- Bipedal Saurian Zoids

    For these pages the variations will be listed under the original unit. For example, Liger Aero will be listed under Shield Liger, as it is a variation of the Shield Liger. Some evolutions, such as Blade Liger may be listed separately.

Geno | Fury Type Remaining Rex Types Other Bipedal Types

Geno Saurer
   Geno Saurer BS
   Geno Saurer Holotech
   Geno Saurer R
   Geno Saurer RS
   Geno Saurer RT
   Psycho Genosaurer
   Proto Breaker

Geno Breaker
   Geno Breaker Jet A
   Geno Breaker Jet B
   Geno Breaker R
   Geno Breaker RS
   Geno Scissors
   Geno Trooper
   Super Genosaurer

Geno Flame

Geno Hydra
   Geno Hydra KA
   Geno Hydra VF

Berserk Fuhrer
   Berserk Furher QE
   Berserk Furher SE
   Berserk Furher Y
   Berserk Furher Zenebas
   Buster Furher
   Jagd Furher
   Sturm Furher
   Sturm Furher Espada de Prata
   Sturm Tyrann

   Gairyuki Destroyer
   Gairyuki Speed
   Gairyuki (Black)

   Gojulas FT
   Gojulas GS
   Gojulas Gunner
   Gojulas IS
   Gojulas Mariner
   Gojulas MK-II
   Gojulas the Ogre

Gojulas Giga
   Gojulas Giga Prototype

Bio Tyranno

Death Saurer
   Bloody Demon
   Death Meteor
   Death Saurer VF
   Mega Saurer

Gun Sniper
   Gun Sniper LS
   Gun Sniper NS
   Gun Sniper WW

Snipe Master
   Snipe Master AS
   Snipe Master BU
   Snipe Master FB
   Snipe Master MU
   Snipe Master Red

Rev Raptor
   Raven Raptor
   Rev Hunter
   Rev Raptor PB
   Rev Raptor WPB

Dark Spiner
   Dark Spiner DCS
   Dark Spiner Zerstoerer
   Killer Dome Zerstoerer

Gravity Saurer

Bio Raptor
   Bio Raptor Commander
   Bio Volcano

Bio Megaraptor
   Megaraptor Prototype


   HA Godos

Dead Border