- Berserk Führer

Registration Number: EZ-049 (Tyrannosaurus Type)
Name: Berserk Führer
Japanese: バーサークフューラー
Rollout: ---
Height: 12.3
Length: 22.7 m
Weight: 127.0 t
Speed: 340 km/h
    Vega Obscura
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    AZ 185mm Beam Cannon (Between Buster Claws)
    Charged Particle Gun (Mouth)
    Electron Fang (Mouth)
    Strike Claws x2 (Feet)
    Strike Laser Claws (Hands)
    Strike Smash Tail (Tail)
    Anchor (Heels)
    Charged Particle Generator x3 (Tail)
    E Shield (Buster Claws)
    High Maneuver Thruster x2 (Back)
    Ion Booster Pack (Back)
    Vernier Booster x10 (Legs, etc.)

- Note

    The Berserk Führer is a tyrannosaurus-type Zoid developed by the Empire. It was an incredible development on their part, incorporating technology from numerous other Zoids made in the past.

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