the cards on the official website. This even lists the limited time cards. The limited armor kit for the third bulletin is the Fang Tiger Saber! Now that the second bulletin is over, the secret card art for Death Rex has been posted. An article by Dengeki Hobby discusses some of these cards.

- New Limited Game Cards

    Starting from August 8th, the Wild Rare card Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form" will be available! This card is based on the CoroCoro limited armor.

    The Command Liger (featured from Zoids Wild Battle Wars) will also be available from August 15th through September 11th. This is an interesting choice, since Battle Wars itself never quite took off. It includes all the basic cards: Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Wild Rare.

- CoroCoro Limited Card!

    The CoroCoro September 2019 issue comes with a limited edition card, which features the Beast Liger. It contains a scannable code on the back of the card, which if scanned into a Battle Card Hunter machine, will award the exclusive card "Meeting a Partner"!

- McDonalds Campaign!

    On August 31st and September 1st, visitors of McDonalds in Japan can obtain a Beast Liger M by purchasing a Happy Set All-Star with Water. By using the limited battle code on the back of the card, you can also get the Death Rex M, and a mysterious subtype of Zoid called the "Blue Knight"! An article from Dengeki Hobby details the Death Rex card.

- HMM Zoids Updates

- Saber Tiger Marking Plus

    Saber Tiger Marking Plus Ver. is now online at the Kotobukiya Website, where it lists a December 2019 release date at a retail price of 6,000 yen. Not only does this kitty include new decals, but it also comes with both clear green and clear colorless eyes. This gives customizers the ability to make transparent eyes in any color they want!

- Gojulas Gunner

    The Gojulas Gunner has been posted to the Kotobukiya website. This is a Kotobukiya Direct exclusive, meaning you'll need to go through a proxy to buy it, unless you buy a second hand Zoid. The retail price is 29,800 which means you may be paying close to $500 by the time you get through import fees. Keep this in mind when shopping through sites like Ebay, etc. The markup may seem high, but be sure to factor in service fees, international shipping, etc.

- Bone Geno & Gun Sniper

    The two bone Zoids featured at the Dino Expo have been posted online! This doesn't yet include pre-orders, but they're expected to open after the Dino Exp ends. Which likely means sometime in October ~ November. The Geno Saurer will be listed for 8,200 yen. It includes alternate color sprues for black or gray weapons, giving you quite a lot of customization options. The Gun Sniper will be listed for 4,200 yen retail price, and includes a Wild Weasel Unit. Both will be listed in the Koto Direct store, making them both exclusives.

- New Reissues!

    Kotobukiya has announced some new reissues, including the Dark Horn, Beam Gatling Set, and Death Stinger! Dengeki Hobby has the Dark Horn and Beam Gatling Set both scheduled for a November 2019 release, at 6,800 yen and 2,300 yen respectively. The Death Stinger is scheduled for a December 2019 rerelease at 14,800 yen retail price.

- Zoids Generations Update  [Site]

Posted: Tuesday, June 25th, 2019: 10:46 PM
    We've uploaded Chapter 2 of Zoids Generations to the books section! Complete with images. This time we start to investigate a mysterious lake monster. Please be aware that these translations are done using google translate, so there are bound to be mistakes, but we hope it can still serve to get the gist of what's going on in the story!

- Zoids BLOX Promotional Video  [Site]

    We've added a section to the Zoids Media Box for a promotional DVD featuring BLOX videos! At the moment we've only got the base preview video, which features a cgi short, but we'll soon be adding the rest of the clips. Thanks to Falcarius providing us with this content!

- Zoids Index Updates  [Site]

    A page has been added for Awakened Wild Liger and Wild Liger Guren Ver. in the Zoids Index. These Zoids don't have much lore within the Zoids Wild universe, so the pages are relatively short.

- Zoids Wild Second Generation!  [Official]

    Exciting news! A few months ago we saw some leaks for Zoids Wild kits, including Zoids like the Cannon Bull and Beast Liger. TakaraTomy has announced these kits officially, boasting them as the second generation of Zoids Wild during the Tokyo Toy Show 2019! This implies a large continuation of the series, and with the reveal of a new Gilraptor, we have confirmation of kits up to ZW34. Articles on Dengeki Hobby Online and Figsoku take a more in depth look at the event. A preview of the diorama setup for the next commercial was also posted on Twitter.

- Beast Liger & Cannon Bull

    With the announcement of these two Zoids, TT has published their images and box art. They both have a retail price of 3,500 yen with a release date of July 28th. Beast Liger features a two-part Wild Blast, first functioning as a standard Wild Liger, and later with the claws extending. This is an awesome addition to the earlier gimmick. It's noted to have an "Evo Blast" instead of a Wild Blast, which has some interesting implications for the series story. There's a video of the walk cycle and Wild Blast on Twitter. Rakuten is running a special sale where you'll receive weapon remodeling parts for pre-ordering Beast Liger.

    Cannon Bull is a clear callback to the earlier Dibison, even having a different type than its actual name, and featurs many similarities in design. Except, it's actually called a bull now. Nice! The Wild Blast features gun firing motions for the barrels on its back, and a plate of metal covers the pilot to act as a bullet shield. TT Toys has a video of the walk cycle and Wild Blast.

- Gilraptor Rare Bone

    This unique version of the Gilraptor was previewed at the Tokyo Toy Show. While the color scheme itself is interesting, it's also listed as ZW34. This means there are 3 other kits (31 ~ 33) that we have no idea the species of yet! This particular unit will be available for pre-sale at the Dino Expo in July, and receive a wider public release at an undetermined future date.

- Zoids Wild Weapons & Customization

    One of the most requested things of Zoids Wild was the ability to customize our Zoids, and it seems TakaraTomy has listened! Aside from the ZW30 weapons set we've seen leaks of, a large number of weapons were previewed at the Tokyo Toy Show. Not only do these weapons attach to the numerous pegs on Wild kits, but they're also designed with pegs on the weapons themselves. This means you can combine the weapons in a variety of ways, creating your own unique combinations. These weapons are designed to fit the common pegs and socks of Wild Kits.

    Aside from these additional weapons, TT has previewed many part combinations between the Beast Liger and Wild Liger, implying more interchangeable parts in the second series. It is unclear at this time how many Zoids this applies to.

- CoroCoro Zoids

- Wild Liger "Dual Thunder Gun Armed Ver."

    CoroCoro has announced a Beast Liger variant as part of its upcoming silver peel campaign. This particular Beast Liger comes with two gold chromed Thunder Guns. This will likely include a default Beast Liger to go along with them, but it's interesting as it's the first Zoids Wild limited from CoroCoro to feature unique weapons. The next closest was the Wild Liger Extreme Release Form, which included a set of transparent Twin Fangs.

- Hunter Wolf Flame Wolf Form

    TT Toys posted a video of the Flame Wolf's walk cycle, while Zoids Official posted a couple of pictures of the model kit.

- Next Generation World Hobby Fair

    The Next Generation World Hobby Fair is upon is, only one day after the Zoids Wild anime is scheduled to end! Like earlier WHFs, there will be a featured Zoid Building event. This time, for a brand new Kuwaga Rare White. During this build event you can use a variety of new weapons to arm your Zoid! There'll also be pre-sales of the Beast Liger at this event, giving visitors a chance to grab this Zoid early.

- Zoids Wild: King of Blast News

- Summer DLC Released!

    The summer DLC has been released, introducing 6 new Zoids into the game! Each Zoid has 2 'variations' with 2 colors each. These variations are color swaps with stat modifications. An official preview is posted below. This DLC is free, and available as a game update. A trailer can be viewed on the Zoids Official twitter.

- King of Blast DLC PV

- DLC Final Info Video

- King of Blast Tournament

    A tournament was recently held featuring the King of Blast DLC! The whole thing was live streamed, and winners could win an assortment of prizes. Most notable is a Death Rex Purple Dragon Form, which was available to the 1st place winner. The follow up won a Wild Liger Guren Ver. (WHF edition) and 3rd place won a Gilraptor Commander Machine.

- Battle Card Hunter

    Zoids BCG has posted the art for the second bulletin's secret rare, Fang Tiger. An Awakened Wild Liger is getting a limited card of its own. In addition, a second set of Zoids Wild Battle Card Hunter "Hunting Chewing Gum" is being released. This will feature a limited edition Death Rex card, and presumeably the commons of the Second Bulletin in the same anime-specific style as the first Hunter Chewing Gum box.

- Anime Concept Art

    We have a large amount of concept art to go through! So let's get started~ For character concept art, they've posted the following: Avocado, Bacon, Caviar, Drake, Drake's Parents, Gallagher, Hermit Mushi, Ikadzuchi, Salt, and Sanratan. They've also posted a couple of location concepts, including Death Rocky and the Death Metal Throne.

- Zoids Wild Manga: Volume 3

    Volume 3 of the Zoids Wild manga has been announced! The cover was posted on Twitter, with a release date of July 3rd for 490 Yen. Also be sure to check out the artist of this great manga, Moritya Dayo! They recently made a twitter account, posting tons of art, including some that was only seen in CoroCoro and even brand new art!

- Zoids Chaotic Century Manga News

    The Chaotic Century Manga now has a Volume 1 cover! This features all new art from Ueyama. An article by CoroCoro details a bit of the first volume, including the cover, some of the art seen inside, and the new concept art! The first volume will be released on July 12th. Volume 2 on September 12th, and Volume 3 has received a release date of October 11th!

    In other news, there's now a twitter (Sin Kiju Zoids) dedicated specifically to this release. They've posted a few pictures of the WIP, including character sketches, page previews, color art, and clean manga images.

- Zoids Web Comic Cameo!

    A web comic, I Want To Play Bandai, has posted a chapter prominently featuring Zoids! Not just any Zoids, but many of them, from all different model kit lines. Masterpiece, NJR, Wild, etc.! This chapter features Zoids interacting with Sylvanian Families toys (small anthro animal figures.)

- Zoids Graffart Collaboration!

    TT has announced a collaboration with Graffart Shop to feature some Zoids merchandise! This will include a few different types of items, mostly in the generic merch categories (keychains and the like). It features some cute art of the Zoids and their characters. Check here for a better look at the items, and here for more.

- Zoids Puzzle Rubber Eraser Figures!

    A set of Puzzle Rubber Game figures has been announced! These are small rubber figures split into multiple parts (namely body, head, legs, and tail). You can then mix and match the parts, putting rex limbs on a Liger, or a raptor tail on Fang Tiger. The set includes 5 Zoids: Death Rex, Dimepulsar, Fang Tiger, Gilraptor, and Wild Liger. A box set can be ordered on sites like amiami for around 3,480 yen.

- Zoids Wild Vol. 3 Blu-Ray Issues

    A notice has been featured regarding Volume 3 of the Zoids Wild anime blu-rays. Evidently there's an audio glitch that occurs on the main video of the disc. Although TT is offering returns for these glitched copies, this likely only applies to residents of Japan. So, if you're looking at getting one of these, I recommend you contact the store you're purchasing from to figure out what your coverage is should you receive one of these defective copies.

- Zoids Official Fan Book 1 Update  [Site]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    There's been a rescan of the entire first Zoids Official Fan Book volume. This features cleaned up images which no longer suffer as much from over exposure bleaching away the details. Double page spreads have been patched and no longer show page gutters. Before, we also had pages chopped up into various smaller panels. While we still have separate smaller panels to keep the reading placement consistent, the main header image of each story section now shows the entire page, so you can see what it looks like as it was printed in the book. There are a couple minor exceptions, where the page was oddly proportioned in the book.

    We've also added the first wave of Zoid profiles, starting with the Side of the Republic. As normal, these profiles are approximated using Google Translate, so expect some errors, and take everything with a grain of salt. On that note, however, we've gone back and changed some details to what we feel are more accurate translations.

- Zoids Guardian Force Anime Update  [Site]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    We've updated the Guardian Force section with the final 3 episodes. This includes a large number of screencaps and episode summaries, along with featured character/Zoid lists. There's still a ton of Chaotic Century episodes that need to be updated to blu-ray quality, though.

- Zoids Index Updates  [Site]

- Standard Profile Updates

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    Three new Zoids have been added to the Zoid Index. These include the Camouflage Battleship, the Blade Liger, and the Liger Zero Panzer. The Camouflage Battleship is the unnamed carrier in the Chaotic Century anime. We went with its identifying title from the DVD concept art for the name. The Liger Zero Panzer is based on the Battle Story, for the most part. We may add a separate page at some point for Bit's specific Panzer, but in the mean time we include noted differences between it and the Battle Story Panzer. The Blade Liger is a full profile including a color chart.

- Smack Zoids! Index Updates

    I've gone back and adjusted a lot of the data from our Smack Zoids! article to fix mistakes and rewrite things for better flow. The Zoids involved in our two current articles have also been added to the Zoid Index, so that people can find specific info with relative ease. Any related Zoid pages have also been updated to reflect the concept art seen in this section.

The pages added include:
    Atrocious Wolf
    Blade Liger MK-II
    Command Wolf MK-II (Concept)
    Konig Wolf Silver Fang
    Liger Zero Phantom
    Liger Zero Shield
    Powered Wolf
    Prototype Konig Wolf
    Proto Wolf (Western Type)
    Rapidly Wolf
    Spino Liger
    Tyranno Liger
    Ultimate Liger

- Zoids CC Manga Reprint!  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    Ueyama & CoroCoro have recently announced that the Chaotic Century manga will be reprinted in 3 large volumes! These volumes will include the original manga (not the EX doujins). There will also be extras including character sketches, additional stories, and some color images that were originally printed in CoroCoro during its original serialization. English fans may have seen quite a few of these color images in the form of cover art for the Viz release. The first of the three volumes will be released on July 12th. The other two release dates remain to be announced.

    Out of respect for the manga artist, who is my favorite Zoids manga artist, I've made the decision to remove the Chaotic Century manga from the website for the time being. I want comic sales to thrive as much as possible, and having the manga hosted here could be a detriment to that. I hope everyone will understand, and I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. While yes, we do have other manga up, almost all of it is out of print, from magazines difficult to obtain overseas, or already provided by free (in the case of Zoids Wild.) Stores like CDJapan will likely carry the new Chaotic Century reprint, so I strongly encourage fans of the manga to pick up a copy!

- Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form"   [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    Details on the Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form" have been released. It appears this Zoid is obtained by sending in a postcard (if you're a Japanese resident) with your zip code, full name, age/school year, and phone number. 100 lucky winners will receive the armor part set featuring the white Fang Tiger armor (armor only.)

- Hunter Wolf Command  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    Battle Card Hunter has announced its second model kit campaign, this time featuring the Hunter Wolf Command! Designed after the beloved Command Wolf, this new armor parts set (armor only) can be used on any stock Hunter Wolf kit. A short pitch for this armor was shown in a recent CoroCoro video, and shows off the limited edition card. Participants in the campaign can obtain the card through Battle Card Hunter arcade machines, then tear off the right side of the card and redeem it at participating stores for the armor.

Feature by CoroCoro

- Hunter Wolf Fire Wolf  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    CoroCoro has announced its new 100 piece limited, following the White Tiger Form! It's the Hunter Wolf "Flame Wolf" version, which features red armor for the wolf-type Zoid. It'll probably be obtained in a manner similar to the others. We'll have more details soon. A video reviewing this issue of CoroCoro was recently posted showing off a tailless build of the Zoid, with extra detailing.

Feature by CoroCoro

- Zoids Wild Chess Pieces  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    TakaraTomy recently posted a tweet showing off the chess piece prototypes. These are special chess pieces scheduled to be released in late June. Pre-orders are already available, for a box including 10 pieces. Buying the box set will net you all 10 types. Each Zoid comes in gold and silver.

- HMM Shield Liger DCS-J Display  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    The HMM Shield Liger DCS-J was displayed at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019, at the Zoids booth. Kotobukiya posted a tweet of the Liger's display. Fans have commented about the light coloring in the official tweet, but other photos have showed a darker black for the armor. This will likely be the case with the actual kit, but time will tell.

- Upcoming Wild Kit Updates  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    Also on display at the Hobby Show were the upcoming Zoids Wild Kits: The Dilofos and the Pachycedos. A tweet by Zoids Official shows off the Pachycedos as well as an example custom. The Pachy is looking great. TakaraTomyToys posted a picture of the Dilofos as well.

- Zoids Wild Concept Art  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    Concept art has been posted for Drake and Onigiri, showing off their earlier concept drafts. The Anime twitter also posted concept art for Drake's parents (the version seen in the anime, of course.)

- Zoids Book of Adventure Uploads  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    TakaraTomy has uploaded digital versions of the Book of Adventure, Volumes 1 ~ 3. You can now read them online! The Book of Adventure(s) are supplementary booklets that were given out as purchase benefits at certain stores, usually detailing current and upcoming Zoids with customization examples inside.

- Battle Card Hunter: New Limiteds  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    Battle Card Hunter has announced their new limited time cards. The first is the Death Rex Purple Dragon Form, obtained from the June issue of CoroCoro. This card features a sparkling armor. By using the card in Battle Card Hunter you can unlock the Battle card "Clash of Arch-enemies" which features the Wild Liger. These two cards can be lined up next to each other to create a continuous battle image.

Example Video

    CoroCoro posted a gameplay video of them obtaining the card.

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