- Irvine

* Character Information
Name: Irvine
Primarily Featured: Zoids Chaotic Century
Military Allegiance: ---
Other Loyalties: ---
Primary Zoid:
    -Command Wolf
    -Lightning Saix
    -Stealth Viper
Secondary Zoid: Gojulas IS
Organoid: ---

     Irvine is a mercenary by career that was originally featured in the Zoids Chaotic Century anime. He would soon become one of the most popular Zoids characters to be seen, and is one of the main characters throughout the entirety of Chaotic Century & Guardian Force, always acting to support the main team.

     Due to his role in the anime Irvine has been featured in many, many different medias, from comic books, to anime, to video games. Bits and pieces of his story change or develope depending on the media you're regarding.

     One of his most distinguishing features is his eye patch, which is known to be able to record and project images, as well as to zoom in on long distance images. He has a crap ton of other small devices including explosives, smoke bombs, putty, detonators, etc.


    Very little is ever mentioned about Irvine's past, but it changes depending on the media. In the anime he was said to have had a younger sister named Helena, who died of Gaphkee Karl Fever. In the Manga, however, he has a still-living sister named Rebecca. These two are entirely separate characters, and Rebecca is very close to Irvine, who tries to hide his past and illegal dealings from her.

    Primary Zoids:

    In Chaotic Century Irvine is the pilot of a customized Command Wolf, referred to as the Command Wolf IS. He later upgrades to the Command Wolf SM, then to another (better known) version of the IS that comes with a Long Range Rifle. His Command Wolf is later destroyed by the Geno Breaker. This ends with the core being transplanted into the newer Lightning Saix.

    In the manga Irvine pilots the Stealth Viper, which is later upgraded to the Stealth Dragon. This Zoid is named "Tornado."

    While this covers his main Zoids Irvine is also known to be able to pilot many different types, and even has his own version of the Gojulas at one point.

- Appearances in Media:

    Video Media: Chaotic Century
    Video Media: Guardian Force
    Video Media: Viz Media Chaotic Century Volume 2 (Profile)

    Book Media: Zoids (Manga)

    Video Game Media: Zoids Vs. I
    Video Game Media: Zoids Vs. II
    Video Game Media: Zoids Vs. III
    Video Game Media: Zoids Saga I
    Video Game Media: Zoids Saga II
    Video Game Media: Zoids Saga III [Fuzors]
    Video Game Media: Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia
    Video Game Media: Zoids Infinity
    Video Game Media: Zoids Full Metal Crash

- Zoids Piloted: