- Canine Type Zoids

    For these pages the variations will be listed under the original unit. For example, Liger Aero will be listed under Shield Liger, as it is a variation of the Shield Liger. Some evolutions, such as Blade Liger may be listed separately.

Command Wolf Type Konig Wolf Type Other Canid Types

    Command Wolf

   Climber Wolf
   Command Wolf AC
   Command Wolf AU
   Command Wolf CZ
   Command Wolf EM
   Command Wolf HT
   Command Wolf Interceptor
   Command Wolf IT
   Command Wolf LT
   Command Wolf NEW
   Command Wolf RGC
   Command Wolf SM
   Command Wolf Town

Konig Wolf
   Assault Wolf
   Feuer Wolf
   Konig Wolf (Z2 Chrome)
   Konig Wolf DSR
   Konig Wolf HA
   Konig Wolf MK-II
   Konig Wolf Prototype

Gravity Wolf

Hound Soldier
   Hound Soldier (Genesis)
   Hound Soldier (Generations)

Shadow Fox
   Fire Fox
   Mirage Fox Type-A
   Mirage Fox Type-B
   Shadow Fox CDT
   Shadow Fox S

Whitz Wolf
   Rez Wolf
   Whitz Wolf (Red)
   Whitz Wolf Imitate

Zeek Dober
   Zeek Dober Eliminator
   Ice Blazer