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* Standard Character Information
Name: Arashi (アラシ)
Age: ---
Series: Zoids Wild
Primary Features: Zoids Wild
Allegiance: Team Freedom
    - Onigiri
    - Penne
    - Ikadzuchi / Tatsumaki (Father)
    - Taifuu (Grandfather)
Primary Zoid:
    - Wild Liger
Voice Actors: Kensho Ono

- Character Introduction

    Arashi is a spirited young boy who dreams of having his own grand adventure. He searched for most of his life for his own Zoid partner, and once he finally found him, the Wild Liger; he set off to find his missing father in hopes that they could then travel the world together.

- Personality

    Arashi is a typical good hearted kid, but he's not very bright. He often runs at things head first, and he'll stick his neck out in any situation, even when he's sorely outmatched or the action is just plain stupid.

- History

    Arashi was always prone to sneaking out of his well protected village. He wanted a Zoid of his own, and to find one, he had to go into the outside world. This passion stemmed from his father, who in the fleeting moments that he was around, would tell Arashi about his grand adventures outside the fence. He encouraged him to find his own Zoid partner, and get out to see the world. He pressed just how vast it was, and how the world was filled with wonder.

    Arashi finally finds his own Zoid Partner in the form of the Wild Liger, a dangerous Zoid roaming the forest near his village. He learns that it escaped from Death Metal, and through much trial and error trying to protect the Zoid, he eventually convinces the Wild Liger to be his partner. By working together, they unlock the Zoid's secret move, the "Wild Blast!" And defeat the Death Metal soldiers.

- Anime

    The anime takes a different path from here.

    Arashi's fight concluded, but his relationship with the Wild Liger took a serious hit. He almost bailed during the fight when they were pounced upon by Raptors, and the Wild Liger lost all faith. He's forced to beg the Wild Liger for forgiveness after his grandfather is taken hostage and the Zoid refuses to help. From then on out they still have a tentative relationship; Wild Liger ensuring that Arashi never loses his respect.

- The Second Team Freedom Member

    With the village safe, Arashi sets out on his grand adventure! He finds assorted adventures on the way, and eventually ends up searching for the Diamond Flower. Here he runs into Penne, a young girl with a surprisingly versatile Zoid, the Scorpear! They work together to run some bandits away from the Diamond Flowers, making sure that their healing properties remain available for the forest wildlife. Though Penne joins the team she sets off on her own adventure, and rejoins him later.

- The Third Team Freedom Member

    His second major interaction is with Onigiri, a young boy who's working for Death Metal to create a Death Key. A special key that will force a Zoid to unlock its full potential regardless of bond. Though Arashi doesn't hesitate to snap at Onigiri, his Zoid is imprisoned and they're still faced against Death Metal. Onigiri uses his partner Zoid, the Gannontoise' Wild Blast to free the Wild Liger so that Arashi can defeat their enemies.

- Manga

    The Manga takes a slightly different approach to things. Arashi's village isn't attacked by an entire Death Metal gang, but by Drake! He passes the outter fence with his Gilraptor. Though he's only looking for the Wild Liger, his Zoid gets a surprise hammer to the face! from Arashi's grandfather, Taifuu. The fight commences, and he has no qualms at all with ordering his Gilraptor to get rid of the obstacle. This battle almost culminates in Arashi's death, but Drake is called away to a party before he can land the killing blow. Oh, and Taifuu survived as well. Via frying pan armor. Talk about improvising.

- The Second Team Freedom Member

    While Penne is suspiciously absent in the manga, Arashi does manage to run into Onigiri: On the run from a group of Death Metal soldiers! Onigiri questions if Arashi has any brain cells but he's in no position to argue, so he tries to take shelter! Only for Arashi to hand him right over. Unfortunately, before they can get into a battle with the Death Metal members, Arashi gets an upset belly and surrenders in hopes of finding a bathroom.

    At the prison base, Arashi's Zoid ends up in a cage along with Onigiri's Gannontoise. They're faced against Caviar, who eventually loses patience with Arashi's antics and attempts to murder him with the Gabrigator. While Arashi holds off the giant Zoid Onigiri finally unleashes the Gannontoise' Wild Blast! Almost hitting the Gabrigator, but instead freeing the Wild Liger. The two Zoids duke it out, until on the verge of his pilot being drowned, the Wild Liger activates its Wild Blast and finishes off the Gabrigator.

- Enter the Death Rex

    Following the battle against the Gabrigator, the manga and anime join the same story line. The group (Excluding Penne in the manga) faces off against an army of Death Metal soldiers. At their center stands a man they don't recognize; Emperor Gallagher! Ruler of the Death Metal Empire.

    He starts off by sending his own personal Gilraptor after Arashi. Even going so far as to activate the Zoid's Death Blast. However, his plans are interfered with when Arashi is rescued by Bacon. Though the two argue amongst themselves for a moment, they ultimately turn against the Gilraptor.

    As soon as their enemy realizes that he's beat, he unleashes Death Metal's ancient weapon. The Death Rex! Arashi faces a truly fearsome opponent for the first time. A massive Zoid that greatly outweighs the Wild Liger. Before they can confront it, the Death Rex seizes one of its own allies; consuming a raptor (or Gilraptor) to feed itself.

    Though Arashi struggles to enter the fight, he's ultimately shoved out of harms way by Bacon and his Fang Tiger. They take up arms against the Death Rex while Arashi and the rest of the group escapes, and at this time, they're both presumed dead.

- Assets

- Book of Adventures

    When Arashi's father was traveling the world, he wrote down all of his adventures and information on the different Zoids he encountered. Even tips and tricks on survival, such as how to fish! Every time he came back home he'd share this book with Arashi, telling him about his grand adventures, and finally, when the book was full he gave it to his son. That was the last time Arashi ever saw his father.

    Even today he hangs onto the book, and when Arashi finally left home years after getting it, the Book of Adventures was one of the very few items he took with him.

- Adventure Gear

    Arashi employs a lot of... err, tools- in his efforts to capture a Zoid. Presumeably he would've taken some of these items with him when he left on his grand adventure. So far the list includes a pot of oil used for luring in Zoids, a rope, a giant bug net, and large bolt cutters.

- Zoid Key

    Arashi received the Zoid Key from the Wild Liger after risking his life to keep the Liger safe. Several times, before the Zoid was willing to trust him. The key is used in combination with the Zoid to activate its Wild Blast, which brings out their true instincts.

- Zoids

- Wild Liger

Wild Liger using its Wild Blast move, "King of Claw!"
    Arashi made multiple (read: 100 or so) attempts to tame a Wild Zoid before, but the moment the Liger set eyes on him, he knew the Zoid would be his partner. His good intentions were rebuffed by the violent Zoid, who — covered in battle scars harbored distrust for humans. The Zoid attacked him at first, and may have even killed him had they not been interrupted by Death Metal.

    While the Liger was more concerned with the soldiers, Arashi attacked them again and again, trying to defend the Wild Liger. Those efforts didn't go unnoticed, and when Death Metal started using more serious weaponry, the Wild Liger shielded Arashi from their fire. He saved him, and together, they were able to activate the Wild Liger's ultimate move, the King of Claw. Death Metal ran from the vicious attack, and Wild Liger has stayed with Arashi ever since.

- Featured In

    Video Media: Zoids Wild

    Book Media: Zoids Wild (Manga)

- Artwork

- Character Design