- Anna Thales

* Character Information
Name: Anna Thales
Primarily Featured: Zoids New Battle Story
Military Allegiance: Neo-Zenebas Empire
Other Loyalties: Zenebas Empire
Primary Zoid:
    -Death Stinger KFD

    Anna is a member of the Neo-Zenebas Empire, and the pilot of the Death Stinger KFD. She appeared in the new Battle Story and was noted to be Wolf's childhood friend. She wanted nothing more than to see Wolff become Emperor but her time was cut short.

    She had been entrusted to lead a unit of Death Stinger KFD (Killer From the Dark). Due to the Zoids natural inclination to go berserk a limitation had to be set, and all units were restricted to only thirty percent of their natural combat power. Even with this restriction they were expected to be exceptionally powerful, but were actually overthrown by Rei Gregg and his Ray Force unit.

    When the Zoids were expected to lose they began a self destruct sequence. They had been instructed to initiate this sequence in the event of a loss to prevent the Republican Army to gain their technology, which was deemed too powerful to be permitted to fall into enemy hands. Anna was destroyed along with her Zoid, while Wolff was only able to watch it happen, unable to act.


    Anna is known to pilot the Death Stinger KFD, which is the Zoid she is given in virtually every media, including video games and card games.

- Appearances in Media:

    Book Media: Fan Book EX 11 (Briefly Mentioned)
    Book Media: Dengeki Hobby Magazine [August 2005 Issue]

    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game: Imperial Volume 5
    Game Media: Zoids Scramble Vol. 3

    Video Game Media: Zoids Full Metal Crash
    Video Game Media: Zoids Saga M