- Older Updates:

Posted: Monday, February 26th, 2018
    Since this is an exciting day we're going to move straight into the major TakaraTomy announcements, and update on personal site stuff later! First and foremost that Zoids has announced a new anime, comic, and toy series, called Zoids Wild! This is the result of a 2 week countdown that was posted on TakaraTomy's main page, building hype for what exactly "Z" could be!

    The new series follows Zoids, which now recovered from the past are being rebuilt, leading to all new machines. Zoids that are no longer piloted, but ridden. Which, of course, would make the stakes of Zoid battles much higher but...

    The series was announced with several new designs already prepped for announcement. These Zoids each have their own unique gimmick known as "Wild Blast!", and all seem to be motorized from what we've seen. There are so many new designs that it's hard not to be excited! New Zoid names include Wild Liger, Gilraptor, Death Rex, Scorpear, etc.

    You can view a lot of the gimmicks in videos taken by Robo Start! Also take a look at the article by Inside Games which shows the gimmicks, the skeletons, and the clear pilots that'll come with the kits, how they'll be placed on the Zoid, etc.

    This announcement also featured a huge Wild Liger. This isn't a product, of course, but it warms the hearts of older Zoids fans who may remember the giant Molga and other large-scale statues such as the Leoblaze and Unenlagia featured at earlier conventions.

    The news we have so far is that a new combination of media will begin in April 2018, presumeably the anime, of course, and a new serialized comic featured in Corocoro Magazine. Then in June 2018 toys will hit the shelves nationwide, with the first two released in June. The Wild Liger and the Gilraptor, which will be selling for 3,000 yen each. This is an eyecatcher to older fans who have often reflected on the motorized kits of old, which were sold at more affordable prices. This is also a decent price range for children, the series target audience, and will hopefully produce a successful launch of the new toy line.

    TakaraTomy's recent images show that these kits will have a simpler design, with a lot of solid parts. This means a short build time and an affordable price, which works great for the younger audience that the series is aiming for. It's also a nice contrast to other recent series, which have had complex designs and are still around for older fans to enjoy.

    In Dengeki Hobby Magazine's coverage of the press conference, it was announced that the series will launch in full force with apps, a game for the nintendo switch, merchandise, arcades, etc. So we can expect tons of Zoids products to come!

    Now that all that's out of the way, we're going to divert into the site updates now. We'll post new updates at the top of the page in their own announcement, but we'll leave this post on the front page below if need be. Anyway, moving on. First, an update of the Zoids Field of Rebellion manga, with chapter 3! As usual, translations are generously donated by Falcarius~

    Second, we've been working hard over the past 2 weeks to bring our Zoids: Field of Rebellion guide up to date. We've still got some news to work on, but for the time being the guide should include all up-to-date information, aside from the stamps and a couple things that are still missing. We've also introduced sortable tables, so you can now better choose which Zoids you want by organizing them by HP, attack power, search range, etc.

     We still have a lot of work to do in expanding this section, but we encourage all new ZOIDS fans to check out this mobile game and show the franchise their support!

    The updated FOR section also includes the Zoids section being brought fully up to date. This is short-lived, though! They've announced two possible Zoids to be added to the game in March, including the Gojulas CA, the same design that was featured in the Zoids Concept Art Books.

    Although this event is nearly over, the Gojulas the Ogre event also has excellent prizes. We recommend anyone joining the game to jump in on it! The News page in the FOR section has been updated to include the February 14th announcements, which are still relevant until tomorrow.

    Finally, we've added a new link to the top of the model kits page for Zoids Instructions. We'll be slowly amassing instructions to each figure as we go along, and at times we'll even have bounties out for instructions we don't yet have! These are currently closed, but keep your eyes peeled and we'll update the front page when they're open again. In the mean time, enjoy our current collection for any of your Zoid building needs!

    Speaking of grand returns, we've added a new fansite link, Zoids GC. This is a blog owned by Stompy, featuring his original CGI Zoids including the well known Blitz Panther. I bet a ton of people remember these animations from years ago, and it's fantastic to see this modeler making a return to the Zoids fandom! The new work looks great (one of which has been submitted to fanart > artwork!) and the effects used in each image are fantastic.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, November 23rd, 2017
    Finally time to update again! Just as a heads up, we recently checked our contact address and realized there were some old old messages. If you still need to get in contact with us, please resend the messages, and we'll be sure to answer as soon as we can~

    Moving on, we've uploaded the story section of Zoids Official Fan Book to the Books section. This includes a very rough translation, so please expect mistakes. For those who are curious as to what the books are like, though, it may give some insight~ We're still working on the profiles and such.

    Next up, we've added Zoids: Field of Rebellion to the Manga Section. We had uploaded the first chapter a while ago, but forgot to properly link it in the section. Now, chapter 2 is up! We haven't had time to update the sound effects, but for now it contains text translations courtesy of Falcarius~

    Speaking of Field of Rebellion, as we mentioned earlier, we've set up a page for that. We've done some updating for pilots, including story translations courtesy of Falcarius~ We still need to bring the pilot list and Zoids up to date, but we've brought the battle guide up to date, at least.

    We've also removed the former Announcements page for now. It is painfully out of date, and we're slowly working on breaking the previous updates up into a more functional navigation. We'll be categorizing news updates by date now, instead of per-post or all on one page, since this kinds rather long and ridiculous. For now we've updated with the most recent batch of updates, which are valid until the 28th.

    We missed so much news. The Storm Sworder has officially released, and now the Sturm Tyrann is up for pre-order, along with the Sturm Unit! The Tyrann, sold outside of Kotobukiya stores, includes the base frame and the CAS armor only. It does not include any basic Berserk Furher armor, aside from what's absolutely necessary. It goes for 12,000 Yen Retail~

    Kotobukiya has also posted a preview of the Tyrann on a turn table, showing off the beautiful armor and detail of this Zoid.

    The armor was initially excluded, according to Kotobukiya, for the absurd box sizes that it created. However, if you're interested in a red Furher, you can always order through Kotobukiya Direct. Ordering through this route will allow you to get the Kotobukiya Exclusive basic armor and the CAS armor, both in the red color scheme. This sells for a 15,984 Yen.

    If you're interested in the CP unit for your Lavender Furher, you can always get the Sturm Unit on its own. This includes the basic offwhite and red color scheme, but doesn't come with the base Zoid. It's armor only. This retails for 5,800 Yen.

    Finally, there's an obscene amount of rereleases coming up! If you've missed any of these excellent HMM kits, be sure to pick them up!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, February 24th, 2016
    We're still working on organizing our old projects and figuring out where everything was at, so site updates will be relatively small in the mean time. Steady as they go.

    For now we've finished adding the rest of the pages for Vol. 13 of the Chaotic Century manga. This includes the conclusion to the battle against the Red Schneider and Deep Blue Jager!

    We've also added the remaining Concept sketches to the Chaotic Century anime page. This concludes the full size scans that we have, but there are still a few smaller, lower quality concepts that will go up when we have the time to organize them. New concepts include: (Zoids) Blade Liger, Command Wolf, Gordos, Iron Kong, Lightning Saix, Molga, Pteras, Rev Raptor, Shield Liger, Ultrasaurus, Ultrasaurus with Gravity Cannon. (Central Characters) Van. (Side Characters) Various. (Environment) Imperial Flag (2nd image), Imperial Ring. (Organoids) Various.

    We've also had a lot of updates from the Zoids franchise lately! It seems like things are starting to kick into gear again, so let's start off with the latest updates. Right now all we have on this figure to look at is the side art.

    The HMM Liger Zero EM! This Empire Variant will be a Kotobukiya Direct Exclusive, meaning that you'll need to go through Kotobukiya's shop (and thus a proxy service) to get it. Check out our article on Buying Zoids if you're unfamiliar with the process~ In the mean time we're still waiting on a release date and price confirmation. It is not up for order just yet.

    At an earlier event we also received news that both the HMM Sturm Tyrann and the HMM Storm Sworder are in production! There are so, so many previews of these. A good place to browse is the Twitter tag. While the Storm Sworder is expected to hopefully hit shelves this year, the Sturm Tyrann isn't expected until 2018.

    We've also had the Zoids Aggressive Liger Zero announced! This one is in the near future, coming out in May. It'll come with alternative Strike Laser Claw parts (a brighter yellow, basically) and if you order through Kotobukiya Direct you'll receive the Leomaster flying stand. See the Koto Page for more pictures! 6,800 Yen retail price, 7,344 for the Koto Direct version.

    There are a few new gallery images on the Zoids: Field of Rebellion site. There was also a campaign, which included some excellent prizes. Unfortunately it was for Japan residents only. All you had to do was retweet a message with the prize you wanted, which included: Prize A (10 Winners): Masterpiece Shield Liger with newly drawn 'sleeve' package by Yuji Kaida. Prize B (5 Winners): Newly drawn art panel by Mercyrabbit. Prize C (3 winners): HMM Gojulas the Ogre. Prize (30 Winners): An original zip-up Parka. Thanks to Falcarius for the notification translations!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Saturday, November 5th, 2016
    What? An update? No ... It couldn't be-

    Long story short I switched harddrives a few months ago, which sorely set me back on projects that became completely disorganized while moving some stuff around. Plus work, lack of free time, and personal projects related to other stuff. I apologize for the radio silence!

    The last time we updated (7... months... ago- Ahem.) I'd started a project for the Smack Zoids! B-Part series. These were concepts published in DHM about various stages of Zoid development that applied some story basis to formerly known conceptual images. I've published the second part of that article, and probably one of the more demanded, the Geneology of Liger Zoids! ... Actually when I say the next part, I should probably clarify that right now these aren't done in order. I'm going to backtrack a bit and see if I can get the earlier parts up later.

    I've also added a few more Zoids to the Bonds of Steel Zoids library. This is under Mobile Games for those who don't remember. I want to get this section finished but it's going to take some doing, and in the mean time the Zoids page is a total mess. Apologies again! I'll properly format everything once all of the Zoids are in.

    And finally I've added a review for the Zoids Aggressive Murasame Liger! I gotta say, the ZA series has been fantastic so far. I hope to someday get reviews for the others as the weather permits.

    SO, this is all old news, but here we go anyway! On September 26th TakaraTomy posted a Zoids Teaser website with some high detail diaroma images by Animareal and music by Michiru. This lead to a lot of speculation, and long story short -- it's a new mobile game scheduled to hit this winter! You can view the main site here for the most concentrated collection of data.

    We've seen a lot about this so far, and I'm going to try to organize a proper page for it soon. In the mean time there's at least one gameplay footage video along with quite a few other random promos. You can follow the Zoids_PR Twitter for more updates on this project. There are lots of neat little clips.

    The game is designed as a MOBA, in other words go capture the enemy base! What we've seen from gameplay videos implies that you'll have several Zoids on the field, controlling one while the rest are likely bots. You'll be fighting on a field to defeat enemies, which can likely be done by defeating their Commander unit.

    Weapons seem to have a decent amount of variation. Zoids have several weapons and attacks, which each have their own experience or levels, ammunition, energy, etc. There are already quite a few Zoids seen in the gameplay videos but as they're all pre-release videos some things may be subject to change.

    They're going to have pre-registration stretch goals, based on how many people register through Line, Twitter, or E-mail. The goals are as following!

    -1-49,999: 50 Zoids Gold
    - 50,000: +50 Zoids Gold
    -70,000: +One App-original Weapon
    -100,000: +100 Zoids Gold
    -150,000: +100 Zoids Gold
    -200,000: Second Stretch Goal Campaign

    We'll try to bring you more information after there's a proper page set up for the game~

- Older Updates:

Posted: Thursday, April 28th, 2016
    We've recently begun working on a Dengeki Hobby Magazine project. With scans and translation help provided by Falcarius, we're excited to bring in a new article for the Smack Zoids! B-Part Series of DHM. This series is where most of the unique concept art that people have so distinctly recognized comes from. We'll be making a separate page for each B-Part segment, starting with the wolves from the January 2002 issue of DHM. You can find this under Articles > Magazine Articles > Smack Zoids! B-Part.

    As a forewarning, a lot of future translations in this project will rely heavily on automated translation for context, and may contain errors. If anyone believes any data to be incorrect please let us know! We'll be glad to fix it~

    Alongside the separate segment we've also added the full January 2002 section to the Dengeki Hobby Magazine article. We'll put a link under the full page scans to the corresponding concept article. Scans provided by Falcarius!

    Speaking of concept art, there's a lot of new Chaotic Century concepts! We'll list all the new concepts below, since they're kind of intermixed with the old ones.

    - Characters: Dr. D, Marcus, Moonbay, Thomas
    - Zoids: Death Stinger, Geno Breaker, Gojulas, Gustav, Guysack, Red Horn, Redler, Saber Tiger, Ultrasaurus
    - Weapons: Imperial Army Gun & Holster, Republican Army Gun
    - Environments: Guylos Imperial Flag

    There was a previous issue with CoroCoro not being linked in articles, in spite of being added. This has been fixed and you can now view! Along with this we've added the July, September, October, November, and December 2005 issues, as well as the 2006 January issue.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Sunday, April 17th, 2016
    Official release news has been a bit slow since Wonderfest, but we've got some site-centric stuff to focus on. The first and most fun being a large update to the Anime > Chaotic Century > Concepts page! After receiving some of the production material we've been able to update with a ton of sketches. Because of the volume of images we'll be posting here we decided to split it up into several pages.

The new concepts are:
    Central Characters: Fiona, Hiltz, Prozen, Raven
    Side Characters: Herman, Rudolph, Schwarz
    Organoids: Ambient, Shadow, Specula, Zeke
    Zoids: Shield Liger
    Weapons: Military Issue and Irvine's Weapons

    We've also had the privilege of adding a new Article section for the CoroCoro Magazine! Right now it's mostly 2006 and some of 2002. It has revealed a couple minor facts about earlier contests, which is fun~ We've still got a lot to add and we'll update again once we've got the next batch of scans up.

    Since we accidentally removed some pages from the packets before documenting the dates please let us know if any scans are out of order or from the wrong month! We'll try to keep it all relatively coherent.

    There are 3 new Art Statue reviews posted up under Action Figures. The Volume 1 Mad Thunder (Color), the Volume 2 Iron Kong (color and grayscale), and the Volume 3 Saber Tiger (color.)

    We've recently found a release date for the Iron Kong PK: August 2016. It's up for pre-order in all the usual places. They've also announced a ton of rereleases for May. The Godos, Pteras Bomber, Molga & Molga Canory, Red Horn, Buster Tortoise, and Lightning Saix. This may be the first Red Horn re-release, atleast that we can remember. May well be worth picking up some of these earlier kits!

    They've also put the HMM Berserk Furher and Shadow Fox up for pre-order in April. With the last pre-order, the ZA Mugen Liger, the list has gotten huge! Most are re-releases, but still.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Sunday, February 7th, 2016
    Its been a while! And an exciting day, for sure.

    We've updated the Chaotic Century Media Box section with the first two openings and endings. We used to have some of these but the links were broken, and they weren't very bandwidth friendly. We'll be adding the rest at a later date, so pardon the empty boxes for now!

    The Zoids New Century /Zero anime section has been updated with four new episode summaries. Episodes 16, 17, 18, and 20. These include Blu-Ray quality screencaps~

    Today was Winter Wonder Festival Japan, 2016! There were a few new announcements, including the next Kotobukiya Kit: The Iron Kong PK! This is a Zoid that's been featured prominantly in many medias. Can't wait to see how it turns out! In the mean time, here are some links:
    Kotobukiya Blog
    Dengeki Hobby Blog
    Booklet given away at the event, showing the color concept art
    Twitter post with more photos.

    Second is the ZA Mugen Liger! We were expecting to see this with the last two Murasames already well on their way. The details look amazing, and so far we haven't heard if there'll be any Kotobukiya Direct exclusives. Pre-orders are expected to open this month (February 2016.) Here are some more links!
    Kotobukiya Blog
    Dengeki Hobby Blog
    AmiAmi Twitter

    ZA has been keeping a fast pace, and it's not slowing down with the Mugen Liger. After the questionnaire results they have announced the next Zoids Aggressive, the Blade Liger AB! So far we've seen some prototyped images but it is excellent to see a new design, instead of a rehashed HMM, which I think a lot of people were expecting. Release date and price not yet announced, but here are some more links!
    Kotobukiya Blog
    Dengeki Hobby Blog
    AmiAmi Twitter

    Also in the HMM line, we have seen a look at concept sketches for a Gojulas MK-II Customize Set. This will be an all new weapons set for the original Gojulas, released in 2013.
    Kotobukiya Blog

    While not necessarily news, TT also had a display set up to show the walking motion of the Masterpiece Zoids Shield Liger. It seems the sounds aren't properly synced up with the kit, but hopefully that's just the result of it having been running for a few hours.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
    We've added a new section for Concept Art! This will gather the art from products uploaded on site into a single area, and in some cases will provide larger and clearer scans than anywhere else on site. Full resolution scans of pages are often too large to bother updating but we've cut and cleaned up the concept sketches that take up only a fraction of those pages, to provide better looks at them.

    Our concept section can be found under Misc. Media Articles. It is split again into several categories (for example, Zoids Genesis concept art, Fuzors concept art) to better improve on loading items and browsing.

    Reviews for the Mini Figures of Storm Sworder and Zeke have been added! These can be found under Zoids Action Figures.

    Not a full review but we've also added photos to the HMM Liger Zero review to now include the armorless version! This includes about 11 photos, but doesn't detail movable parts since that's already covered in the armored version.

    A final look at the MPZ Saber Tiger has started to appear online! The Zoid is now up for pre-order on sites like AmiAmi, Hobby Search, etc. with a release date of mid March 2016. The kit also includes additional face parts for the muzzle and forehead that can be swapped out with the basic kit, making the Zoid appear to snarl. Retail price is 14,040 Yen with varying discounts depending on your store of choice. There's no extra parts for ordering from Amazon at the moment.

    Kotobukiya's blog has also launched an article detailing the chrome parts that come with the HMM Death Stinger! Gold chrome parts are included for pipes and other details while silver is included for the claws and nails.

    The official HMM Blog of Kotobukiya has more or less been abandoned. We've decided to include a link to their LABO blog in the links section. This includes non-HMM stuff but at least it updates. We've also fixed the broken HMM link and added the Zoids Aggressive section link.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Wednesday, November 4th, 2015
    Our updates are a little scrambled right at the moment, so sorry for the lack of content lately! For today we've added the rest of Zoids Zi: Volume 1, which contains the second half of the last chapter. We'll be able to begin Volume 2 soon!

    Kotobukiya has posted pages for the Zoids Aggressive Hayate Liger! This Zoid is available for preorder. When ordering from Kotobukiya Direct instead of another store you will receive a special set of white stickers for the armor! It is scheduled for a May 2015 Release!

    They also posted a page for the Command Wolf LC & AC Repackage Ver. which will include the basic white Command Wolf. This Zoid is scheduled for a March 2016 Release!

    We've also glimpsed our first view of the Death Stinger's box art! Due to the sheer volume of contents we're hoping to see new box art for the Hiltz ver. but this hasn't been confirmed one way or another. A twitter account has also posted a preview of the silver plated parts included with the Hiltz version.

    The release date for the Masterpiece Zoids Shield Liger has been pushed back until February 2016.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, September 18th, 2015
    We've added the supplementary stories for the Zoids Fan Book EX. These take place between the previous listed volumes and Volume 7, including stories for Seismosaurus and Gairyuki. Liger Zero Phoenix and Energy Liger are part of this segment, too. We've updated their stories with images that've been cleaned (dust specs removed, separators removed where possible, etc.) Translations for the Seismo and Gairyuki stories are from Falcarius~ The images for Seismo are from Dratz and the images from Gairyuki are from Green Gairyuki~ Thank you!

    The Chaotic Century Anime Encyclopedia has also been updated. This includes any relevant facts or locations from Episodes 42 through episode 60.

    The Zoids Index has been updated with the Command Wolf, Command Wolf AC, Command Wolf AU, Command Wolf EM, and Command Wolf HT variations. This includes only information personally verified on-site, we'll add to these pages as we gather more information on them. Each page includes many of the color variations known for these Zoids! You may also notice the AU and AC only have information for additional equipment. This is typically how we'll treat variations, since basic info is covered on the base unit page.

    We've also added the Liger Zero [Naked] and the Liger Zero Panzer [Prototype]! There's so much information to go through for the Zero that we're still working on its basic armor.

    Still updating the Zoids index. We've added color variations to the Lightning Saix BS. This includes only BS variations, not standard Saix variations!

    Lastly for the index, we've updated the Konig Wolf article to include information on all of its equipment. Extra weaponry has not yet been added for its other variations.

    We've added seven new wallpapers to Fan Art! These include mostly Liger Zero and Battle Story images, but also a poster for The Iron Bible DVD! At least, using the same models from it.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, September 8th, 2015
    As many people already know the Zoids Fuzors Blu-Ray Box Set was released last month! We still haven't finished the CC or NC0 sections, apologies for that, but we wanted to establish at least some kind of content for Zoids Fuzors. As such we've added it to the anime section! Right at the moment the Zoids and Character lists are not fully updated, same with the encyclopedia. We're working on it as we go through the episodes but also wanted to wait for more information on each character before establishing profiles.

    With this addition we've added the first four episodes, which include blu-ray quality screenies and all that good stuff. There is also encyclopedia information on each of the teams featured so far and random factoid stuff. Location encyclopedia is still a ghost town.

    Something new, there is also a differences page added for Zoids Fuzors. Unlike the other series which contained a decent number of cut scenes, Fuzors had a vast variety of animation changes. Entirely redrawn frames, lighting modifications, etc. We've archived everything from the first 4 episodes here. Minor changes, like gradients are added to the page as screencaps to cut down on resources.

    We've also updated Zoids New Century Zero: Episodes 9-12. This includes Blu-ray quality screencaps and any deleted scenes. Info has not yet been updated.

    A series of commercials have been added to the Zoids Media Box. These are all from the Zoids: Perfect Visual Clips DVD but are posted separately for easier tracking. It also includes the much longer 'Zoids World' video.

    Zoids Fan Book EX Volumes 5 and 6 have been added! These are translations courtesy of Falcarius, with their associated images provided by Green Gairyuki. Much thanks for their generosity! Since some of these books were quite long we've split everything up into separate pages. A link is still on the page for reading them all at once.

    The Character Index now has linked pages for Zeru and Irvine. These pages will remain a WIP as we finish archiving their data but they should contain basic info.

    Kotobukiya is having a second go at releasing the second HMM Z-Knight, Marine Kaiser. As you may recall this was formerly cancelled, but now they have not only brought it back but implied a possible third Knight!

    Koto has finally revealed the completed version of their HMM Death Stinger! The kit is looking fantastic with excellent details. The standard version, found on sites like AmiAmi, Koto Direct, etc. will contain a faded color version seen below. You can view the official page here. At this time it has NOT been announced to contain the pilot figures. The kit retails at 14,800 Yen.

    A second anime-accurate version is being released through Kotobukiya Direct only, priced at 19,224 Yen. The differences are vast and we'll list them all below.
    - Anime Accurate Colors (Bright blue - red armor)
    - Optional gold and silver plated parts (nails, gun ring, etc.)
    - Sitting, Standing Hiltz Figures (sitting figure not released with Psycho Genosaurer)
    - Ambient Figure
    - 5cm Blade Liger Figure

    We've added a new fan site to our listing, the Zoids Aethenaeum! This website is run by Falcarius, the largest contributor of translated materials to the English speaking community. It contains a lot of archived reference information, including the DHM / HJM archive from Zoids Poison.

    Unfortunately we've had to bump quite a few sites down on the activity list, and a few have even been removed for broken links. If you know of other Zoids sites, active or not, or even have a site of your own that you'd like linked here, please let us know!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, August 7th, 2015
    Nothing like a new Wonder Festival to pull is from perpetual laziness! Well, two weeks late, but you get the idea. We're back to post a couple small updates and catalog the news! Some sections like articles and games are falling behind; we hope to fix that here before too long but the Material Hunters access issue has yet to be resolved without losing game data. I'll try and figure that out some other time.

    Moving on, first we have an update from Chaotic Century manga! The final half of the first chapter in Volume 13. This includes pages 17 and up, sorry it's not more noticeable on the page!

    Also updated is the Zoids Zi Manga! We still haven't found a conclusion for the horrible Dark Spiner, but this is the final chapter of Book 1! What will come next, before the end of this book? Book 1 was the only one we had extras of, so the quality may drop slightly for Book 2 and 3 since we can't butcher them for scans!

    Mentioned above, Wonderfest happened late July! With it came some awesome announcements, including prototypes seen of the HMM Death Stinger! The post linked there is also one that contains a rotating 360 view, much like the Murasame Liger had! An overall review was posted by Zoikino. They have an excellent assortment of photos, including those of the custom works presented at the event.

    Another awesome announcement is the upcoming Zoids Aggressive 'Hayate Liger!' Prototypes were seen with many more images accessible here. A release date is not yet known.

    At Wonderfest they also included a little baggy! Of course, it's not for mass sale but it's still a really interesting little extra. Always nice to see small things like that!

    Kotobukiya has announced a huge number of re-releases. Not that there are too many, but this is the longest our pre-order table has been in a LONG time! Rejoice! In August we have the HMM Shadow Fox and Zero Panzer. In September we have the HMM Geno Breaker Raven, Zero Jager (CAS only), Schneider (CAS and full kit), and Lightning Saix. In October we've added the HMM Berserk Furher, Zero Jager (Full kit), and Geno Saurer Raven.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Thursday, May 28th, 2015
    We've added a page to the Zoids Material Hunters game section that includes some basic gameplay. This is very much a WIP and currently is only covering basic menu info. Half of which we haven't gotten to yet. We hope it can be useful later on.

    More importantly though it tells users from the US how to play the game. Normally we don't do this, but for region locked, limited lifetime games (most Zoids mobile games lasted a year or less) we figured it doesn't hurt. English players can even pay and support the game to earn Zoids Gold. We'd like to ask, though, if anyone uses this guide to sign up, to maybe send us any beginner achievements not in the current list? We missed these and can't get them without restarting the game, which would mean losing a lot of progress.

    We've linked a new page down by the 'Read Old News!' link where people can view only official Zoids product news. This page won't include site updates such as model kits, in case people are wading through for the news reports only.

    Kotobukiya has finally posted color photos for the new 1/100 Murasame Liger! This line has been officially dubbed the "Zoids Aggressive" series, based upon the renewed articulation and aggressive pose possibilities of the figures. The Liger is also up for pre-order on a number of sites.

    For those who wish to import the Zoid through a deputy servic, Kotobukiya Direct is issuing a limited edition stand and stickers that are available for direct orders only. These will not be present in the AmiAmi shipments, nor any other stores' shipments.

    Along with this news we have our first look at the Blu-Ray Edition Murasame Liger. Rather than to go with the clear color versions, like earlier box sets, it is cast in a more anime-specific green color. We've never had an anime-accurate Murasame release so this is quite interesting!

    Dengeki Hobby Magazine has released their final publication. They will no longer be releasing print media but will instead be switching to an online-only format. In their last issue they previewed a concept image of the Masterpiece Zoids Saber Tiger, which will be theoretically possible as an additional armor using the Shield Liger base.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Sunday, May 17th, 2015
    The Zoids Index has been mostly empty for a long, long time. We've made a couple of minor updates today, mostly adding pages for the Konig Wolf variations. We've also updated the Energy Liger with a color variations table. Color variations will include things like optional game colors, unnamed-unofficial variations, etc. We are aware some are missing. Like the rest of the site we only add what we personally verify, so some colors are ommitted until such a time that we can personally verify that the colors are accurate.

    Zoids Zi in the manga section has updated with the rest of the chapter! You can view it in the manga section. The manga reader should link to the most recent page.

    Zoids New Century Zero has been updated in the manga section with four new episode summaries. These include blu-ray quality screencaps and brief descriptions of the episode. These episodes have no deleted scenes.

    A review has been added for the HMM Empire Command Wolf LC. This review was done after I had inkwashed the kit, so be aware that it's not like this out of the box.

    Two reviews have also been added for the Zoids Fuzors 'Special Edition' Command Wolf Holotech and the Zoids Gameboy Color Command Wolf (Red Version.) The GBC Wuf is listed under Limited Edition kits.

    The three remaining Matrix BLOX have also been added! I'm not 100% sure if I have the connector parts necessary to turn them into Matrix Dragon at this time but it's something I'm interested in trying in the future.

    A few bootleg Zoids have also been added to Action Figures. These are the Zoids Machine Beast 'Crystal Version' figures, apparently from China (thanks to Falcarius for the name translation!) We hope to add more of these in the future but right now they're split into two sections, boosters and boxes.

    Zoids Material Hunters has launched! A link on this Tumblr Post will show a few Twitter posts made by players of the game, who have shared many customization options for the in-game Zoids.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Monday, May 4th, 2015
    We've updated the Zoids Media Box with another set of videos. This time we have added the Rayse Tiger 'Three Ligers Legend' disc, including the small extra clip from the data file. Since the file was otherwise the same as the Brastle Tiger one we decided not to repost it. We've also added a fan-made splice that puts both the dvd videos together with footage from the Zoids Vs. III opening. The music isn't exactly choice but it should provide a full sequence of events from the legend video.

    The Zoids Fan Book EX article has been updated with Volumes 1-4. These were translated by Falcarius and generously permitted to be reposted here. At this time only Volume 3 has images, we apologize for that. We'll try to upload these as we obtain the Zoids but that may take some time. In the mean time the stories are excellent!

    While we appreciate that many people wish to provide scans please understand that we strictly avoid lifting images from other websites. If you wish to submit scans please be absolutely sure that they are your own scans and not just ones that you found on the internet. We appreciate the effort that other fans go through to provide these materials and don't wish to undermine their efforts by taking images without permission.

    We've added some box art images to a few pages, including The Iron Bible page, Gun Gyarado, Konig Wolf Heavy Arms, and HMM Blade Liger Blu-Ray Edition.

    Its been a while since we've done model reviews! This is largely because of the sun not hitting the front deck during the last few months. Now that there's sunsine again we're back! This time with the Zoids BLOX Mosasledge. A new section has been added to the Tomy Zoids category to house BLOX.

    A page has also been added in Action Figures of the Gordos Art Statue from Volume 2. We've also added an information page (linked in the header) for the Zoids Art Statues. This will take you to a page with a list of all original art statues and the reviews so far.

    We've added reviews for the Zoids Mini Collection Geno Saurer and Rev Raptor. We've also added an information page (linked in the header.) This and the art statue page both have the japanese name for the series so that users can copy-paste it into Yahoo Japan, Rakuten, etc., to narrow their search for specific items.

    A few people expressed interest in having a customs section so we've gone ahead and added this page to the left menu bar. Right now there is no custom material but we're working on getting up some progress for our own projects. The page lists information on submitting customs to the site, so if you've got something that you'd like to send in, send away!

    Two new items have been added to the Trading page. The HMM CP-014 Silver Plated Parts for Gun Sniper and the HMM CP-008 Silver Plated Parts for Geno Breaker. These are both for sale for a flat rate, shipping included to US buyers.

    The Zoids Info twitter has posted our first real clear look at the stand for the Masterpiece Shield Liger. It's an interesting look!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Thursday, April 30th, 2015
    We've updated the Zoids Media Box for the first time in a long while! Listed at the bottom is a section for included media materials such as the promotional DVDs and VHS which came with model kits. For now that includes the Three Tigers Legend DVD which came as an extra for the Brastle Tiger model kit. It not only has the main video but a few clips from the last disc and a very long Zoid stats file.

    Also in the Media Box is a new section for game openings. We only have a couple videos there, which were previously viewable on our youtube channel. We'll try to organize getting some more of these up. It's worth noting at this time that the Vs. III opening contains scenes relevant to the Three Tigers Legend disc, that were not included on the discs themselves.

    An Ancient Zoidian themed font has been added to the Fan Art page. This was made by us, and is a first attempt so things are still pretty wonky. You'll want to play with the spacing and line depth to get an ideal look.

    TakaraTomy has posted an interview with their designers who've been working on the Masterpiece Shield Liger. This is a very in depth video which has a lot of very interesting views. It contains CGI renditions of the figure and a wide variety of prototype stages shown in action. Included is also an NJR Shield Liger for a comparison of shape, design, and function. This reveals that the Masterpiece model will indeed be larger than the original version.

    Other design aspects are also discussed, such as the semi-realism animal sketches. These were used to rough out the expression of the face and desired shape of the mane. They also go on to say how they compared the original kits to the more realistic motions of these animals to improve the design.

    While this video is in Japanese you can get google translated subtitles by clicking the CC button. Subtitles will appear in Japanese. Click the gear icon at the bottom right and select 'Translate' with the language of your country.

    Kotobukiya has announced a release of the Beam Gatling Unit, previously seen on Zoids such as the Dark Horn. This will be a separate customize part scheduled for release in late August. It is uncertain at this time if the set will come with custom paint or recolor casting. It is said that it requires customization on the buyer's part to fit onto some Zoids (which, according to some stores, includes the Dark Horn it's meant for anyway?) This may be a translation error on Google's part but we'll know more closer to the release date.

    In the mean time they've also announced a rerelease of the Dark Horn. So far as I'm aware this kit has never had a rerelease so it is recommended to snap it up while you can! We have updated our preorder column with all recent Zoid items.

    While we haven't added a page just yet we'd really like to gauge the interest of a customs section for the site. This would include both personal and fan works, but to support the section we'd need people willing to mail in customs of theirs. Photos, descriptions, etc.

Would you be interested in a customs section?
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- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, April 24th, 2015
    Its been a while since we updated the Zoids: Chaotic Century manga, so here it is! This volume kind of goes off on its own tangent but we'll be trying to continue adding micro updates (10-15 pages at a time.) This will be a bit slower than the previous 1 chapter per update but will hopefully mean more frequent updates than before.

    Also in manga, Zoids Zi! The Konig Wolf hasn't gotten out of trouble yet but the fights not over! Half of Chapter 7 has been added.

    After a long delay (sorry about that!) we have updated the Photo Contest page! Winning entries are posted up top with remaining entries below. Congratulations to our winning circle and thank you to everyone that entered! There were really some stunning entries and I'm glad we were able to hold this contest.

    Prizes will be chosen from the pool with winners having first pick in the order of 1st to 4th. Please E-mail us through our contact page with the prize that you'd like and the shipping address (if applicable.) We will inform you if that prize has already been spoken for. It may take up to 1-2 weeks to ship out rewards but tracking information will be provided once they have been sent.

    The Masterpiece Shield Liger page has been updated with color photos! We now get to see that this Zoid will also have an armorless form, and many transparent parts to accomodate the lights. Seen above is a new commercial featuring the walk cycle and breathing motions. The movement of the paws looks amazing compared to older generation motorized kits.

    The kit is scheduled for an October Release at a price of 12,000 Yen. This is roughly $103.

    We've just passed the 10th anniversary of Zoids Generations! While that doesn't garner any official franchise news there's been quite an affectionate response among the Twitter community. This includes concept art from Mercy Rabbit and a size comparison of the Mother Bio mockup kit!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, April 7th, 2014
    The manga section has updated with another half-chapter of Zoids Zi! This update concludes Chapter 5 but there is still more to see from the first volume. The fight between Koenig and Liger Zero X begins! The manga reader link on the Zoids Zi has been updated to link to the latest pages. You can click the link right below it to start from the beginning!

    The Zoids Anime section has been updated to include a Zoids: New Century /Zero section! This segment is still very young, so the Zoid pages and character pages are non-existent. I will update them as we conclude more Episode pages. Right now it includes deleted scenes and high quality blu-ray screencaps from the first four episodes.

    A link has been added to the Zoids: Chaotic Century anime section to cover concept art. Right now it only includes what is posted on the volume 5 DVD but will help to organize the concept art from various sections later on.

    Zoids: Material Hunters has far surpassed the original sign-up goal! This means that people will receive the upgraded White Tiger as well as 3,000 Zoid Gold when the game launches. A launch date has been estimated for April or May! New images can be found on Yoyaku Top 10 and on Famitsu!

    There are a few new pictures on the Zoids Info Twitter of the Masterpiece Shield Liger! Hopefully soon we will be seeing some video.

    We will soon be posting the entries of the Photo Contest! We're just waiting on some last minute details. In the mean time we would very much like to know how people would like to see the voting handled. Please post your opinions on the poll below!

Which type of voting would you prefer?
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- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, March 27th, 2014
    The manga section has updated with another few pages of Zoids Zi! This time around X is up against the Dark Spiner! Much like the 'Kaenig' name mishap, X is referred to as "Ixu" which is just a too literal translation of X. I've opted to ignore the normal English translation of Ixu and just use X.

    We've updated the New Release section under Articles. This now includes the 3 upcoming Zoids, the 1/100 Murasame Liger, the Masterpiece Shield Liger, and the HMM Death Stinger. We'll continue to update these articles (at the bottom of the page) each time there's a new update, including this week's updates.

    Dengeki Hobby Magazine has posted a new series of photos of the Masterpiece Shield Liger! These include photos published during the month's issue with a few extras.

    They have also posted a new series of photos of the 1/100 Murasame Liger. Unlike the Shield Liger photos these are actually quote large and very high detail! It looks like there's lots of nice touches to the overall design.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Monday, March 16th, 2014
    Since updates were slow the last couple months, for those that may've missed it we also updated on the 12th!

    The remaining segment of Zoids Zi Chapter 4 has ben uploaded. The fight with Liger Zero X is interrupted by a new opponent! You can find it under the Manga Section. We may be handling 30-page average chapters in halves from now on (like we did this one), to make updating easier.

    We've uploaded the two available HMM Zoid Posters to the Assorted > Posters section! This includes the only two that are known, Blade Liger Mirage and Saber Tiger Gold.

    A section has been added to the Zoids Anime > Fuzors section. It contains several pieces of concept work, of which we have many more to arrange and upload over the coming weeks!

    Volume 6 of the Zoids Battle Card Game (under games) has had its figure collection expanded to include a bunch of Empire units. We've also decided to make a separate page for the Battle Card Game figures under the 'miniatures' section, if you want to see just the toys.

    Takara Tomy has teased a new Zoid, though what this figure entails is yet to be seen. It mentions more life like movement than previous figures and possible electronics, with more currently unknown. With the figure being poseable it may be possible that the electronics are just lights, rather than fully motorized as speculated by some. We're still waiting for more information.

    This news is accompanied by the announcement of a new TT Twitter Account. A teaser was also posted in CoroCoro, which can be seen on Twitter.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, March 12th, 2014
    Thankfully things haven't been moving too fast since the last update, so we should be able to catch up quickly. First and foremost we've updated the Zoids Zi manga section with another 15 pages of content. This is only half of the chapter, we've still got the second half that needs to be finished.

    We've also added a page for Zoids Material Hunters under Games. All translations are courtesy of Falcarius! Since our last update they've posted a trailer (seen below) and six new Zoid profiles. All profiles (and world view / story information) is translated and posted in the different Material Hunter pages.

    In celebration of pre-registration reaching 70,000 members there is a Zoids: Material Hunters giveaway for Japan residents. It will raffle off three of the threezero Iron Kong figures, and one of the threezero Shield Liger figures. These designs are based on the concept art book world.

    A small article has been added for HMM Advertisements. These additional posters are often used in shops and posted prior to the Zoid's full box art. Often the diaroma style is very nostalgic to the original Tomy kit box art, so we wanted to archive them!

    The Iron Bible Zoids Photo Contest is being extended until April 1st. We had meant to cross post this to other sites in hopes of getting more entries but with Zoids Poison being down that didn't happen until very recently. That means many people haven't had a chance to see the contest or take photos, so we're looking to rally more support. If you would like to enter, please do so! We may still add more prizes depending on number of entries.

    Not really an update, but for those who noticed Zoids Poison is down: No news on that front. Most members have migrated to Phenotype's Zoids Forum.

- Older Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, February 10th, 2014
    We're back from down time, but a little prematurely! I had hoped to finish my work on cleaning up the backend directories but the recent news of Zoids has spurred us to bring the site back up anyway. This means that some directories or images may be broken. If you find anything like that, please report it through our contact page! I was also waiting to hear back from my host about some other backend changes on their end, but have not yet heard anything from them. If there's random downtime again, don't worry, we'll be back!

    We've updated the Zoids Guardian Force Episode Summaries with Episodes 59 and 60. This includes screencaps from the blu-ray release and deleted scenes.

    The Zoids Scramble Volume 1 checklist has been updated with a large number of new cards!

    This is quite late, but a section has been added to model kits for outsourced reviews. An outsourced review is one that relies on photos and information that we are unable to verify ourselves. In this case, it is photos taken of a MIB Gravity Rex, graciously permitted to host here by the seller from the original auctions.

    Sometime in January Kotobukiya made an announcement that the pre-orders for Marine Kaiser were all being removed, and that production issues were preventing it from being released. Later, a notice implied that the kit would still be released at the end of January but I've been unable to confirm that anyone has actually gotten their kit. So far, many sites are still listing the item as discontinued.

    The threezero Iron Kong is now up for pre-order, for a late May release. It is retailing at about $325, with a member price of $293 and an elite member price of $287. The figure will be almost twice as tall as the threezero Liger, which you can see a review for under Action Figures.

    Wonder Festival was just a couple of days ago, and revealed a lot of brand new items for the Zoids franchise! It's an exciting week for everybody!

    First of all, however, it has been announced that Zoids Fuzors will be released on Blu-Ray in August (presumeably August 2nd if it follows the pattern). Zoids Genesis is also scheduled to be released on January 1st, 2016. We can assume pre-orders will show up on May, April, or March. If comparing prices to earlier Blu-ray release, it may be estimated that Fuzor will be around $300 and Genesis aroun $500-$600.

    The first of the news is regarding a brand new 1/100 line being launched by Kotobukiya. While the name of this series has not yet been revealed it will begin with a Murasame Liger. These figures are prebuilt and boasted to have a better range of motion than the HMM series out of the box. The 1/100 line puts them smaller than normal kits, but not by too horribly much.

    Overall the aesthetic is wonderful, and prototypes were shown this last weekend. Other silhouettes shown at the festival imply Blade Liger and Geno Breaker to follow Murasame Liger. One small preview image on the poster behind Murasame Liger showed a clear plastic version, making us wonder if it will take the place of a 1/72 HMM Model Kit in the Zoid Genesis Blu-Ray release. More can be read here. To address some confusion, this is NOT part of the HMM line.

    Last but not least Kotobukiya has posted this awesome rotating view of the Murasame Liger, which allows you to get a very good look at the kit.

    Its been a long, anxious year since the HMM Gojulas, but Kotobukiya has finally announced the return of the HMM line! Beginning Phase 2, they will release an HMM Death Stinger. It is said to be headed by the devopment team that worked on the HMM Gojulas, and while it is too early to give an accurate parts count it is estimated at over 1,000 pieces! A price is not yet known.

    Along with the Death Stinger, the HMM Command Wolf Irvine is being re-released with a generalized set of decals and brand new box art drawn by Mercy Rabbit. The kit is already up for pre-order, scheduled for a May release.

    Zoids Material Hunters has begun a website of their own, which we'll include in the Links section. The game is open for a pre-registration, where you send in your E-mail (though likely foreign fans will be unable to play.) Early registration will enable users to gain access to the brand new 'White Tiger' Zoid. This is the first brand new Zoid revealed in a very long time, and we're excited to see that!

    The site also includes world view pages with story information and brand new images, as well as a Zoids page that provides stats and generalized information for the in-game Zoids.

    In celebration of a brand new Zoids line we're going to be holding a Zoids Photo Contest! We sadly don't have the resources to offer full kit prizes and all that, but there are a few odds and ends from our collection that we'll be giving out. You can view more information by clicking the new menu item on the left! This page may be updated throughout the length of the contest, in case we forgot something. Prizes will also be added throughout the duration depending on interest. I'll be trying to spread the word about this contest in a few days after I get everything a bit more organized!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Friday, December 05th, 2014
    The review for the CAS Set Clear Version has been updated with Liger Zero Schneider! This kit was amazing and while orange rarely shows gold shine, this kit does. We've documented the gimmicks of the Schneider armor at the bottom. If the review gets too long we may be forced to split them up into different pages, but for now this will work.

    The Zoids Zi Manga Section has been updated with Chapter 3 of the first volume! Konig Wolf is making a new friend. Or he's going to eat him. Guess we'll see!

    A new section has been added to the Assorted page for posters! So far we've got a couple of the CoroCoro releases and some free official ones. Looking to add more soon!

    A second section is added in Assorted, for Art Boards! All of the ones currently from CoroCoro, but they're still pretty neat.

    The Zoids Saga II / Legacy section has been updated. The Zoids Guide now as linked pages for all canine Zoids, including color variations and some alternative icons. We're still missing some icons, but it's a slow work in progress!

- Older Updates:

Posted: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014
    We've added the opening portion of a review for the HMM Liger Zero CAS Clear Version set! You can find this under HMMs in the Model Kit section. So far it only includes the basic naked liger that comes with the kit. I'll be updating it one CAS at a time, but as a forewarning it may be a while before I can get one of those updates out. Waiting on sunny weather for review photos, and well, Washington rain!

    In addition we've added to the HMM Information page. This is found in the 'header' of the HMM model kits sections, and now includes a full list of all HMM Zoids released, including Customize Parts. If you see anything missing, please let us know!

    The Zoids Scramble Volume 3 check list has been updated with a huge portion of the set!

    Kotobukiya is releasing quite a few kits over the next two months! Gun Sniper Leena Special, Great Sabre, Saber Tiger Schwarz Special (Rerelease edition), and Blade Liger AB Van Special are all being rereleased. They've been added to our future release table below.

- Read Older Updates:

    To keep pages easier to load a new page is made for every 20 updates.

        - Older Updates