- Penguitrain

Registration Number: ???
Name: Pinguitrain
Japanese: ピンギートレーン
Height: ---
Length: ---
Weight: ---
Speed: ---
* Stat Information: ---
Weapons: Equipment:
    ---     ---

Penguitrain Introduction:

    The Penguitrain is an Imperial transport unit that was seen as a concept art in the Smack!Zoids portion of Dengeki Hobby Magazine. It had a very limited appearance in other medias, strictly limited to the Battle Card Game Volume 6 (Imperial Faction.)

    The Zoid is not mentioned to have any particular weapons but there can be a lot of speculation. The leg armor is identical to the armor that conceals boosters used in the Geno series. The belly also has tank treds that are used while traveling great distances.

    In terms of capacity the Penguitrain is seen to be able to carry an Iron Kong and even a Death Stinger. This loose height differentiation implies the unit to be roughly 50 meters tall. The interior cargo pay is seen having roughly three different rotating platforms to maximize storage space.

- Media Appearances

    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game (Volume 6)